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Advaita Prabhu was very sorry to see the complete absence of devotion in the people of his t ime. Everyone was absorbed in materialism, not bothering about devotion to Rama or Krsna. The age of Kali had set in and the first symp¬toms were visible. Fruitive activities were »he all in-all, people stayed up all night singing songs in praise of goddess Mangala Candl or proudly worshipping Visahari (M anasa Devi, a snake goddess). All time and money was spent om worshipping dolls or on lavish marriage ceremonies, and3 brahmanas from respected families like Bhattacarya, Cakrsavartl or Misra had no realisations about the books they studiesd and taught. Thus they and their audience were caught in Yarma's ropes. They did not teach that krsna-kirtana was the prescribed religious prac¬tise for the age (yuga dharma), and could mot see good in oth¬ers, only faults. Elevated persons like reniunciants and ascetics never chanted the holy name of Hari, and only the most pious would once chant the holy names of Govimda or Pundarikaksa as they took a bath. They would study Bhagavad Gita or SrTmad Bhagavata, but not give them devotional explanations. In this way the world was deluded by "Visnu-mava, seeing which the devotees felt boundless pain. How will all these conditioned souls be redeemed? They aare all immersed in sense gratification. People talked, but refinsed to sing the holy names of Krsna.The Vaisnavas, meanwhile, continued performing their devotional duties, worshipping Krsna, bathing in the Gahga and discussing topics of Krsna. Gathering together, they blessed the whole world, saying: "May Sri Krsna-candra swiftly bestow His mercy on You all." The greatest Vaisnava who lived in this Navadvlpa was named Advaita Acarya. He was the principal Guru in spiritual knowledge, devotion and dispassion. Just like Sahkara (Siva) He would explain the truths of devotion to Krsna. He would always explain that the essence of any scripture in the three worlds was devotion to Krsna.With Tulasi-buds, flowers and Gahga-water He always enthusiastically served Krsna. In the ecstasy of Krsna-con-sciousness He would roar, and the sound of that roar would pierce the layers that cover the universe and resound in Vaikuntha. When Sri Krsna heard those cries of love He decid¬ed to appear, being subdued by devotion. Hence the entire uni¬verse was blessed by the devotion of Advaita, the foremost Vaisnava.In this way Advaita lived in Nadlya, feeling deeply unhappy when He saw the people devoid of devotion and immersed in materialism. Some worshipped VasulT (Kali) with different offerings while others performed Yaksa-puja with wine and meat, constantly dancing and singing, making much noise without hearing the most auspicious name of Krsna. However, the demigods themselves are not pleased with things unrelated to Krsna, however auspicious they may otherwise be, and Advaita in particular was very distressed about this.


Advaita naturally has a very compassionate heart and He kindly contemplated how to save these conditioned souls. "If My Lord would personally descend, then all these condi¬tioned souls would be saved. I can only boast of being the lion¬like Sri Advaita Sirhha if I can reveal the Lord of Vaikuntha here. If I can bring Him here, then I can dance, sing and save.all the conditioned souls." Constantly vowing this, Advaita worshipped the lotus feet of Sri Krsna. Lord Caitanya has Himself always proclaimed that Advaita caused Him to descend.Pandita Srivasa was another resident of Navadvlpa. In his temple Lord Caitanya enjoyed His pastimes. Srivasa and his three brothers always sang the name of Krsna and bathed in the Gahga and worshipped Krsna three times a day. In this way many devotees,  like Sri Candra Sekhara,  Jagadlsa, Goplnatha, Sriman, Sri Garuda, Murari and Gahga dasa, lived in Nadlya incognito. On the order of the Lord they had all taken birth there before the Lord Himself. They too were very distressed to see the world bereft of devotion to Krsna. They performed kirtana and would spend two to three hours in Advaita's assembly, discussing topics of Krsna.Sri Advaita attempted to unite all the Vaisnavas for preaching, but not a soul understood them. In great distress, Advaita underwent a fast and all the Vaisnavas sighed deeply.Why should we dance and sing for Krsna? Whom shall we call Vaisnavas and what issahkirtanaT People had no idea in their frantic search for money and sons. Atheists also assembled to mock the Vaisnavas. Srivasa and his three brothers met in Srivasa's house and loudly sang hari-nama at night. Hearing this, the atheists went mad, saying: "This brahmana (Srivasa) will ruin the village. The Muslim king is very stern if he finds out about this he will come and destroy all of Nadlya." Another atheist said: "Kick this brahmana out of town, demolish his house and throw it in the Gahga! If we throw this brahmana out the villlage will benefit, otherwise the Muslims will wreak havoc here!When the Vaisnavas heard all this they wept and sang the name of Krsna, but when Advaita heard it, His Siva-rage was ignited and He said: "Listen, O Srivasa, Gahga dasa, and Suklambara! I will make Krsna appear before everyone's eyes,mark My words! Krsna will Personally come to save every¬one! I will take you all along to teach everyone devotion to Krsna. If that proves impossible I will accept four arms, tak¬ing a disc in one hand to sever the atheists' heads from their trunks! Then I will know that Krsna is My master and I am His servant." Advaita always spoke like that, and with this resolve He worshipped Krsna's lotus feet.One day Prabhu Sitanatha bathed in the Gahga and roared the holy names Hari Hari!, thinking: "When will Gauranga appear? When will My body and heart be soothed by His association?" Thus He offered flowers, Tulasl-leaves and Ganga-water to Krsna with deep devotion. Advaita Acarya's roars made Krsna anxious and purposely attracted a handful of flowers. When Prabhu Sitanatha saw that one hand¬ful of flowers was miraculously floating upstream, He consid¬ered it Krsna's mercy and ran along with it. Haridasa followed Him, constantly remembering the holy name of Hari. Thus the flower-cluster reached Nadlya. Advaita Prabhu then said: "Listen, My dear Haridasa! In this village Krsnacandra will be manifest! Now I personally experienced the truth of the Ananta Samhita's (the book that Sitanatha copied from Madhavendra Puripada in Udupi) words !


Just then Sri Jagannatha Misra's wife, who was a man¬ifestation of Sri Yasoda and who was named Sad Thakuranl, came there to take a bath in the Gahga in a pregnant state. When the flowers touched her body she thought: "What inaus-piciousness is befalling me today? Although I push these flow¬ers away, they keep coming back to me, sticking to my body?" She quickly finished her bath and returned to the shore. Advaita Prabhu recognised her as Krsna's mother and was in ecstasy. When He saw that she was pregant, Prabhu thought: "Perhaps Krsna-Candra will appear from this pregnancy", and to test it He offered prostrated obeisances unto the womb.Since it was an ordinary pregnancy, this resulted into a mis¬carriage, which made SacI very unhappy.She went home after taking another quick Ganga-bath for purification. Seeing his wife in a sorrowful mood, Jagannatha Misra asked her: "Why do I see you in such an anxious state today?" SacI replied: "From somewhere an old brahmana appeared here and caused me a miscarriage simply by offering his prostrated obeisances to my womb." Jagannatha Misra wisely replied: "Human beings are only instrumental in all events. Actually God is doing everything. Give up your sorrow and remember Narayana. In this way all obstacles will be overcome.Meanwhile, Sri Advaita Acarya decided to open a school for Gauranga in Navadvipa. All the virtuous scholars of Nadlya considered Advaita Prabhu a leader and came to visit Him. Pandita Srivasa Thakura, who is an incarnation of Narada Muni, greatly rejoiced in the company of Prabhu Sitanatha. In the day time Prabhu would teach Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavata to His pupils, and sometimes, if the pupils so wished, He would teach them the Vedas and the smrtis. At night He would meet with Haridasa and loudly per¬form hari noma sahkirtana.Seeing Sri Advaita's extraordinary activities, Visnudasa Acarya took mantra diksa from him. He studied Srimad Bhagavata under Advaita Prabhu's guidance, and many other Vaisnavas came to hear those lessons. Nandini, Vasudeva Datta and others then also came forward to take mantra diksa from Prabhu Sitanatha. Thus Advaita Prabhu accepted many disciples and discussed topics of Krsna with them. Sometimes He would get so ecstatic that His talks turned into love-crazed prattling.Meanwhile, each time Advaita offered obeisances unto mother Sacl's womb, she had a miscarriage. When this hap¬pened for the eighth time she became greatly unhappy, and,weeping, she told Jagannatha Misra: "Advaita destroys all my pregnancies with His obeisances. Tell me, how will our dynasty continue like this? Do something!" Hearing this, the pure and peaceful Jagannatha Misra went to Lord Advaita in a very perturbed mood.

He offered obeisances unto Advaita Prabhu and offered Him many praises, and Advaita, in His turn, offered him blessings and told him to be seated. He then asked: "Tell Me, why have you come here?"

Jagannatha Misra folded his hands and gently said: "I take shelter at Your lotus feet. If I commit any offences then please purify me. O Prabhu, please bless me in such a way that my dynasty will be protected." Advaita Prabhu replied: "Go home now and I will do what is needed." Being thus ordered by Advaita Prabhu, Jagannatha Misra returned home and consoled Saci with Advaita's assurances.

The next day Advaita Prabhu swiftly went to Jagannatha Misra's house. Seeing the Lord, Jagannatha Misra welcomed Him by offering prostrated obeisances, holding a straw between his teeth. After seating Prabhu, Jagannatha Misra worshipped Him by washing His hands and feet. Then Mother Saci also came and offered her obeisances unto Him. Advaita Prabhu then blessed her by saying: "O child, may you have a son." Hearing this, the king of brahmanas Jagannatha Misra was in great ecstasy and prayed: "Please do something to make Your words come true.Advaita Prabhu said:In a dream I have received a mantra which you two should now take from Me with devo¬tion. That will certainly destroy all your inauspiciousness and will help you get a divine son, who will be the topmost schol¬ar." Hearing this, both Jagannatha Misra and 6aci-devl went for a bath. Then Sri Advaita Candra Prabhu offered puja to Lord Narayana and gave them the four syllable Sri Gaura Gopala maha mantra. When the two aspirant parents received this mantra they became ecstatic and offered humble obeisances and praises unto Prabhu Sltanatha, who blessed them by saying: krsne matir astu  "May you be Krsna-conscious." After taking a meal Prabhu Sltanatha returned home. A few days later Sad was pregnant once more, and their highly qualified son Visvarupa (Mahaprabhu's elder brother) was born. Advaita Prabhu called him Maha Sahkarsana, whose glories cannot be known even by four-faced Brahma. He astonished people by his innate renunciation and he was always preaching religious principles in the company of Prabhu Sltanatha.At the end of each Kism-puja Sri Advaita Candra would roar out: "eso gauraharil  O Gaurahari! Come!" Advaita's roars proved to be a maha mantra that attracted Sri Krsna. Indeed, it made Krsna's mind wholly restless. Thus Krsna descended to Nadlya with a compassionate heart, to make Advaita's earlier resolve come true. Seeing the radiance emanating from Mother Sacl's body, Advaita Acarya could understand that the golden Gaura-moon was rising in the milk ocean of her womb.One day Prabhu Sltanatha sat on the bank of the Ganga, performing Krsna-piya with Tulasl-leaves, sandal¬wood pulp and flowers, considering Gahga to be Krsna's very form.


He made three handfuls of flowers float on the surface, and by Krsna's wish these flowers swiftly stuck to Sacl-devl's body, as they had done before. When Saci saw this she was startled and distressed, thinking: "Who has sent these flowers now again?" Quickly she pushed the flowers and the TulasI-petals away and came back on the shore, saying 'Rama', 'Narayana' and 'Hari'. Prabhu Sltanatha then roared: "Gaurahari!" in ecstatic love divine, circumambulated mother Sacl's womb and offered prostrated obeisances to it.Saci said: "Wait, wait, O Acarya Thakura! In this way I commit a great offence! In the past You have vanquished my pregancies by offering obeisances unto them. Now tell me,Prabhu, why are You offering obeisances unto Your own disciple?" Saying this, mother Sad offered obeisances unto Advaita Prabhu, who blessed her and told her:O mother, do not fear anymore. I tell you in truth that Krsna will now come to your womb.According to Sri Haricarana dasa's 'Advaita Mafigala' Mother SacI and Jagannatha Misra visited Prabhu Sltanatha at Santipura before conceiving Mahaprabhu. Sltanatha told them to stay with Him for a week and that He would then give them a son. For one week He performed penances and roared so loudly that the water and the banks of the Ganga trembled. His roars punctured the layers of the universe and reached Vrndavana, thus attracting Radha and Krsna. Two Tulasl-leaves then floated upstream the Ganga. Advaita Prabhu gave the big leave to mother SacI and the smaller one to His own wife Slta devl. SacI and Jagannatha Misra then took leave of Prabhu Sltanatha and soon afterwards SacI began to expect Sriman Mahaprabhu.The scriptures say that the Lord, who is very kind to His devotees, offers Himself to whomever offers Him even a mere Tulasl-leaf or a spoonful of water


tulasi dala mdtrena jalasya culukena vd;

vikrlnite svam dtmdndm bhaktebhyo bhakta vdtsalah

(GautamTya Tantra)


Knowing this, Advaita Prabhu sat down on the bank of the Ganga, and, His whole body shivering and perspiring of ecstasy, He called for the Lord to descend with offerings of Gahga-water and Tulasl-leaves. It was through Advaita Prabhu that the Lord appeared, and it was through Him that the Lord preached the congregational chanting of the holy names of the Lord and delivered the whole world:


ydhdra tulasT-jale ydhdra huhkdre;

sva-gana sahita caitanyera avatdra

ydra dvard koilo prabhu klrtana pracdra;

ydra dvdrd koilo prabhu jagata nistdra


(Caitanya Caritdmrta AdI 6, 33-34)


It is only through the grace of Sri Advaita that the untouchables can become devotees of Krsna. Who can describe His Visnuite power? ydhdra krpdte mlecchera hoy krsna bhakti; ke kohite pare tara vaisnavatd sakti? (Caitanya Caritdmrta Antya 7,19)Hearing Advaita Prabhu's blessing that Krsna would become her son, SacI devl went home in great joy, while Prabhu Sltanatha chanted the holy name of Hari with great ecstatic love. SacI devl completed a full ten months of preg¬nancy, but still Sri Krsnacandra did not advent Himself. Gradually the twelfth month passed and Jagannatha Misra and his relatives got into great anxiety. SacI devl's father Nllambara Cakravartl was a great astrologer and the incarna¬tion of Garga Muni. After making his calculations, he told everybody: "In this womb is a great mahdpurusa. He will take birth only in the thirteenth month, when all auspicious moments unite. His advent will benefit all living entities." Hearing this prediction, everyone floated in waves of ecstasy.Just as Lord Nrsirhha appeared from a crystal pillar, Sri Caitanya appeared from the womb of Mother SacI. The Original Personality of Godhead is not related to the profane illusory energy. He is a transcendental ocean of love. Wherever He resides, there is Vrndavana. He has advented Himself to save the conditioned souls. Everything and every¬one connected with Him  His father, His mother, His friends and His abode  are spiritual and filled with bliss. Feeling the burden of the suffering of the conditioned souls, Krsna now appears in Person before everyone. Sri Nandanandana accepts the feelings and the luster of Sri Radha to fulfill three desires, and appears in Nadlya in a golden form to bless the world by distributing pure prema. When Advaita Prabhu understood that Krsna had appeared as Sri Caitanya, He roared.


nadlya udoy giri,puma candra gaurahari,

krpd kori hoilo udoy

papa tamo hoilo nasa,trijagatera ullasa,

jaga bhori hari dhvani hoy

sei kale nijalaye,uthiya advaita raye

nrtya kore anandita mone

haridasa loiya sange  huhkara klrtana range

kene nace keho nahi jane


Out of great compassion the full moon of Gaurahari arose above the horizon of Nadlya district. The three worlds rejoiced as the darkness of sin was destroyed and the whole world was filled with the sounds of the holy name of Hari. At that time Advaita Ray woke up in His own abode and began to dance with a blissful mind. Taking Haridasa along, He roared in the ecstasy of the klrtana. No one knew why He was danc¬ing." (Caitanya Caritamrta Adi 13, 98-99)Sriman Mahaprabhu thus appeared on the Phalgun! Purnima (the full moon in February) of 1486, on the day of a lunar eclipse. The moon and the ascendant were both in the sign of Simha (Leo) and the moment was auspicious in all respects. Mother earth horripilated of ecstasy, feeling great loving attachment to Krsna. In the evening Sri Krsna appeared as Gaurahga, causing everybody to chant the transcendental holy name of Hari.The world already rejoiced anyway, because it was the Dola or Holi-festival, and there was a lunar eclipse as well. Some persons of pure conduct gave charity, meditated, danced, or sang hari haril As Mahaprabhu appeared in the world, Prabhu Nityananda roared of love just like the clouds, in His native Radha-region. Sri Gauranga's bodily luster equalled that of a golden moon, illuminating the lying-in chamber with a golden moonlight. Seeing that His arms reached down to His knees and His eyes resembled lotus flowers, Jagannatha Misra began to offer Him praises, understand¬ing Him to be Visnu. When He saw this, Gauracandra extended His illusory powers, so that His parents would consider Him to be just their son.From His very birth, Sri Gaurahga was like a great yogi. Closing His eyes, He refused to drink His mother's breast milk. Seeing this, SacI devi began to weep and Jagannatha Misra and the rest of the family were very unhap¬py. Just then Advaita Acarya Gosai came by to see His own Lord. Seeing Prabhu Sltanatha, Jagannatha Misra offered his prostrated obeisances. Advaita Prabhu asked him for the cause of his distress, and Misra replied: "Prabhu, You know everything You have, after all, given us this treasure of a son." Advaita Prabhu said: "O Misra-vara, don't be sad. Your son will be allright, don't doubt it." Saying this, Prabhu entered into the lying-in chamber, where a weeping mother SacI clasped His feet. Advaita Prabhu told her: Mother, do not weep. Take some distance, your son will be allright." On the order of her Guru, SacI Mata took some distance while Advaita Prabhu approached Mahaprabhu. When Sri Govinda, in the form of Gaura, saw Advaita staggering of prema-intox-ication, He got up and smiled. Seeing Krsna in His original form, Advaita Acarya remained immersed in pure prema.After a while Advaita returned to external consciousness, offered prostrated obeisances and stood by with folded hands, praying: "O Vibhu (All-pervading One)! Fifty-two years ago this servant of Yours descended to planet earth to await and welcome You. This material world is full of pollu¬tion and darkness and we are filled with fear on beholding it.


Now that I have seen You, My fear is dispelled. Eagerly I left My own abode and wandered from land to land in search of You, but due to My own bad karma I could not find You. After so long My wishes have been fulfilled— the moon of Gokula has now arisen in Navadvlpa!"Gaura said: "I am always subdued by the love of My devotees. They decide about My appearance and disappear¬ance." Sri Advaita said: "If You have descended to earth, then tell Me, why don't You drink milk?" Mahaprabhu said: "Listen O Pancanana (five-headed Siva)! Because 6f Your sponta¬neous, passionate love You have forgotten the rules. Before giving her manfra-initiatibn You should have given My moth¬er harindma initiation, for the ears are purified on the strength of the siddha noma. If an impure ear takes the mahd mantra, then the initiation is incomplete know that for sure. You gave My mother mantra dlksd but she did not hear harindma (from the Guru) hence I did not drink her breast milk.Advaita Prabhu asked: "Tell Me the rules of this harindma." Mahaprabhu said: "This hari-ndma consists of sixteen eternally perfect names  hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare / hare rama hare rdma rama rdma hare hare. Although Advaita Acarya was acquainted with these sixteen names, He became mad with ecstatic love when He heard them emanating from Gaura's mouth. Prabhu Sitanatha con^ sidered Himself fortunate and took took baby Gaura on His lap. He walked carefully to the base of a Nim tree, where He laid Gaura down, saying hari hari. As Gaura touched the tree it was at once liberated.Prabhu Sitanatha then had mother Sad called for and gave her harindma.


Then He also reminded her of the mantra He had previously given her and placed Gaura back on her lap. Mahaprabhu instantly began to drink the nectar of His mother's breast milk, seeing which mother Sac! drowned in a pool of bliss. Blissfully Jagannatha Misra and others chanted the holy name of Hari, and brahmanas and their wives offered their blessings.In this way Sriman Mahaprabhu Himself taught, through Advaita Prabhu, the significance of hari ndma initia¬tion. This belies the opinion of those who think that this initi¬ation is unnecessary or not ordained by scripture. Actually, without the grace of the Guru nothing can be accomplished in spiritual life. Therefore the relationship with him should also extend to such an 'informal' thing as the hare fcrara-initiation.Prabhu Sitanatha then named Mahaprabhu 'Nimai', roaring out\fhe holy names of hari haril Everyone said: "This old man is Lord Vaidyanatha (Siva, the Lord of all physicians) Himself!" Advaita Prabhu objected by saying: "Why are You falsely praising Me? This child became well due to this Nim tree. Who can, after all, properly glorify the Nim tree? Its shade cures everyone's disease, its scent chases away the witches and ghosts and Lord Cakrapani (Visnu) resides at its root." After saying this, Sitanatha took His devotees along and spent the rest of the night in ndma sahkirtana.Only the fortunate, topmost devotees beheld this pas¬time, but those who desire to see it are most fortunate. These pastimes can only be seen through the eyes of Krsna's mercy even millions of births of pious activities can not show it. nitya siddha (eternally perfect) PaurnamasI is Yogamaya herself, who appeared in the devotional form of Slta-devI, Advaita's wife. On the day of the Dola-festival (now known as Gaura Purnima) she meditated on Krsna's pastimes with deep attraction. During this contemplation she saw Sri Krsna appearing in Navadvlpa, concealing His own complex¬ion with that of Sri Radha. When she saw this wonderful form she drowned in a pool of bliss, so she expanded her mystic power and swiftly  came to Navadvlpa.  By  seeing  Sri Gaurariga she considered her life successful and she offered benedictions to Him with barley and Durva-grass in her hand.


advaitacdrya bharya,jagat pujyita arya

noma tara sita thdkurani

dcaryera djnd,geld upahdra loiyd,

dekhite bdlaka siromani


The wife of Advaita Acarya, the reverend STta ThakuranI, who is worshipped by the whole world, went to bring presents, on Advaita Acarya's order, to see the crown jewel of babies.


suvarnera kadi bauli,ratana mudrd pasuli

suvarnera arigada kahkana

du-bdhute divya sahkha,rajatera malabahka,

svarna mudrd nana hdra gana


She brought golden bangles, silver coins, foot-orna¬ments, golden armlets and bracelets, divine ivory bangles for both wrists, silver foot-bangles, gold coins and different neck¬laces.


vydghra nakha hema judi,kati patta sutra dori

hastapadera joto dbharana

citra varna patta sddi,buni photo patta pddi

svarna raupya mudrd bahu dhana


She brought gold-studded tiger-nails, golden string-belts, ornaments for the feet and hands, wonderfully embroi¬dered silk saris, nicely woven and embroidered jackets for children and lots of wealth in the form of golden coins.


durva dhdnya gorocana,haridra kunkuma candana

mahgala dravya pdtrete bhariya

vastra gupta dold codi,sange loiya dasi cedl,

vastralahkdra petari bhoriya


She filled a tray with auspicious articles like Durva grass, wheat, yellow patch, turmeric, vermilion from Kasmira and sandalwood pulp. Stepping into a palanquin which was covered by a veil and taking her maidservants along, she filled a basket with garments and ornaments.


bhaksya bhojya upahdra,sange loilo bahu bhdra,

sacT grhe hoiyd upariita

dekhiyd bdlaka thdma,sdksdt gokula kdn,

varna matra dekhi viparita


Taking a heavy loud of eatable presents along also, STta devT arrived at SacT's house. When she saw the baby's appearance she understand that He was directly Krsna from Gokula, different only in complexion.


sarvd ahga sunirmdna,suvarna pratimd bhdna

sarva ahga sulaksanamaya

bdlakera divya dyuti,dekhi pailo bahu priti,

vdtsalyete dravilo hrdaya


Each of His limbs were made of pure gold and were endowed with all good hallmarks. Seeing the baby's divine radiance STta felt great love and her heart melted with parental affection.


durva dhdnya dile slrse,koilo bahu dslse,

cira jfvi hao dui bhai

dakinl sakinl hoite,sahkd upajilo cite

dare nama thuilo nimai


"She placed Durva-grass and wheat at the baby's head, and offered Him many blessings, saying: "May You two brothers live long." Afraid that witches and ghosts would cause trouble she gave Him the name Nimai.


putra-mdtd sndna dine,dilo vastra vibhusane,

putra sneha misrera sammdni

sacl-misrera puja loiyd,monete harisa loiya,

ghore dild sTtd thakurdni


Slta ThakuranI also donated garments and ornaments for the day on which mother and son bathed. Then, after honoring Jagannatha Misra, who very much loved his son, and receiving due worship from Sad and Jagannatha Misra, she joyfully returned home.