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One day Sri Advaita Prabhu called all His children together and told them in sweet words: "Ohe My dear sons, be at ease and hear from Me about the essence of household virtues. A householder who performs the five main sacrifices (serving guests and so) and who offers his praises at dawn and dusk (sandhya-vandana) is certainly very wise. Do not covet another man's wife or wealth, for if you do so you will suffer both in this life and in the next. Be kind to all living entities and don't be violent. Don't criticise sadhus, but instead praise them. Plant a Sri Tulasl-tree in the courtyard of your house, for a house without TulasT is like a cemetery. The best thing to do is constantly engaging in hari nama sanklrtana. This is the way to atone for sins and to escape death's punishment. Always keep company with sadhus to destroy offences and thus you will undoubtedly attain devotion to Krsna. Remember another thing: Don't perform any activity for your own pleasure. If you run your household for the service of Krsna you will not incur the reactions to either sinful or pious activities. If you engage in fruitive activities out of lust and greed, your sensual desires will simply increase and the soul will continue to come and go (take birth after birth) in this material universe. Therefore, give up greedy and lusty activi¬ties in all respects. If you act for Krsna alone, all your wishes will be fulfilled.In this way Advaita Prabhu gave many kinds of instructions, hearing which Sri Acyuta and his brothers became very happy. Sri Acyuta, Krsna Misra and Gopala dasa always rejoiced in Krsna's devotional service and they were always deeply attached to Krsna and the Vaisnavas. Sri Acyuta was fully detached from material life. Through Prabhu Sltanatha's orders, the waves of the Ganga of prema surged and His sons began the service of Krsna with different ingre¬dients. Although the abovementioned three sons were all exclusively surrendered to Krsna, Prabhu Sltanatha decided to bestow the service of Sri-Sri Radha-Madana Gopala to Sri Krsna Misra Gosvaml. The householder Sri Krsna Misra was a pure devotee and Advaita Prabhu considered him qualified for the service of Sri-Sri Radha-Madana Gopala.Labha-nandana (Advaita Prabhu) then told Acyuta: "Listen to My words, My son Sri Acyuta! You are My oldest son and the leader of the Vaisnavas. I am blessed to have a son like you. You are completely pure and as learned in the scrip¬tures as Brhaspati. You are the crown-jewel of religious people and your heart is very pure. From your very childhood you were detached from material life, and you are always attracted to the wealth of paramount dispassion. You became averse to accepting a wife and saw the futility of the external sense pleasures that are so dear to the conditioned souls. Hence I understood that the duties of ritual service of the sacred deity cannot be accomplished through you. Krsna dasa Misra is your younger brother and the greatest of Vaisnavas. He is attached to worshipping the gods and the brahmanas, is very learned and has a pure intelligence. He is a storehouse of devo¬tion and the crown jewel of loving devotees who always fol¬lows the pure path, He always accepts My opinion and always follows Me. His heart is surrendered to Gaura and he is the object of Gaura's love. He got married and thus in My opinion He has become qualified for the service of the deity of Krsna.


"The two sons of Krsna Misra are particularly reli¬gious and surrendered to Sri Gauranga. Raghunatha, the old¬est, and Sri Dola Govinda, the younger, find topmost bliss in the service of Sri Sri Radha-Madana Gopala. One day Sriman Raghunatha told Me: "How can the words of Vedavyasa come true? The eighty-four hells have been filled in the age of Kali, but now Sri Krsna Caitanya has blocked the path leading down to these hells. Instead, He saved the conditioned souls with the hari ndma maha mantra. Tell me, how will the living entities still occupy the hellish planets?" Hearing this, Sri Dola Govinda laughed and said: "They will be filled by all those sinners who hate Gaura."When I heard these words I was astonished, and from that moment on I knew they were incarnations of the Lord. Blessed is My son Krsna dasa and blessed is his son, who is qualified for the service of Sri Madana Gopala! Whatever rel¬ative of Mine worships Gauranga is qualified to serve the Lord, Who is the treasure of My heart. Hence it is My wish to hand the responsibility for the service of the deity over to Krsna Misra— what is your wish?Hearing this, Sri Acyuta became very glad and said with folded hands: "I agree with whatever You order." Sri Advaita then told Krsna Misra: "Madana Gopala is the treas¬ure of My heart— serve Him nicely, with a devotional mood. Don't give the service to bahir-mukhas (materialists), nastikas (atheists), pasandls (heretics), sannyasis, advaita-vddls (non-dualists), yogis oxjnanis (impersonalist speculators). I consid¬er anyone who desires liberation or sense gratification and who has no devotional aspirations an avaimava (non-Vaisnava), who is averse to Sri Krsna. Furthermore there are those Vaisnavas who have no sampraddyaSlb and there are also those who may have a sampraddya but who do not recog¬nise Gauranga. These are also averse to Krsna and I have banned them from this deity service."


And hear one more thing, O Krsna Dasa! There are also those wicked persons amongst My own devotees who do not recognise Gaura. Sri Gaurahga is My Lord and I am His servant— My entire meal consists of His foot-dust. Anyone who does not recognise Gora, the worshipable Lord of My life, is rejected by Me. All these low persons are considered averse to Krsna and they are never qualified to serve the deity of Sri Krsna. A son who truly follows the religion of his father is the real son. Such is the verdict of the Vedas.Saying this, Sltanatha eagerly handed the service of the deity of Sri Madana Gopala to Krsna Misra. Thus receiv¬ing Krsna's service, Krsna Misra offered prostrated obeisances to the lotus feet of Prabhu Sltanatha in ecstatic love. He also offered obeisances to the feet of his mother, offering humble praises to her. Sltadvaita then both offered Their blessings to him. Krsna Misra also offered his humble obeisances unto his elder brother Sri Acyuta, who told him: "All glories to your good fortune! Krsna desired to bestow His mercy upon you and He has revealed that wish through His own devotee, just as He previously revealed the Vedas through Brahma." Saying this, Acyuta embraced Krsna Misra.Gopala then said: "Krsna is very merciful— He has bestowed His mercy upon you and benefited our dynasty just as the branches, leaves and flowers of a tree are delighted when the tree's roots are sprinkled. Aho! How fortunate you are!" Then he also embraced his brother Krsna Misra. Krsna Misra also tightly embraced him.The other sons of Advaita, Prabhu Balarama and the powerful Prabhu Jagadlsa, then angrily began to deliberate with each other, carefully brought a deity of Krsna there, installed it with an abhiseka-hathing ceremony and held a great festival with their own followers.