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One day the three Lords  Nitai, Gaura and Sitanatha -desired to play Krsna's toll pastime or Danallla.The beautiful environment of Santipura reminded Them of Gokula Nagara. Advaita Prabhu played Krsna, Srlman Mahaprabhu played Sri Radhika, Nitai Cand played Borai, the gopTs' older governess who accompanied them, Srivasa Thakura and other devotees played the gopTs, and Kamalakanta Visvasa, Gaundasa Pandita played Subala and Narahari played Madhumahgala. Dressing themselves up as the best of dancers, the boys took their cows out to graze. Sri Radhika and Her sakhis dressed and orna¬mented themselves and took pots of dairy wares on their heads. Lalita and Visakha walked up front, followed and flanked by all other sakhis and mahjans. Whoever saw them was astonished and forgot all sorrow. Who can describe the beauty of Santipura? Ganga flows there beautifully as if she is Yamuna. The devotees brought an old boat to the bank of the Ganga and worshipped it with sandalwood paste, vermilion and flower garlands. On the bank of the Ganga, under the shade of a Kadamba-tree, they made a separate altar which they similarly adorned with sandalwood paste, vermilion and flower garlands. Krsna and His cowherd boys went there, playing flutes and bugle horns and tending their cows on the bank of the Ganga. When they saw Sri Radhika and Her friends from afar, approaching with big earthen pots on their heads, they stopped playing on their horns and stood beneath the Kadamba tree.Sri Krsna (Advaita) resembled a fresh monsoon cloud sprinkled by lightning as He stood beneath the Kadamba tree in His threefold bending form, playing His flute, surrounded by His flute playing friends. As Borai approached with Radhika's group, hundreds of sakhas stopped them and said: "Who are you, where are you going, and whose merchandise is that?"The old lady (Nitai) announced: "We are on our way to Mathura to sell our curd, milk and sweet rice!" Subala said:Why have you come here? You must pay tax here to our young prince! There are so many young girls in your company you must pay a separate levy for each of them. Nava Ghanasyama is in charge of this tax office we are just following His orders. If you don't pay your tax we will ransack your merchandise and eat it on the spot.When Borai heard Subala's words she sat down and laughed. Then Krsna came forward, holding His flute and His reed, stared at SrT Radhika and said: "Hear My words, O beautiful girls only after you paid a high price I will let you on My boat to cross (Manas!) Gahga!" Lalita came up to Krsna, laughed and said: "Listen, O son of Nanda! What price do You want? We always come here with our merchandise and never before did we have to pay tax on the boat-ferry! We will pay You four coins a head, and eight for the merchandise. I think it is an outrage, though, that You are squeezing people out like this, since You are already the son of the king of Vraja! Now let us cross at once!" Krsna, however, went up to SrT Radhika and said: "Well, since all of you milkmaids have such heavy breasts and buttocks, I will have to charge you the double amount. It will not be possible for Me to take more than one of you on My worn-out boat at a time! Now pay Me without delay! You wear so many ornaments that My boat will sink if I take you on it." Radha (Gaura) then got into a hand-to-hand fight with Krsna and began to rebuke Nitai, as the older gopi, the governess Borai:


o go borai! thekile visama dam hate

kene anile hetha,kijani amara kotha

ei dam boro dusta

amara abala narl,kore nana caturalT

hasi kohe bata mista


O Borai! Why have you brought Me here, into the hands of this unfair tax collector? He is very naughty! We are just weak women, and He is trying all His charms on us, smil¬ing and speaking sweet words!"


o go borai! e pathe bosila dam kore

emata jdnitam yadi,ghare bosi bed dadhi

mathurate ache kiba kaj?

dadhi takra hoiyajdy,dugdha nasta boro day,

vilamba ndhiko ebe kaja


0 Borai! There is a nasty tax collector on the path! If I had known that I would have sold My yoghurt at home— why should I have gone to Mathura? The curd, whey and milk will turn sour and that will be a great loss to us, so let's not delay!


visama danira hate,thekdila tumi mathe

ucca kuca mage bahu dana

nitamba dekhiyd boro,teracho nayana doro,

dviguna kore tara mdna


You have thrust My head into the hands of this wretched collector He is charging so much for our raised breasts! Seeing our huge buttocks, He fixes His gaze on them and doubles the charge!


teracho nayane cahe,cancala nayane kohe

kiba ache iha mane jani

dani hoile dure roy, eto kabhu danl noy,

asiyd dhcale dhare tani


As He stares at Me like this I know what desires are on His mind. Let this collector stay far from us. This is not a collector at all He has come to grab the end of My sari!


cari kori pay jay,dasapana kohe toy

pasdrera kohe dviguni

avicdra ehi boro,danl hoiyd kore doro

suni mane bhoy ye apanl


I want to pay four coins each, but He says ten, and He doubles the levy on our merchandise as well! This stern tax collector has no consideration at all— the very thought fright¬ens Me.


bhangd naukd ghate dekhi,girite tarangini lakhi

ek bara para nahe sabdre

eke para kore sabe mile vicdre,

sang! tara hdsi more


Seeing that His boat is broken and how high the waves of ManasT Gahga are billowing, He wants to take only one gopT across per time, not all of us. As He considers which one of us to take across He smiles at Me.


suno go borai tumi,pare nd jdibo ami,

tomdre sompibo ddnira hate

yemon anile tumi,  tomdra yogyaho jdni

ehi mora hoy manorathe


"O Borai, listen! I'm not going to cross (with this guy)! I will place you into the hands of this collector instead.As you brought Me here, I consider you to be fit to go with Him this is My desire.


borai hdsiyd bole,bhoy koro kene mone,

dmiho dchi tomdra sdthe

nandera nandana ei,  nutona danl hoy sei,

tomdre dekhite kore sadhe


"Borai replied: Why are You scared? I am here with You. This young collector is the son of King Nanda, who is very eager to see You.


tomdke dgete dhari,  piche jdbo sahacari,

tara piche pasard uthdbe

laguda hdtete kori, ami sob piche coli,

cintd nd koriho kichu ebe


"You will go first, then Your sakhls will go and then the goods. I will go all the way in the back, wielding my stick— now don't You worry about a thing.


e boro sahkata,pasard nahe joto bata

ddna mage adhikdi

tumijadi phiri cdho,   jhdna tabe ndhi deho

bhdviyd dekhinu mone ei


"We're having a great problem— there is not enough merchandise. He may overcharge in tax. If You look back then pretend not to be aware of it. This is what I think and see.When Nanda's son heard these words of Borai, He laughed and offered His obeisances to her with utmost respect. A dilemma will arise when Borai's orders are disobeyed. He will ransack the goods and disrobe the gopls. "Hear me, O Borai! You can happily proceed — I will help you cross the river all together. This young doe-eyed girl has heavy breasts and buttocks — their weight will cause the boat to sink. Leave Her here and pass the toll-booth. I will remain here to guard Her. Don't you worry about a thing." Hearing these words, Rai and Her sakhis went home without crossing the river. Krsna and His chums then encircled the gopfs, took their goods and brought them onto the boat. Then they also seated the beauti¬ful young girls onto the boat, which began to sink to knee-height. All the sakhds and sakhis then joined together for a wanton play within the water, which included the ransacking of the milk and curd. The three Lords (Nitai, Gaura and SItanatha) were in ecstasy, and in the rapture of love They fainted and fell from the boat into the water. The assembled devotees then lifted the three Lords out of the water. The three Lords then sat down and embraced everyone, while Srivasa, Narahari, Murari, Syama dasa, Mukunda and Vaidya Krsna dasa performed kirtana of Gokula's dana lila. After a while the three Lords returned to external consciousness and embraced Each other, weeping without uttering a word. Then They told Each other: "Come, brother, let's go to Vrndavana", and wept. When the assembled devotees heard these words, they became very sad, for they thought that the Lords would soon leave them for Their divine abode. Sensing this, the three Lords returned to external consciousness and roared. Mahaprabhu danced with Nityananda, singing hari hari bol, and keeping His hand on Advaita's head. After thus dancing for a long time, fatigue set in, seeing which Syama dasa fell at Advaita Prabhu's lotus feet and begged Him to stop the kirtana and return home. There he engaged in various servic¬es to relieve the Lord's fatigue.