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Once Mahaprabhu sat on His divine throne, shining brightly and smiling at Advaita Prabhu. Knowing what was on His mind, He told Him: "Listen, O Acarya! You have done so much effort to make Me descend to this world. You explain the Bhagavad Glta only in terms of devotion. Who can underŽstand Your explanations? If You cannot find a devotional meaning to a certain verse, You do not find fault in that verse, but rather give up all sense enjoyment and recline, fasting in great sorrow. At that stage I appeared to You. When You fast I must fast too, for whatever You eat You first offer to Me. I canŽnot tolerate You suffering even slightly, so I spoke with You in a dream "Get up, get up, O Acarya! Hear the meaning of this verse and have no doubt about it. Get up and eat. Stop fastŽing. I will tell You everything." Thus each night, at every moment the Lord would appear to Advaita in visionary dreams and tell Him the meaning of any verse He had doubts of. Mahaprabhu said: "I gave You the full reading of the meaning of this verse, except for one, but now I will give You that one also. Influenced by social and sectarian pressures, everyone has the wrong understanding of this verse. The reading sarvaŽtah pani padarh tat is a deviation. Now I will tell You the truth: The real reading of this verse is sarvatra pani padarh tat.


sarvatah pani padarh tat sarvato 'ksi siro mukham

sarvatah srutimal loke sarvam avrtya tisthati


Everywhere are His hands and feet, everywhere are His eyes, heads and faces. Everywhere are His ears. He is the Supreme Self who covers all the worlds." (Bhagavad Glta 13.14) Thus I have given You a very confidential reading. Who else but You is qualified to hear it?Acarya Gosai is the hidden disciple of Lord Caitanya, to Whom He would disclose all His explanations. Hearing this explanation, Acarya Gosai wept of prema and He became overwhelmed by ecstasy.Advaita said: "What more can I say? My only glory is that You are My master." Acarya Gosai became overwhelmed with ecstasy. When He beheld the Lord's manifestation He lost all contact with the external world, maha bhagavata pure devotees can understand Advaita's explanations, that were taught to Him by Lord Caitanya Himself. The words of Advaita Acarya are hard to understand, just as the Vedas are explained in various ways. Who is able to understand the words of Advaita? Know that He is non-different from the Supreme Lord. The autumn-cloud also does not shower its rains everywhere. That is not the fault of the autumn-cloudonly a fortunate soul gets showered:


girayo mumucus toyam kvacin na mumucuh sivam

yatha jndndmrtam kale jhdnino dadate na va


Sometimes the wise shower the nectar of their wisŽdom and sometimes they don't, just as mountains in the autumn release their spotless water on some places and in some other places they don't." {Srimad Bhagavata 10.20.36)In this way there is no fault at all in Advaita. The forŽtunate understand His explanations and the unfortunate don't. Advaita's duty is to serve the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya, and the assembled Vaisnavas bear witness to this. Those who serve Advaita but disregard the words of the maha bhagavata pure devotees cannot please Him. Those who see Lord Caitanya as the Supreme Personality of Godhead are the dear devotees of Advaita, and Advaita is theirs.Ceaseless service rendered to Advaita by a person who does not accept Gauracandra as the Lord of all, is wasted. bhakti similarly severed the ten heads of Ravana. He was a devotee of Siva but did not recognise Ramacandra. Siva had left his heart but he was unaware of it. His devotional service to Siva was lost and he died along with his dynasty. Siva does not give any hint to His devotees about what is good or bad. Those who are intelligent enough will understand it, though. In the same way, if one does not understands Advaita's heart and proclaims: "I am a devotee of Advaita" while at the same time criticising Lord Caitanya, Advaita will not tell him that at all. That is just His nature."