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Madhava Acarya was the learned son of Parasara Vipra, also known as Kali dasa, and thus a cousin-in-law of Sriman Mahaprabhu. When Mahaprabhu showed His maha prakasa in Srivasa's house Madhava dasa was there. When he heard harindma from the Lord's mouth he lost taste for house¬hold life and moved from Navadvlpa to Kuliya, where he thought of the Lord's lotusfeet day and night. After studying scriptures from Sri Advaita he became known as Madhava Acarya. He made a song translation of the Tenth Canto of Srimad Bhagavata with different meters and called this book Sri krishna Mangala. In Jagannatha Puri he surrendered to Lord Caitanya's lotusfeet and he collected material for his book from other Puranas also. When Mahaprabhu read the book he bestowed His divine grace on him and ordered Sri Advaita Prabhu to give him dlksa, first harindma with explanation, and then Radha-krishna mantra, Kama Gayatri and Kama BIja plus explanation. Later he became famous as the poet Vallabha Acarya, the Vyasa of the age of Kali. He is counted amongst the group of Visakha— his siddha name is Madhavl sakhl. When Madhava got even a drop of Sri Advaita's grace he wanted to become a sannyasl. When Mahaprabhu travelled from Nllacala to Bengal, He first went to Raghava Pandita's house in PanihatI, and then He proceeded to Kumara Hatta to beg alms from Srivasa Pandita's house. From there He went to the houses of Vasudeva and Sivananda and then He continued to Santipura to beg alms from the house of Sri Advaita Acarya.From there He went to Phuliya where He came to the house of Madhava Acarya. For seven days the Lord stayed in the house of Madhava, where all the residents of Navadvlpa were able to see Him. Who can describe the ecstasy of Madhava Acarya? He drowned in an ocean of transcendental bliss. Later, when Mahaprabhu returned from Vrndavana and came towards Navadvlpa, Madhava became mad of ecstatic anticipation— he could no longer stay in household life! When Madhava's mother noticed that she began to weep out loud. Trying to keep her son in household life, she arranged for his marriage, but Madhava ran away to Vrndavana and took sannyasa from Paramananda Purl. Then he learned the science of bhajana from Srlla Rupa and Sanatana GosvamJ. His mother, mean¬while, gave up her life out of separation from her son, hearing which Madhava returned to Santipura. Later he returned to Vrndavana via Kheturi, and remained exclusively meditating on Radha-krishna.