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After returning home, Advaita Prabhu rendered service to His parents for one year, greatly delighting them by submissively carrying out their orders. One day Kuvera Pandita told his son Kamalaksa: You have rendered enough service to Your old father and mother now. Anyone who serves his mother and father with devotion sees his life span, wealth and fame increase. O, and there is another secret I must tell You we are now more than ninety years old. Soon a floral airplane will come and we will vanish from this phenomenal world. Offer oblations to the lotusfeet of Lord Gadadhara for us.As Kuvera spoke thus, a divine airplane landed which was visible to the eyes of knowledge, but invisible to the physical eyes. Advaita Prabhu's parents boarded this airplane and ascended to Vaikuntha-loka while Advaita Prabhu roared the holy name of Lord Hari with a deep voice. In this way Kuvera Acarya disappeared. In other words, Kuvera Pandita and NabhadevI ascended to Vaikuntha with their present bodies. Such transcendental pastimes are possible for those in whose home Mahavisnu has advented Himself in union with Sadasiva.Advaita, as part of His human-like pastimes, mourned His parents' demise and performing regular rituals. Remembering His father's words, He went to Visnu-Ksetra in Gaya and offered  obl-ations there to  the lotus  feet of Gadadhara. After staying in Gaya for a couple of days to com¬plete His worship of His ancestors He thought: "Now, if Sri Purusottama is kind upon Me I will go to Nabhi Gaya.On the way to Sri Purusottama (Lord Jagannatha in Puri) Kamalaksa passed through Remuna where He saw the Goplnatha-deity. When He beheld the deity's sweetness He became absorbed in loving ecstasysometimes He laughed, sometimes He danced and sometimes He trembled. After a long time Advaita Prabhu regained external consciousness and He began to praise Goplnatha and offer obeisances to Him. Then He proceeded to Nabhi Gaya, where He considered Himself fulfilled by offering oblations to His ancestors.From there Kamalaksa went on to Sri Puri, where Jagannatha, Rama and Subhadra eternally sport. He offered prostrated obeisances unto Them and praised Them manifold, after which Jagannatha appeared to Him in the form of Sri krishna. When Advaita Prabhu had this vision, prema surged within His heart and He exclaimed: "O Lord of My life!" Then He fainted. After a while Sri Advaita regained consciousness and He roared: "I have gained the krishna-treasure!" Who can describe His frantic dancing at that time? Sometimes He laughed and sometimes He loudly wept. Day and night Advaita Prabhu spent in the ecstasy of mahabhava and when morning broke He returned to external consciousness.


He went to bathe in TTrtharaja and was very happy to savour Lord Jagannatha's famous maha prasdda grains. His body filled with prema, Advaita Prabhu staggered through Ksetra Dhama, visiting all the temples and holy waters. Thus He spent a number of days there before setting out for Setubandha, wandering along many holy waters on the way. He bathed in the sacred Godavari-river, walking sometimes to the right and sometimes to the right. He was so intoxicated by ecstatic love that He had no idea which direction He was going.The number of holy places Advaita Prabhu saw cannot be counted He went to see Siva-kancI and Visnu-kancI (where He was amused to see the competition between the Saivites and the Vaisnavas, being Himself both Siva and Visnu), Kaveri, Papa-nasanam, Daksina Mathura (Madurai), mahd-tlrtha Setubandha and Dhanustirtha. He was very happy to bathe in Dhanustirtha, He had darsana of Ramesvara Siva and offered His obeisances unto Him. With great devotion He did pujd of Ramesvara and offered many praises to Him. With great loving joy He said "Rama is His Isvara (master) and He is Rama dasa. Then Advaita Prabhu began to dance with raised arms. Sometimes He laughed, sometimes He wept and sometimes He fainted. Sometimes He cried out: "Where is Rama, the treasure of My life?" Thinking like this, He sometimes slapped His cheeks and sometimes clapped His hands. After some time Advaita Prabhu checked His ecstatic loving symptoms and He spent the rest of the night reciting Ramayana.Gradually Advaita Prabhu wandered along many holy places until He finally arrived at Madhvacarya's center Udipi. There were many sadhus there of Madhvacarya's sampraddya with whom He relished the flavours of devotion.. When Advaita Prabhu heard explanations of the Sandilya Sutra and Sri Narada Bhakti Sutra by persons whose hearts were filled with prema He became incited with prema and roared out: "O Bhakti devi! Be pleased with Me!" Then He began a wonderful dance with raised arms. For a while He ran here and there and wept as the waves on the ocean of His prema gradually flowed over, then He fainted and fell to the ground. Seeing this, the greatly venerable and learned Srila Madhavendra Purl proclaimed: "Here is an ideal candidate for ecstatic loving devotion. Signs of pure ecstatic loving devotion do not appear in ordinary living beings they are eternally present within transcendental persons. This boy has drunk the wine of pure prema and His heart is filled with eternal bliss. Indeed, He is unaware of the external world! All the signs of the maha purusa are visible on His body. I understand that He has come to save the whole world!


Thus the sddhus thronged around Advaita Prabhu, blissfully singing 'Hari Hari'. When He drank the great medicinal drink of harinama through the cups of His ears, Advaita Prabhu roared: Give Me devotion!" Thus all the sddhus floated on a tidal wave of prema. Although Advaita Prabhu showed so many signs of ecstatic love, He finally calmed down and offered His obeisances unto Srila Madhavendra Purl, the wish-yielding tree of devotion (bhakti kalpa vrksa). Madhavendra Purl embraced Him with great ecstatic love and asked: "What is Your name? Where do You come from? You are a storehouse of eternally perfect pure prema. We are all so happy to meet You!Advaita Prabhu replied:My name is Kamalaksa Acarya, and I live in Santipura, an abode on the bank of the Gariga. You are the supremely carefree teacher of devotional scriptures please tell me of devotional principles and thus make Me your servant.When Madhavendra Purl heard this he was most happy.Seeing Advaita Prabhu's earnestness, Madhavendra  Puripada  kept  Him  with  him  and  read Madhvacarya's commentary on Srimad Bhagavata to Him. Advaita Prabhu memorised it on a single hearing, a feat that astonished all the sddhus present.One day Advaita Prabhu told Madhavendra Puripada: "Due to the influence of the Kali-age people no longer care about religion. Wherever you go you see barbaric behaviour, and you uon't hear the hare krishna name anywhere at any time. I can't see any way that the conditioned souls will be saved! Please benefit them by suggesting a solution to this!" Madhavendra Puripada said: "Kamalaksa, You are an ocean of compassion You constantly think of the world's welfare. Ordinary [ eople don't have such a mentality only persons that are empowered by the Lord can show such feelings. Indeed, there is no other way to redeem the conditioned souls than for the Original Personality of Godhead to descend. The Original Personality of Godhead will first appear in the age of Kali to establish religious principles the best evidence for that can be found in the Ananta Saiiihita, Srimad Bhagavata and Maha-bharata."Advaita Prabhu said: Where can I find the book Ananta Saiiihita? I have an intense desire to see it." Hearing this, Madhavendra Puripada showed Him the book Ananta Saiiihita. Advaita Prabhu was very happy to read it and In Ananta Sarhhita Brahma asked Sri Madhusudana (Visnu):Ojagad guru! Please tell me, how will religion be maintained in the age of Kali and who will maintain the path of devotion in this age? The Lord then replied:


avatirno bhavisydmi kalau nijaganaih saha;

saclgarbhe navadvipe sadhuni parivarite

aprakdsyam idarh guhyam na prakasyam bahirmukhe

bhaktdvataram bhaktdkhyam bhaktipradam svayam

man maya mohitah kecit na jndsyanti bahirmukhah;

jndsyanti mad bhakti yutdh sddhavo nydsino 'malah

krsndvatara kale yah striyo ye purusa priyah;

kalau te 'vatarisyanti sridama sudamddayah

catuh sasti mahantas te gopa dvddasa bdlakah;

dharma samsthdpandrthaya bahirisyami fair aham

kale nastam bhakti patharh sthapayisyamyaham punah:

krishna caitanya gaurdnga gauracandra gaurahari

sacisutah prabhu gaura namdni bhaktidanime;

gacchantu bhuvi te putra jdyantam bhakta rupinah

radhika ballabha krsno bhaktdnam priya kdmaya;

srimad gaurdnga rupena navadvipe virajate

gopibhdva praddnartham bhagavdn nanda nandanah;

bhakta vesa dharah santo dvibhujo gaura vigraha


I will descend in the age of Kali in the womb of mother SacT in NavadvTpa, taking My own saintly associates with Me. This is a great secret, however, which is not revealed to the bahirmukhas (materialists). I will be the bhakta avatdra, bestowing devotion in very own person. Deluded by My maya, the bahirmukhas do not know this. Only sddhus who are devoted to Me, the immaculate and the recluses can know this secret. All men and women who descended with Me during the krishna-avatara, like Sridama and Sudama, will descend with Me in the age of Kali as the sixty-four mahantas and the twelve Gopalas. With them I will re-establish religious principles, that will otherwise gradually vanish in the age of Kali.I will be known under the names of krishna Caitanya, Gauranga, Gauracandra, Gaurahari,Sacisuta and Prabhu Gaura.Let your sons now descend to earth as devotees.krishna,the lover of Radhika and the wellwisher of the devotees,dwells in Navadvtpa in the form of Srimad Gauranga. to distribute the feelings of die gopis, Lord Nanda-nandana assumes the garb of a devotee with the peaceful twoarmed form of Gaura.declared: "Nanda's son is filled with all six opulences, and He will descend in Navadvlpa in a golden form, saving the world with harindma and prema] Then the desires of a fallen soul like Me will surely be fulfilled." As Advaita Prabhu said this, feelings of prema arose within Him and He performed Gaura-kirtana for a full three hoursgaura mora pranapati ydha tare pao veda dharma lahghi mui taha colijdo Wherever I can find Gaura, the Lord of My life, there I will go, even if I must violate Vedic principles.As Advaita Prabhu sang this line He danced, and all the sddhus present danced and sang along with Him. Gradually the Gahga-waves of pure love began to surge and Advaita Prabhu cried out 'Ha Gauranga!' repeatedly. "I have attained Gaura', Advaita Prabhu exclaimed as He frantically ran here and there. Sometimes He fainted and sometimes He rolled around in the dust. After a while Advaita Prabhu checked His symptoms of ecstatic love and began to copy the book Ananta Samhita by hand.One morning Advaita got up, offered His obeisances unto Madhavendra Purl and quickly left, wandering along many hundreds of holy places. After a few days He arrived in Dandakaranya, then He continued to Nasika and Dvaraka, where He offered obeisances and praises unto LaksmT and Vasudeva, absorbed in ecstatic love. Then He proceeded to Prabhasa Tirtha, Puskara, Kuruksetra, Haridvara (where He took a holy Garigadip), Badarikasrama (where He had darsana of Nara-Narayana. After dancing in ecstatic love and offering His obeisances He continued to), holy Mount Gomukhl and Sri Gandakl Salagrama Ksetra, where He bathed and rested.


He untiringly performed japa (muttering) of the holy name of Hari Narayana here, and found a Cakra-Slla (sacred stone with Visnu's disc carved in it), endowed with all auspicious marks, which He took along with great devotion.Then Sri Advaita Prabhu arrived at Mithila, where He saw the birthplace of Slta-devI (the consort of Lord Rama). Seeing the spot, Advaita shed tears of love and rolled in the dust. Overcome by feelings of ecstatic love He danced and sang. At that moment something amazing happened. In the distance Advaita Prabhu heard a very sweet and lovely song about krishna and He ran towards the place where it was sung. He saw a brahmana sitting under a Bata (Banyan) tree, singing of krishna's ambrosial attributes  like a Gandharva-angel. Hearing the most amazing descriptions of krishna's form, Advaita Prabhu embraced the poet in ecstatic love. In this way Advaita Prabhu showed His mercy on him, empowering that brahmana with prema then and there. Just as iron turns into gold through the touch of a touch-stone, the brahmana became filled   with  prema   by   Advaita   Prabhu's   mere   touch. Considering Advaita Prabhu the Supreme Lord, the brahmana offered his obeisances unto Him and, remembering Sri Visnu, Advaita Prabhu asked him: "Please tell Me your name, I like to hear it. Who has written such ambrosial songs? I have never heard such sweet compositions and then, your voice is so amazing also. You have made Me mad by attracting Me thus, making Me drink the nectar of your songs.The brahmana said: "My name is Vidyapati, and my mind is polluted with sensuality by eating grains offered by the king. I have composed this song like a madman, but a sadhu like You, who never finds faults and only sees good in people, still love to hear it. Who is able to attract a person like You? You have redeemed me with Your own glories." Advaita Prabhu said: These nectar-songs you compose attract even Sri krishna Himself, let alone ordinary people. I am so fortunate that krishna showed Me this mercy, that I could meet a great song-writer like Vidyapati." Saying this, Advaita Prabhu embraced Vidyapati and proceeded to Ayodhya, the eternal abode of Lord Rama, all the while remembering Lord Hari.Arriving in Ayodhya, Advaita Prabhu saw Lord Rama's birthplace and He offered His obeisances to the place with goosebumps of ecstasy on His skin. He wept profusely of ecstatic love as He remembered Rama's wonderful pastimes. Gradually the waves of prema surged and Advaita Prabhu roared: "Kill that beast Ravana!", ecstatically imitating Rama-lila. After a while He calmed down and took a bath in Sarayu Gahga, where He saw the pastime of Sri Rama's bathing.


Kamalaksa then proceeded to Varanasl-dhama where He bathed in the Gahga at the famous Mani-karnika Ghata. He saw the deity of Adi-Kesava, offered prostrated obeisances to Him and offered Him many praises in ecstatic love. Then Advaita Prabhu went to see the deity of Bindu Madhava, where He danced and sang in great ecstatic love. His loving joy gradually surged and He bowed down and praised the deity time and again. With folded hands He spoke: "Listen, Sri Madhava Hari! I praise Your compassion! Your divine form is like a wish-yielding tree for the devotees. Bestow liberation on everyone who dies here! Even Brahma and Siva cannot find the end to Your glories, so how can a wretch like Me describe them?Then Advaita Prabhu went to see the deity of Visvanatha (Lord Siva), the main deity of VaranasT, in ecstasy, and He performed puja there just to teach the people at large. Offering many praises, He said: "Please bestow devotion!", and danced and sang with raised arms. After offering obei¬sances to Sri Visvanatha, Advaita Prabhu went on to the tem¬ple of Annapurna devl. Seeing Annapurna, He offered many The poet Vidyapati is said to be born in 1386, so that it this time he was about 68 years old. By the time Mahaprabhu appeared in the world, however, he had passed away.prayers. After offering obeisances to her, Advaita Prabhu con¬tinued His wanderings. He saw many holy places connected with Siva and other dieties and told many yogis, sannyasis, ayacakas (saints who are so renounced that they don't even beg) and sddhus about the prominence of devotion. Then, one night He met the great saint Sri Vijaya Puri. ' They spent the whole night discussing topics of krishna in great ecstatic love, weeping, laughing and singing of Govinda. Sometimes they rolled over the ground, sometimes they fainted, and sometimes they embraced each other in great ecstasy. Thus the auspicious night turned into dawn. When they separated there was no limit to their sorrow.

Then Advaita Prabhu travelled on to Prayaga (Allahabad), where He saw the Venl Madhava-deity. He had His head shaven there, bathed in the Triveni, the confluence of the SarasvatI-, Gahga- and Yamuna-rivers and offered obla¬tions to His ancestors with great devotion. Then He saw the deity of Venl Madhava, praised Him and offered obeisances unto Him before going to see Bhlma's mace and praising it time and again, for it helped him defeat the demon Jarasandha after a three week long battle.Vijaya Purl was Advaita's maternal uncle and a disciple of Laksmlpati TTrtha. He was named Mahananda in domestic life, or Durvasa. Mother Labha used to call him bhai (younger brother). He used to travel along with Madhavendra Puri. Prema Vilasa (24,41-44) narrates:


mahananda purohita ekati brdhmana;

nabhd-devi bhai ydre bole sarva-ksana

se vipra sannyast hoilo laksmlpati sthane;

vijaya purl' nama tdra jane sarva jane

madhavendra purlra satlrtha vijaya-puri;

se sambandhe advaita prabhu mdnya kori


Advaita Prabhu respected him because he was a Guru-brother of Madhavendra Purl. In Nava Grama, Sri Hatta, Hari Carana dasa heard about Advaita Prabhu's life from Vijaya Purl.Next Advaita went to Mathura-mandala, the location where the Original Personality of Godhead performs His eter¬nal pastimes. Reaching this nitya siddha abode, His ecstatic love surged and He roared lha krishna!' The whole city floated in a tidal wave of prema, inundating all children, the old and the young. In ecstasy Advaita Prabhu beheld Sri Yamuna-river and offered many prayers and obeisances to her. Then He took bath in the place where hari-bhakta Dhruva previously worshipped krishna, and where, by offering oblations, one attains the fruit of offering oblations in Gaya a hundred times. Advaita Acarya Gosai bathed in Sri Yamuna and offered oblations to His ancestors there with great devotion.Then He beheld the local deity of krishna,immersed in pure prema rasa.Feeling boundless bliss He circumambulated all the pastime-places of krishna. Then He proceeded to Sri Vraja dhama.Touching the transcendental soil of Vraja, Advaita was totally stupefied by prema. Although Mathura is also a tran¬scendental abode, the prema in Vraja is superior, since it arouses the love of the gopls. After some time Sri Advaita Prabhu regained consciousness and wept: "Where is the Lord of My life?!" In the ecstasy of mahdbhava He ran all over the place, rolling in the transcendental dust, laughing, weeping, roaring, sweating, trembling and chanting 'krishna!According to Sri Haricarana dasa's 'Advaita Mahgala', Advaita Prabhu travelled to all the famous twelve forests of Vraja. He went to Madhuvana, where Radha and krishna drink honey-wine, and bathed in the local kunda there. Then He went to Talavana where He beheld the famous palm trees, to Kumuda Vana, where He admired the beauty of the Kumud-flowers and made a garland of them to wear, and to Bahulavana, where He had darsana of the cow Bahula and offered prayers to her. In Kamyavana the Lord bathed in zo Pandit Ananta dasa Babaji writes in his book "Sri Radhakundera Mahima O Aitihya" that Advaita Prabhu arrived in Vrndavana in 1455.

Bimala kunda and wandered around the many playgrounds of krishna. When He saw the place called Lukaluki He told the cowherd boys: "O Vrajavasis! Play with Me here!" Advaita Acarya Prabhu is very playful He played with the boys in the mood of a sakhT. He stayed there overnight and at night He witnessed the water sports of krishnacandra and His sakhis. This vision caused a collision of ecstasies (bhava sabalya) within His heart, which culminated in loving restlessness (prema cdpalya) on the third day. Thus He proceeded to Barsana, where He saw the house of Klrtida and Vrsabhanu and bathed in Prema Sarovara. At Nandlsvara He offered His obeisances to Nanda and Yasoda, bathed in Pavana Sarovara and spent the night there. On the way to Yavata He saw Khadira vana. In Yavata He bathed in Kisori Kunda before continuing to Ksirodasayl and Ramaghata, where He offered obeisances unto the place of Balarama. Then He went to GopT Ghata, Aksaya Bata and the Kadamba tree of Clra Ghata. Here He rested and reflected for a while in meditation. Then He continued to Bhadra-grama, where He remembered how Nanda Baba was arrested by the agents of Varuna here. Then He crossed the Yamuna and entered the Bhandira forest at Bhadravana. He proceeded to Lohavana and Mahavana. In Mahavana He saw krishna's birth place, the place where He broke the twin Arjuna trees, where He killed Putana and a place called Gopa Kupa. When He saw Brahmanda Ghata, the place where krishna showed His mother the universe, Advaita rejoiced in seeing krishna's childhood playgrounds.


At this point Prabhu met a young brahmana from Kamyavana, named krishna dasa. The boy offered prostrated obeisances unto the Lord and said: "I am Your servant." Being satisfied with him, Advaita Prabhu kept the boy with Him. He became one of the main branches of the Advaita tree. They went around Gokula and Mathura and then arrived in Vrndavana. The Vrajavasis gave the Lord ata (flour) and He made rotis singlehandedly. They saw Kunjavana, and, sitting at the base of a Banyan tree, the Lord sang:


prabhu bole purusottama,suno mora prana soma,

madana gopala prakatila

prathama boyosa mora,geldm ami vrajapura

dekhi bose yamunara lila


Advaita Prabhu sang:Hear Me, O Purusottama! You are My life dear, revealing Yourself as Madana Gopala. I have come to Vraja in My young days and I am sitting here to wit¬ness Your pastimes in the Yamuna.


suno he purusottama, ki kohibo se sob kahirii? (dhru)

taruna bater chdya,trpti koild mora kdya

yamunara hillola pavane

vrnddvanera taru lata,hdsi kohe sab katha,

sahdya koraya sab jane


Hear Me, O Purusottama! How can I tell You all these events? The shade of this young Banyan tree and the breeze that makes waves on the Yamuna soothe My body. Vrndavana's vines and trees laugh and tell Me all these things, offering assistance to everyone.


nirjana sri vmdavana,gdbhi rdkhe vrajajana,

hdmvdrava suni acambite

trsita mora nayana,dhdilo sei vane vana,

koto dura ydi sukha citte


In this solitary Vmdavana the cowherd boys tend their cows. I suddenly hear them mooing. My thirsty eyes run from forest to forest— how far do they run as My mind reels in ecstasy?"


ratri diva ndhi jndna,dhavali cordya syama,

sacetana hoi nirakhilo

koto dure dekhi syama,taru tale syama dhdma,

vdma pdse rddhikd dekhilo


Without realising whether it is day or night, Syama tends His cows. Now I see Syama from a distance, standing under a tree with Radhika on His left side.


lalitadi sakhi sabe,  ama pane cahe tabe,

sri radha boloye prana sakhi

sydmera madhura hdsi,mukhe pure mohana vamsT

tribhanga lalita thdma rakhi


Lalita and all the other sakhls then look at Me and Sri Radha says: "O prana sakhil Look at Syama's sweet smile! He stands in a lovely threefold bending form and fills His enchanting flute with (the nectar of) His mouth.


murali karete ani,manda manda bole vdni,

se van! ye amrta barikhe

suno he advaita hero,gaura dhdma tumi mora

bhdlo hoilo hethd dile sukhe


Taking His flute in His hand He gently spoke, show¬ering Me with the nectar of His words: "Listen, O Advaita! You are My golden appearance! It is very good that You have so happily come here!"


dekhile amdke tumi,prakdsa hoibo ami

hethd dchi siiryera nilaya

nd rahio tumi hethd,tomd mora ehi kothd,

ydo tumi gauda dlaya


You have seen Me, now I will reveal Myself. I am here in the abode of the sun (Dvadasa Aditya Tila). Do not remain here but return to Bengal.


ye kichu manete ache,prakasa koribo pache,

ebe more kati koro prakatana

vrajavasl sisya kori,sompi yao more heri

sada prakata rohibo vrajavana


Whatever else I have on My mind I will reveal later. Now first dig Me up and reveal Me. Take charge of the Vrajavasls and establish Me here thus I will always remain manifest in this Vraja-forest.


vrajanatha aprakata,        rohiyachi yamuna tata,

dvadasa aditya kunjavane

parisrama nahi hobe,tomd path dekhi sobe,

prate kati koroho pujane


I, the Lord of Vraja, have remained on the bank of the Yamuna in an arbour at Dvadasa Aditya Tila, in a hidden way. It won't be difficult to dig Me out— start the work in the morning and then perform worship.


yamundra jala dni,abhiseka koro tumi,

vana phule koroho pujane

eteko boliyd syama,lukdild kuhja dhdma,

ha ha radha madana mohana


Bring water from the Yamuna to perform My abhiseka and do puja with forest flowers." Saying this, Syama hid Himself in an arbour. All glories to Radha and Madana Mohana!In connection with Madana Gopala's revelation Sri krishna Misra GosvamI, the illustrous son of Sri Advaita Prabhu, told Sri Haricarana dasa the following charming story.Once, when krishna was tending His cows with His cowherd boyfriends, He suddenly met Paurnamasi. Seeing her, krishna fell at her feet and she uttered the two syllables 'ra-dha' into His ears. Hearing Radha's name, krishna became unlimit-edly eager, so He began to loudly chant 'radha radha!' His friends then approached Him with restless eyes. Sridama said: "Oh Bhai! What's happened?" Ujjvala and Subala then told krishna in private: "Radha is Vrsabhanu's daughter and a disci¬ple of Paurnamasi. She is the younger sister of Sridama and She is extremely beautiful. If She sees how beautiful You are She will become impatient also." Paurnamasi then went to Radha's assembly. Everyone got up out of respect and shyness and Radha offered dandavat prandms (prostrated obeisances) to her lotus feet.Paurnamasi kept her hand on Radha's head and offered her blessings to Her. Then she spoke the 'kama gayatrl' into Her ears, along with the two syllables of krishna's name. She said to Herself: "What is this krishna like?" Then She got up and chanted 'krishna, krishna!' in astonishment. From that day on They were attached to Each other. With great dif¬ficulty They spent the night. krishna returned home like a mad¬man. When Yasoda saw Her son like this she became worried and called for PaurnamasT. Yasoda fell at Paurnamasi's feet and said: "You always protect from great fear. Paurnamasi told her:Don't worry about anything. Your child will be all-right if I give Him a mantra." PaurnamasT then took krishna to a lonely place and gave Him the kama bija initiation. She told Him: "You will attain mantra siddhi. Go now and seek out Radha." After this she pacified Yasoda with loving words.(Then she told krishna): "You are a prince and She is a housewife no one will know about Your affair.The Creator has set up Your love such are the customs in his abode. Go and herd Your cows in Vrndavana by Narayana's blessing You will surely meet.


After saying this, she blessed Yasoda, telling her:Your son is now allright Meanwhile, Radha and Her sakhis shed tears, withdrawing their minds out of fear of their elders. Visakha and Lalita thought to themselves: "How will we attain krishna?Lalita said: "Sakhi, I know Him and I will bring Him here! krishna's eyes will behold You then you will leave home and the forest will become your home!Just then PaurnamasI came. After getting up in the morning, she blessed the gopls, telling them: "May you meet krishna. Today everyone's desires will be fulfilled. Lalita, you are so clever let everyone go to Vrndavana for worshipping Surya. I have told Jatila to engage you in the same. On this pretext first go to Gopesvara Mahadeva to offer your obeisances unto Him. He once gave His darsana to Jatila, who offered her obeisances unto Him and offered Him pujd. Then He taught Jatila some manners, saying: "By worshipping ParvatI you have attained a (great) daughter-in-law. Your wealth of cows, grains and money will increase if today, Sunday, you will engage Her in surya pujd. Lalita knows how to perform this pujd send your daughter-in-law out (for pujd) with Her sakhis like Lalita.Hearing all this, Jatila sent Her daughter-in-law out for siirya pujd, giving Her all the proper paraphernalia, Thus Radha and Her sakhis went out to Vrndavana, blissfully chanting the name of krishna.Thus they eagerly arrived on the bank of the Yamuna on the pretext of performing Surya puja. This I have heard from krishna Misra and Balarama (two sons of Advaita Prabhu) nothing can be accomplished without the aid of PaurnamasI.Advaita Prabhu said: "Now (in Gaura-Zr/a) I am that PaurnamasI, revealed by My Guru Madhavendra Purl."After hearing of Sri Radha's (purva raga-) condition, now hear of Sri krishna's condition. krishna went out with His pals to tend the cows. He anxiously went to the bank of the Yamuna to seek out Radha, taking Subala with Him. With thirsty eyes krishna sought Radha, while Ujjvala and Subala addressed Him. Now hear (again) of Sri Radha's condition. She came to Vrndavana to worship Surya at a place which is well-known as Surya Ghata, where Java flower trees provide a cool shelter and the clear waves of Yamuna come floating by. Radha sat down there, remembering krishna, but the sakhis could not see where krishna was. Where can I find this moonfaced one? I cannot catch Him it breaks My heart! How sweet are His eyes and His face; when I see them I will survive, and if not, I will die." Visakha drew a picture (of krishna) and showed it (to Radha). When She saw it Her thirst for Him doubled in intensityha sakhi! Where has My Prananatha gone? I will surely jump into the Yamuna to kill Myself! I did not see that krishna, the pupil of My eyes! When I fainted My krishna was lost!" Visakha then wrote a letter with the (red) juice of a Java-flower and sent it along with Tulasi "Search for krishna, and give Him this letter without His friends like Sridama noticing it! Quickly go and relay my message! Tell Him about the condition of all the sakhis and ask Him to come here, alone.The sakhis then entered the forest, where they saw Varhsl vata and Dhlra Samlra. One sakhi said: "I saw krishna on the bank of the Yamuna, speaking with friends like Ujjvala and Subala beneath a Kadamba tree. Occasionally He fell uncon¬scious. I then handed the letter to Subala, who read it out to krishna. After hearing the letter, krishna inquired: "Where is Radha? Tell Me the truth and I will go there.


Eagerly krishna went to Tulasi and handed her a garland of Rahgana flowers,telling her: "Quickly bring Her this garland take care that it does not get wet (or: take care that Radha does not enter the water of the Yamuna to commit suicide).Meanwhile Radha restlessly ran here and there, staring at the water of the Yamuna, thinking of entering it to commit suicide. 'My Kamala Locana (lotus-eyed krishna) did not reveal Himself to Me why should I maintain this body?" Just as She said this, TulasI came with the garland and handed it to Visakha, who told Radha: "Listen, O Prana-sakhil Let me see how this garland given by krishna looks on You." She kept the garland to Her chest and before Her eyes while krishna stared at the (letter of) Java flowers. Both felt endless bliss when They saw Each other. The sakhis warned: "Jatila is approaching the old hag is rebuking and scolding!" Thus They quickly sep¬arated and returned home, repeatedly looking backwards at Each other. When krishna saw Jatila He was very scared.The version of events surrounding Madana Gopala's revelation is different in Sri Isana Nagara's 'Advaita Prakasa'. There Advaita Prabhu had a visionary dream as He arrived at Giriraja Govardhana. Seeing Mount Govardhana, the waves of Advaita Prabhu's ecstatic love billowed up even higher. He danced there with raised arms and beheld all the places where Radha and krishna perform Their eternal pastimes. He had darsana of Harideva and performed parikrama of Mount Govardhana, offering prostrated obeisances to him. Then He bathed in ManasI Gariga and had darsana of the Dana Ghati, the place where krishna obstructed Radha on the path, wanting to collect tax from Her. He joked: "Here Radha and Her sakhis came to pay tax (to krishna)." Finally He reclined at the base of a Banyan tree, where He had a visionary dream at the end of the night. He saw Sri Nanda-nandana coming to Him, capti¬vating the worlds with His luster of fresh monsoon clouds, wearing a crown of peacock feathers and holding a flute to His mouth. Dressed in a yellow dhoti and sporting golden anklebells, His butter-soft body was filled with the cream of rasika nectar. Seeing this extraordinary form, Advaita was in para¬mount ecstasy and He danced with raised arms.


krishnacandra said: "You are My very body and when I attain Your association the waves of prema surge. You are the greatly benevolent Gopesvara Siva, appearing for the benefit of the conditioned souls, redeeming them by unearthing the lost holy places, preaching devotion and the chanting of krishna's names. A divine jewelled image of Mine, named Madana Mohana, is lying abandoned in a kunja at Dvadasa Aditya Tlrtha on the bank of the Yamuna. The body is cov¬ered with only a small layer of earth. Previously Kubja served this deity very nicely, but in the end I have hidden Myself, fearing robbers and vandals. Bring some people from the vil¬lage to dig Me up and establish My service for the benefit of the world.After saying this, krishna-candra disappeared. Filled with pure prema, Advaita Prabhu loudly sang the name of Hari, raising His arms as He danced. Then He went into the village and when the local people saw this sadhu they came along with Him. Advaita Prabhu said: "Low- or high-class, quickly come along with Me to the Dvadasaditya Tila on the Yamuna-bank! I wish to unearth a wonderfully elegant deity of krishna with a threefold bended form." Hearing this, the local people quickly followed Him, holding shovels and axes. With great effort and care they unearthed the deity, whose wonder¬ful features captivated all the VrajavasTs. They built a straw hut for the deity under the local Banyan tree and installed Him with a traditional bathing ceremony. Advaita Prabhu then engaged a sadacari Vaisnava brahmana (a priest who follows The hill where Srila Sanatana Gosvami later had the famous Madana Mohana Temple built. The place where Advaita Prabhu lived is still preserved and can be visited even today. It is called Advaita Vata.There is a Banyan-tree there, hence this name. There is a small temple here with deities of STta and Advaita.all the rules of pure conduct) in the service of the deity, and went on Vrndavana-parikrama.Just then, by the force of Providence, some wicked Muslims found out the whereabouts of the new deity. Gathering together, they considered: "Let us smash that deity to break the pride of the Hindus!" Thus they advanced on Advaita Vata, heavily armed. Seeing the Islamic vandals approaching, Madana Mohana fearfully hid Himself under a bunch of flowers. When the Muslims entered the courtyard of the temple and failed to find the deity they left with unhappy hearts. Later, when the priest came to perform the worship, he could not find the deity anymore and began to lament. When a child told him about the assault on the Mandir by the Muslims, he thought: "The Muslims must have taken the deity away  the Lord has not been kind upon me!" In great distress the brahmana thus began to fast.


When Sri Advaita Prabhu returned in the evening and heard from the priest what had happened, and when He saw that the Mandir was empty, He began to cry out loud: "krishna was so kind to appear in Person, but now that He has become offended, He has concealed Himself again!" Thus Advaita Prabhu became so unhappy that He gave up even drinking water. At night He reclined under that selfsame Banyan tree and saw Madana Mohana appearing to Him in a dream in very Person. The Lord smiled at Advaita Acarya and told Him the following sweet words: "Get up, Advaita! Fearing the barbaricmlecchas I have hidden Myself under the flowers. Even Brahma and others do not have the power to see Me like this  only You are able to, with Your devotional eyes. I will again reveal My siddha rupa (transcendental form) and the people will feel boundless joy in seeing Me again.After this visionary dream, Advaita Prabhu quickly returned to the Mandira and indeed found Gopala under the flower-pile. When He beheld the Lord's form, filled with all ambrosial succulent sweetness, He wept out of pure love and lost all external consciousness. Sometimes He was stunned, sometimes He trembled, sometimes His body was studded with goosebumps, sometimes He exclaimed 'Hari!', sometimes He danced and sometimes He fainted. After a while Sri Advaita returned to external consciousness and offered Sri Gopala some fruits and water. Afterwards, while honouring the Lord's remnants, He contemplated krishna's matchless grace.The next morning Advaita Prabhu rose and took a Yamuna-bath. On the bank of the river He met the brahmana priest and told Him: "O vipra, quickly go to the Mandira, wake up the deity and do pujdl Worship Him now as Madana Gopala there is no need to hear the confidential secrets." The brahmana said: 'The deity is not in the temple." Advaita Prabhu replied: "krishna cannot abandon His devotees." The brahmana, contemplating this miracle, went to the Mandira and when he opened the gate he saw the deity once again. In great ecstatic love that brahmana offered many prayers and praises to the deity and began to worship Him as Madana Gopala. From that moment onwards the deity of Madana Mohana was manifest as Madana Gopala.One night Madana Gopala appeared to Advaita Prabhu in a dream and spoke the following sweet words "Ohey Sri Advaita Acarya! Listen to one thing! Too many atrocities are committed by the Muslims here soon a brahmana named Caube will come here from Mathura. He and his wife always worship Me with parental love and think of Me as their son. I will surely fulfill their desires. Their son is named Madana Mohana. I want to spend some time with them. When Rupa and Sanatana come to Vrndavana I will go from Caube's home to them. This devotee Caube will come here next morning hand Me to him without hesitation!" Sri Advaita said: "Listen Madana Gopala! You are the treasure of My heart, My soul,


My joy and My strength! How will I survive without You? I would be like a fish out of the water!Hearing these plaintive words, Madana Gopala smiled and said: I am forever subdued by Your love without You My pastimes cannot be nourished. Wherever You are, there is My eternal existence.Please fulfill the desires of My devotee (Caube) by offering him this siddha murti of Mine. Remember one previous event, please  There is a picture made by Sri Visakha, which is non-different from this deity of Mine. When Sri Radhika saw that picture She was wholly captivated!" Srila Rupa GosvamT describes this in his Vidagdha Madhava-Natakam (II, 3):bhruvam te tena ksiptva kim api hasatonmadita mateh sasi-vrtto vahnih param ahaha vahnir mama sasi With the beauty of His smile (in His picture) and the casting of His glance He has driven Me mad! Alas! (Ever since I saw this picture) the cool moon seems as hot as fire and fire seems as cool as the moon!" "This nitya siddha object is lying in Nikunja Vana (Seva Kunja)  go there and You will easily find it. Take this picture along to Your own region (Bengal) and redeem all conditioned souls there by establishing its service.It is interesting to note that Advaita Prabhu is Visakha in krishna-/r/a. Advaita Prabhu is present in all four rasas or spiritual moods in krishna's Vrndavana-ZF/a: madhura rasa (Visakha-devI), vatsalyarasa (PaurnamasT, Madhumahgala's grandmother-^"), sakhya rasa (Madhumahgala) and dasya rasa (Rati Manjari).Anyway, after this visionary dream, Advaita Prabhu was in ecstasy dancing with raised arms Hp exclaimed 'hari bolol' Only after three hours He calmed down, and just then the brahmann named Caube arrived there. Seeing Advaita Prabhu, Caube took a straw between the teeth (this is a sign of humility) and offered obeisances unto Him with folded hands, saying:You are an omniscient avatdra of the Lord, and You have unearthed the deity which was served by Kubja-devT. In a visionary dream Madana Gopala has ordered Me to quickly take this deity to Mathura and to establish His service there. He woke up my wife, calling her: 'Mother, mother!' and told me: 'You are My mother and father. You should now rear Me in all respects. Hence, O Lord, I have come to You. Please bless me by handing the deity over to Me.Hearing this humble plea, Advaita Prabhu handed the deity over to Caube, after which He wandered around weeping out of great love-in-separation. Then He went over to Sri Nikunja Vana and drowned in an ocean of prema as He found the abovementioned picture there. Carefully He took the nitya siddha picture and brought it home to His native Santipura.JU prabhu kohe ebe sei paurnamasT ami; madhavendra pada guru mora prakasi (Advaita Marigala, KaiSora 2) Advaita Prabhu said: "Now (in Gaura-fr/a) I am the reincarnation of PaurnamasT, revealed by My Guru Madhavendra Puripada.This entire chapter is based on Chapter 4 of Sri Isana Nagara's Advaita Prakasa.