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One day something very amazing occurred. Once, when Brahma Haridasa was doing nama sahkirtana one crown jewel of logicians came to him and said: "I think this boy is a haul (renegade religious derelict)." Hearing this, the great pandita Krsna dasa said: "He is completely mad with love for the holy nameó he does not feel the slightest distress. The transcendental SarasvatI is untiringly manifesting the holy name of Hari on his tongue. All the scriptures are residing in his heart and on the order of his Guru he is named Brahma Haridasa.At that point Haridasa had completed his quota of chanting and the proud logician asked him: "Of the Supreme with form and the formless Supreme, who can tell which one is the beginnningless cause? Why does this Supreme Truth create the world anyway, and why in such a huge variety? Why do we see some beings suffer and others enjoy? It seems that God's actions are filled with flaws.Hearing all this, Haridasa humbly spoke the following sweet words: "An insignificant wretch like me likes to say something about this. Let Krsna das PanditjT be the mediator. Hear me, O best of brahmanasl The beginningless God is the transcendent brahman, who is glorified in the scriptures as the eternally perfect One with form. His bodily effulgence is the all-pervading formless light, just as all mobile and immobile beings are illuminated by the rays of a single sun. However, the jnariis (impersonalist philosophers) do not know the eternal form of the Supreme brahman, hence they call His bodily effulgence brahman, the Supreme.The devotees are so fortunate to see the Lord's eternally perfect form, which cannot be perceived through any other means than pure devotion. Just as brahman is the eternal energetic, all the scriptures proclaim that the mundane creation is also eternally manifest. By the force of time, however, it is periodically manifest and unmanifest. Such is the eternally perfect principle of Godhead. Now I will briefly describe how the creation is folded after the great universal cataclysm. The sentient Personality of Godhead relishes eternal bliss and He is the cause of all causes. The Vedas prove that may a attains knowledge through His mere vocal transmission and so she creates the world in all its variety. She freely strews ignorance all around, and hence the Vedas speak of the immutable brahman. The conditioned souls, who are covered by maya, or delusion, wander from species to species, suffering and enjoying according to their own previous activities. However, that does not make the Supreme brahman guilty of partiality. Consider my arguments at length and do not take offence at me." Hearing all these philosophical statements, the brahmana was astonished.


Just then Sri Advaita arrived, shining like millions of suns. Seeing this bodily radiance, that best of brahmanas offered obeisances unto Advaita Prabhu with folded hands. Advaita Prabhu said: "O sir! Whence this humility?" The brahmana replied: "O master! I have recognised You!" Advaita said: "I am a fallen soul, and I have no power." The brahmana said: "You are the universal Lord, the destroyer of sins!" Advaita Prabhu, who is the nectar-ocean of compassion, then bestowed His grace on the logician, giving him krsna mantra.The logician,who was named Sri Yadunandana Acarya, offered prostrated obeisances unto Advaita Prabhu, who blessed him by saying: 'May you attain the treasure of love of Krsna." Sri Yadunandana Acarya is a powerful branch of Advaita Prabhu's parivara (disciplic succession), who was widely known as tarka cudamani, the crown jewel of logicians. He could sing like a Gandharva-angel, and by Advaita Prabhu's grace he grasped the essence of devotional principles. By doing japa of harinama he attained pure loving devotion. Later he became the guru of the glorious Srila Raghimatha dasa Gosvaml.Prabhu Sltanatha also gave dlksa to the famous pada-kartd (song-writer) Ananta-Acarya, who wrote beautiful songs on Sri-Sri Radha-Madana Gopala's dana-lila, and to Cakrapani Acarya, whom He dispatched to Gujarat, Punjab, Sindh and other western regions to reveal the service of Krsna, in the company of Krsna dasa Gunjamali, a former servant of Madhavendra Puripada.