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Chapter 6—The Ultimate Goal of Living Entities



The Living entity and Lord Krishna


the living entities  are infinitesimal parts of the Supreme Absolute Truth, and Lord Krishna is that Supreme absolute Personality, transcendental and effulgent.  When the living entities realise that Lord Krishna is the eternal and absolute controller, they engage in His loving devotional service.


The living entities in their conditioned state


          When the living entity desires to enjoy separately from Krishna, the illusory potency of the Lord, maya, immediately grabs the soul in her clutches. Being maya's captive, he becomes bewildered and acts like someone who has been possessed by a witch.

          The jiva soul, forgetting his constitutional position as the eternal servant of Krishna, perfect and pure, becomes a slave of maya.  In this condition he roams eternally in the material world from one body to another.

          He goes through many births, sometimes born as a king, sometimes as an ordinary citizen, sometimes as a brahmana and sometimes as a sudra or menial labourer.  Sometimes he is suffering, and sometimes he is happy.  Sometimes he is born as an insect, and sometimes he goes to heaven. Then sometimes he has to come down to this earth again, and sometimes he has to go to hell.  Sometimes he is born as a demigod, sometimes as a demon, sometimes as the master and other times the servant.


Only the association of saintly souls can save one


          Roaming about in the material world, taking one birth after another, if by chance the living entity comes in contact with a saintly person he becomes immediately knowledgeable of his true identity as pure spirit soul, an eternal servant of Krishna.  Enlightened by this knowledge, he does not want material entanglement any longer, and he laments: "Alas! Why have I served this illusory material energy for so long?"

          He bitterly regrets and cries out, "Krishna! My Lord, I am Your eternal servant. Ever since I left the shelter of Your lotus feet my life has been completely devastated."

          Lord Krishna is so merciful that if anyone appeals to Him earnestly, He immediately releases the jiva from material entanglement. When the jiva breaks away from maya's captivating spell and strives toward Lord Krishna by rendering devotional service, he regains the supreme shelter of the Lord's lotus feet. Lord Krishna fortifies him with His transcendental, internal potency, and this overbearing power of the Lord's spiritual potency weakens maya's influence on the living entity.

          The only desirable object is to be able to chant the holy name of the Lord in the association of pure and saintly devotees. This is the best and only way to conquer nescience.

          I, Jagadananda, the eternal servant of Lord Gaurasundara, have given up all other hope and shelter and am sitting here with only one desire: to receive the shelter of Shri Gaurasundara's lotus feet.