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Mahaprabhu's elder brother Visvarupa was one of Prabhu Sitanatha's students and Sacimata often used to send young Nimai to go collect His brother and bring him home for lunch. When the Lord came there He saw the Vaisnavas pres¬ent discussing auspicious topics of Krsna with each other. Hearing Himself glorified, Sri Gaurasundara cast a captivating and auspicious glance on all present. Each of His limbs shone with the limit of luster. The luster of even one of His nails could not be compared to millions of moons. He was naked and His whole body was covered with dust as He told His elder brother: "O brother, come for lunch! Mother is calling you!", and then He took His elder brother along by pulling at his dhoti.Seeing His enchanting form, all the devotees present simply stood and gazed at Him, as if they were in samadhi (mystic trance). No one could speak about Krsna anymore they were naturally captivated by seeing the Lord. The Lord steals the minds of His devotees even without them realising that He is the Lord. He automatically steals His devotees' hearts. Outsiders cannot understand these matters, but Srimad Bhagavata discloses such secrets. Emperor Panksit heard from Sukadeva that when Gauracandra advented Himself in Gokula (as Krsna), and He was playing in the different children's houses, the elderly gopis loved Him more than they loved their own sons, from His very birth. Although they did not know that Krsna was God, they naturally loved Him more than their own children.When Emperor Parlksit heard this he was astonished and asked Sukadeva: "I have never heard such a most aston¬ishing story anywhere in the three worlds. Tell me, how could they love Krsna more than their own children?" Sri Suka replied: "Listen, O emperor Parlksit! The Supreme Self {param atmd) is known as the beloved in every animated body, and is therefore everyone's very life. When the soul is no longer in the body, even that of the wife, child or friend, the body is at once thrown out of the house. Therefore the Supreme Self is everyone's life, and that Supreme Self is the selfsame Sri Nanda-nandana. Hence it is natural that the eld¬erly gopls loved Krsna more than their own children." This counts only for the devotees, though. Otherwise, no one in the world loves Krsna. If it weren't like this, then how could Karhsa and others hate Krsna, although He is also their Self? They committed offences to Him in the past. Everyone knows that sugar is naturally sweet, and if someone experiences it as bitter then that is the tongue's fault, not the sugar's. Hence Caitanya Gosai is all-sweet, and everyone in Navadvlpa saw Him, still only the devotees appreciated Him properly.


Prabhu Visvambhara enchanted everyone's mind as He took His elder brother home for lunch. At these times STtanatha would become fascinated upon seeing Nimai, think¬ing that this beautiful boy was definitely not an ordinary mor¬tal. He told all the Vaisnavas: "I do not know for sure who this child is." All the devotees praised the luster of the young child, who took His brother Visvarupa home simply by calling his name. Every day Nimai thus blessed the Vaisnavas with His darsana. Young Nimai in turn would smile benignly at Advaita as if saying— "Nadha, You have called Me here through Your many prayers to remove the suffering of the liv¬ing entities. Now that I am here You don't recognize Me?As Visvarupa continued to frequent the temple of Advaita he began to lose taste for material life. He was con¬stantly engaged in ecstatic glorification of Krsna and even if he came home he did not perform his household chores. He just stayed in the Visnu-Mandir. When he heard that his father and mother were arranging for his marriage, Visvarupa felt great pain in his heart and he decided to give up his home and retire to the forest. He took sannyasa and accepted the name Sahkararanya. SacI and Jagannatha Misra's hearts burned and Gaura Raya fainted out of separation from His brother. The assembled Vaisnavas were also devastated by this great loss, but Advaita Mahasaya enlightened them all by saying: "Everyone will surely attain paramount bliss. I Myself feel such great bliss that I understand Krsnacandra has advented Himself here. Everyone sing of Krsna in topmost bliss, and you will see Him very soon! Krsna will take you all along in His new pastimes and this Advaita will become His pure ser¬vant. All the devotees will attain His grace as Sukadeva and Prahlada did in the past." Hearing Advaita's sweet ambrosial words the devotees chanted the holy name of Hari in topmost ecstasy.One day Sri Advaita Veda Pancanana taught His pupils the Vedas and related philosophies when Sri Gaurahga, accompanied by Gadadhara, came to study from Him. Seeing Sri Gaura and Gadadhara, Prabhu STtanatha was in ecstasy, chuckled and said: "Come, come." Understanding His hint, Gaura-Gadadhara offered Their obeisances unto Him, just to teach the people at large. Acarya Gosai embraced them both, and then the three sat on one side. Sri Advaita Candra asked Gauracandra with a soft voice: "Where have You come from, Nimai? Tell Me everything in detail. I am meeting You after such a long time. Tell Me, what have You been studying until now?


Gaura said: "Hear Me, O Guru Pancanana! I have come to Your abode from Vidyanagara. I have come here to hear the meaning of the Vedas  I am not interested in hearing any other scripture. Saying this, Mahaprabhu smiled somewhat. Understanding His mind, Gadadhara said: "Hear Me, O Veda Pancanana. I will tell You whatever Gaura studied from the beginning. First He studied all grammar from Sri Ganga dasa Pandita within two years. Then He studied litera¬ture and alahkdra (poetic embellishments) for another two years. Then He went to Sriman Visnu Misra to study smrti and jyotisa (astrology) for two years, after which He went to Sudarsana Pandita and studied the six darsanas (philosophies) for two years. For the next two years He went to Vasudeva Sarvabhauma to learn tarka scriptures, and now He has come to You to study the Vedas.Hearing this, Advaita Acarya felt a surge of boundless bliss. He said: "The power to memorise things on a single hearing has appeared within Him." Hearing Himself thus praised, Mahaprabhu lowered His head out of bashfulness. At that time a pupil asked Him: "Tell me, Nimai, How do I know that the Supreme Brahman really exists?" Gaura said: "I think that the material world is experienced through the senses." The pupil: "The material world exists innately." Gaura: "How can the transient be eternal?" Pupil: Atoms are eternal. Gaura: "Dull matter can never act by itself. There are five factors in each activity the sages say that the transcendental Supreme Controlling Lord is one of them. No symptom can arise without a cause.That performer must be endowed with all powers. In this way they engaged in many arguments, too many to mention. At that time Krsna dasa, Advaita's five year old son, appeared on the scene. Slightly smiling, he spoke the essence of all teachings:O pupil, first go and purchase the eyes of devotion, then you will at once see the divine form of the Personality of Godhead. Although He stands right before you, you cannot recognise Him, and when I see your ignorance I become very unhappy.


"Bravo!!", Advaita Prabhu exclaimed and He roared of ecstasy, dancing around while carrying Krsna dasa. Mahaprabhu also embraced Krsna dasa and blissfully gave him the name Krsna Misra. Then Gaura began to study the Vedas with great care and attention, and Advaita Acarya edu¬cated Him with similar care.One day a brahmana boy came and offered his obei¬sances unto Advaita Acarya's feet. Sri Advaita said: "Whose son are you, and why have you come here? Tell Me this." The brahmana's son said: "I am the son of Your servant, named Lokanatha CakravartI (later to become famous as Lokanatha GosvamI), and I am the son of Padmanabha CakravartI, who is famous in Yasohara (East Bengal, now Bangla Desh) as the object of Your mercy." "Yes, I recognise you!", Advaita Prabhu said and embraced him. Lokanatha said: "You have purified me". Advaita Prabhu said: "First tell Me if your fam¬ily is well.Lokanatha said: "All according to Your goodwill.Advaita Prabhu: "Tell Me, why have you come from so far all alone?" Lokanatha: "I have come to study under You." Advaita Prabhu: "Very well, very well. Stay here then and study whatever you like.Lokanatha: "My father thought I should study the nectar of Krsna's pastimes as they are nar¬rated in Srimad Bhagavata." Sri Advaita: "Your father is a great devotee who is always intoxicated by drinking the nec¬tar of Srimad Bhagavata." Thus Lokanatha studied Srimad Bhagavata along with its commentary with Sriman Gadadhara Pandita. As Sri Gauracandra heard the two boys reciting Srimad Bhagavata, He memorised the verses in paramount ecstasy.One day Prabhu Sltanatha thought to Himself: "Now is an auspicious time to give My third son Gopala his first grains to eat." An astonishing thing happened. Prabhu Sltanatha placed various articles in front of the child, but Sri Gopala dasa did not touch any of it. Instead, he touched the lotusfeet of Sri Gauranga. Seeing this, Advaita Prabhu went mad of ecstatic love and proclaimed: "This child will be the crown jewel of devotees. The feet of the brahmanas are equal to the feet of Visnu. All the holy places reside in the feet of the brahmanas.


In this way Prabhupada (Advaita) gave many explana¬tions, revealing the truth on Gauranga. Hearing this, the devo¬tees felt a surge of ecstasy and everyone joined together in nama sanklrtana. Sri Advaita danced with Haridasa and Sri Acyuta danced with Krsna dasa. Seeing the dancing of Krsna Misra, Mahaprabhu laughed, and the devotees endeavoured to make Gaura dance also. In this way the ecstasy increased day by day. The devotees held a great festival each day. In the course of one year Gaura studied the Vedas and the Bhagava-ta, a feat that astonished all the scholars. Advaita Acarya said: "Gaura has extraordinary qualities.Gadadhara Pandita's glories are inconceivable. Even four-faced Brahma cannot find the limit to His glories. He developed a wonderful knowledge of Srimad Bhagavata, mak¬ing Advaita Prabhu proclaim Him to be Krsna's internal ener¬gy (Sri Radha). On the strength of Sri Gauranga's astonishing and glorious association Lokanatha became a master in Srimad Bhagavata. Tears constantly flowed from his eyes as he heard the meaning of the verses and everyone said: "Krsna has bestowed His mercy on Lokanatha.One day Lokanatha inquired from Advaita Acarya: "Prabhu, please tell me how Krsna may be attained." Advaita Prabhu replied: "Take the krsna-mantra that will swiftly attract Krsna." Hearing this, Lokanatha became very happy and he took mantra from Prabhu Sltanatha on the bank of the Gariga. The king of Vaisnava-manrra^ has inconceivable powers. Simply by taking it one attains pure loving devotion. Then Lokanatha clasped Sri Advaita's lotus feet and wept in ecstat¬ic love, all the while offering humble prayers unto Him. Advaita Prabhu said: "Do not weep. Be at ease. You will soon attain Sri Radha-Krsna." Saying this, Advaita Prabhu held Lokanatha's hands and brought him to Mahaprabhu. Saying: "Ohe Nimai, listen carefully. Please teach Lokanatha the essential truths", He offered His dear disciple to Gaura, and Sri Gauranga accepted Lokanatha as His own.Then one day Gora told Advaita Acarya: "Please grant Me leave now. I wish to return home." Advaita Prabhu floated in an ocean of prema and said: "Your departure breaks My heart, but You can freely decide when to come and go.". Checking His loving ecstatic symptoms, Prabhu told the assembly: "This Nimai is very expert in all the scriptures, thus I bestow upon Him the title Vidya Sagara (ocean of knowl¬edge)." Hearing this, the assembled pupils sang: "jaya jaya". One pupil said: "Vidya Sagara, You should distribute sweets and betelleaves!", and Mahaprabhu distributed this to every¬one according to the rules. Then He returned home with two associates, leaving Advaita Prabhu and His family in tears.


After marrying His first wife Laksml-priya, Gora opened His own school and began to educate His own pupils in the scriptures, according to their own liking. Sri Acyutananda, the son of Advaita Prabhu, who was expert in the scriptures and whose intelligence matched that of Brhas-pati, joined that school, increasing Mahaprabhu's ecstasy beyond all limits. Mahaprabhu taught him vyakarana (gram¬mar) and alahkara (poetical embellishments).One day Sri Acyuta asked Gauracandra: "How can a face be properly compared to the moon? I see many spots on the moon, forming the shape of a deer's head. The moon has also lost prominence through its dim silver radiance." Hearing this, Nimai Vidya Sagara blissfully and affectionately praised Sri Acyutananda. Then He told him: The two can only be compared in terms of the joy they bestow, for no object is fully comparible to another." Hearing this, Sri Acyuta said: "Now I understood. That reminds me of another topic: Madana Gopala Krsna is the Original Personality of Godhead. To whom can I compare Him? I cannot find any object of comparison to Him. Please remove my doubt by giving me an object of compari¬son.Hearing the words of the child, Sri Saclnandana was astonished at heart and said: "Listen, O dearmost pupil! Krsna is sac cid ananda— spiritually real, full of knowledge and bliss, endowed with all powers. He cannot be compared to anything, but anything can be compared to Him. For instance, other juices can be compared to nectar, but how many com¬parisons are there to nectar in this world?Hearing this, Sri Acyuta said: "You know everything. However, the nectar of the holy name of Hari is even more tasty than celestial nectar." Sri Gaurariga asked: "How did you get that firm faith?" Sri Acyuta said: "A substance reveals itself through its own powers. For instance, the scriptures prove that the demigods, who normally drink heavenly nectar, feel themselves completely fulfilled by taking to the nectar of the holy name of Hari." Hearing these words, Mahaprabhu melted with intimate love. He took Acyuta on His lap and kissed his head.