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Sri Lauda dhama is the Causal Ocean where Sri Advaita Prabhu's childhood pastimes arise. Once an amazing pastime took place: Once Labha devl went to take rest, with her baby on her lap. At the end of the night she had an amazing dream in which she saw her own son as the origin of Lord Siva (Sadasiva). That white form of Mahavisnu, which is not perceived by the demigods, bore a conch, lotus, disc and mace. His bodily luster shone like the moon in autumn, and anyone who beheld it was free from the threefold mundane miseries and attained peace. Seeing this amazing form, the chaste Labha offered Him prostrated obeisances and praised Him in various ways with folded hands and firm devotion.The Lord said: "Why are you praising Me? Labha replied: Please give me the water that has washed Your lotus feet. The Lord said:The mother and father are superior to the child" Labha said: "You are the universal Guru Sadasiva, who is eternally present in each living entity. You are the source of creation as well as its mother. You are the Original Mahavisnu, the father of the universe. Your ruddy lotus feet contain millions of holy places and the living beings that drink the nectar from Your feet attain liberation. Therefore, O Lord, please grant me the water from Your feet." The Lord replied: "Do not speak to Me like this again. If you tell Me to, I will bring all the sacred waters here. Then you can bathe in them,drink their waters and thus advance in religion.After this amazing visionary dream Labha woke up and remembered Narayana.What an amazing dream I had! she exclaimed,the astrologers say that dreams at the end of the night always come true." Advaita Prabhu woke up and said: Mother, what are you saying? Labha said: I had a dream." Advaita: "Mother, why don't you tell Me what you saw in that dream?" Labha: "What will you gain by hearing such a story?" Advaita Prabhu said: Tell Me the truth about the dream you saw, otherwise I will no longer dance and do kirtana. Labha said: "My dear, You are just an ignorant child - what will You benČefit from hearing this story?Saying this, Labha shed tears and told Advaita about her wonderful dream from beginning to end. Advaita Prabhu then said: Mother, I vow that I will bring all the holy waters here." When Labha Thakuranl heard this, the hairs on her body stood on end and she said: O child, if that is true then I will consider this dream to be true. Kamalaksa told her: Tonight all the holy waters will descend here and tomorrow you can bathe in them and thus fulfill all your wishes. Labha said:Who will believe such words?" Advaita Prabhu replied:These words are truer than true! That night Advaita Prabhu sat down in meditation and attracted all the holy waters by practising yoga. On the strength of the Lord's meditation the holy waters approached, like pieces of iron attracted by a magnet. Personified holy waters such as Sri Yamuna and Gahga were all blessed by offering their worship to the Lord.

According to the rules, Kamalaksa also worshipped the holy waters and offered obeisances to the lotus feet of Sri Yamuna.The holy waters said: Master, why have You called for us? The Lord replied: Go and stay on that mountain. The holy waters replied: If we stay there the glories of many pious places will be ruined (because we can not be present there anymore). Advaita Prabhu said: My orders will not be changed. You must all come here on one day of the year." The holy waters said: "Prabhu, decide on which day we must come to this mountain?" Advaita Prabhu said: Vow in front of Me that you will all come here on the day of madhu krishna trayo-dasT (the thirteenth day of the dark lunar quarter in the month of Madhu or Caitra (March-April). This day is also called Varum snana).The holy waters replied:We all truly commit ourselves to this. We will not disobey orders issued by Your divine and beautiful mouth. From that moment onwards this place is known as Pana-tlrtha (the holy place of the vow). Anyone who drinks the water here or bathes here will have all his desires fulfilled. Advaita Prabhu said: "O holy waters! Now go to the top of the mountain and stay there as waterfalls on My order. The holy waters accepted the Lord's order and remained sporting on top of the mountain.In the morning Advaitacandra told His mother:All the holy waters have arrived on top of the mountain. Labha said: "How can I believe that?" Advaita Prabhu said:You will surely see something amazing", and took His mother along. Next to the mountain He blew a conch and banged a gong, crying out the holy name of Hari. This was sufficient in making the holy waters descend from the mountain as waterfalls.Advaita Prabhu said:Look, mother! Water is constantly trickling down and when you blow a conch a lot of water will fall. Look! Your body is showered by the black, ambrosial water of Sri Yamuna, that resembles monsoon clouds! And look on the other side! There Gahga, whose sacred and ambrosial water defeats the splendour of crystal, is showering you! And then look at all the other yellow and red sacred waters that are showering your head with a rippling sound!Seeing these wonders, Labha offered her obeisances and devotedly completed her bath and charitable donations. Ever since, this place has become a holy place, and whoever bathes here on the day called Varunlyoga (the above mentioned day) will attain great results.


After this Sri Kuvera blissfully put his son in school together with the prince. Kamalaksa turned out to be a srutid-hara, someone who memorises everything after a single hearing, and thus He memorised kaldpa and vyakarana (Sanskrit grammar). He learned the meanings of aphorisms on mere sight. He completed the whole book in a mere three years, causing everyone to say: Kamalaksa has attained divine knowledge.Once an amazing event took place. Kamalaksa and the prince, the son of king Divyasimha, once went to the stone temple of goddess Kali. The prince offered obeisances to the deity with devotion while Prabhupada (Kamalaksa) just stood there beholding the sweetness of the Ka\l-murti. The prince told Kamalaksa: "O dcdryal Offer Your obeisances!", but the Lord just stood there without listening, so the prince criticised Him and became angry. The Lord then accepted passion (as a servant) and roared (in great anger), causing the prince to faint and drop to the ground.All the royal attendants came running, exclaiming hay hay\ (alas, alas) and then ran off to inform king Divyasimha. When the king heard this striking news he came to see his son, taking his ministers with him. Playing the role of an ordinary human being, Kamalaksa had run off in great fear, and had hidden Himself in a white ant hill. Seeing his dead son, the king greatly lamented hay hay I, and Kuvera ran off to search for Kamalaksa. After a long search he found Him and was brought back to the Kali temple.The king said: "Kamalaksa! You are the king of brahmanas\ Why have you done this harmful thing?" Advaita was embarrassed and said: "He is not dead, he just fainted.A series of four slokas on the same subject and forming one grammatical sentence.Here, I will revive him just now." Saying this, He sprinkled the prince with Sri Narayana's foot-water and thus revived him. The nectar water that bathed Sri Hari's feet has an extraordinary power even Brahma and Siva don't know its power. The benefits attained by seeing a holy place and bathing there is attained merely by remembering Visnu's sacred foot-water. When the king saw his son alive again, he was very glad and gave much charity to the poor and the brdhmanas. Everyone said: "Well, everything has turned out nicely!" and Sri Kuvera thought that all mayhem was now over.In his 'Prema Vilasa'Nityananda das describes another revelation of this pastime: "Kamalaksa always played with the prince. When He heard the name of krishna or Hari Kamalaksa began to dance and when the prince saw this he began to laugh at Him in ridicule.This made Kamalaksa roar in such great anger that the prince fainted and fell to the ground.When Kamalaksa subsequently revived the prince with the caranamrta of Salagrama,king Divyasimha declared Him an incarnation of the Lord.Through His childhood sports Kamalaksa showed that He was Siva incarnate. Lord Siva is also known as Rudra, the god of anger. This anger enables Him to destroy the whole universe at the time of dissolution (pralaya). Similarly,in the Caitanya Bhagavata it is said that Advaita Prabhu,called Rudra descended,vowed to destroy all the atheists.