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After the disappearance of Mahaprabhu, the two remaining Prabhus wept in the great agony of separation from the Lord, in the mood of the Vraja-gopikas when they were separated from Krsna. Sometimes They fasted, sometimes They ate a little, sometimes They spent two to four days drink¬ing only water. Out of separation They were not at all aware of Their bodies and sometimes They loudly called out 'ha gaurangaV They considered one day to last like a hundred ages. Their very sight caused the heart to melt. In this way They passed eight years simply rejoicing with the holy name of Gaurahga.One day Sri Advaita Acarya sat in Santipura, remem¬bering Gaura's attributes in great loving agitation when a let¬ter came from Khardaha, written by Sri Nityananda Acarya, who requested Him to come. Upon receiving that letter Sri Advaita swiftly departed to meet Nityananda in His abode. When Nityananda and Advaita met Each other They embraced Each other in great ecstasy. They were immersed in prerria when They saw Each other. They cried out the name of Gaura and were unconscious for a while. Then They sat down togeth¬er in solitude for a full seven days and nights. No one knows what They discussed for all that time, but on the eighth day Sri Advaita blissfully emerged and met with the other devotees to glorify Gaura's attributes. Nityananda danced in the middle, out of His mind of prema and meditating on Sri Gaurahga's lotus feet. All the mahantas (regional devotee-chiefs) also went out of their minds of prema, and Nityananda seized the opportunity to disappear.

When the mahantas returned to external conscious¬ness they could not find Nityananda anymore, so they searched for Him everywhere. Advaita Prabhu knew all that was happening— He understood that Sri Nityananda had left the phenomenal plane, and began to lament like a madman— 'Alas! Tell Me! Why have You done such a terrible thing? I was already almost dying due to harsh separation from Goracand, but I still managed to survive by looking at Your face. If You also leave Me now then where shall I go?Understanding that Nityananda had gone unmanifest, all the devotees began to weep: "Where is Nityananda?" VIrabhadra, Nityananda's son, rolled about in the dust while SrT Advaita Candra consoled everyone. He organised a great festival, personally writing and sending the invitation-cards. In due course all the mahantas arrived and Khardaha was once again filled with joy. After completing a bath on the day of the festival, all the devotees joined together for sahklrtana.


There were seven kirtana-parties with fourteen mrdahgas, while hundreds of karatalas chimed sweetly. In each of the parties one devotee danced, while Kuvera-nandana (Advaita Prabhu) danced in each of the seven parties.After the kirtana the Vaisnavas became absorbed in relishing topics of SrT Gaurahga's rasika pastimes. VTrabhadra Prabhu then cleaned one place and arranged for three seats there where he placed three offerings of bhoga. Then he requested Sri Advaita, the only remaining Prabhu, to take His seat, saying: "I tell You of one wish I have— please fulfill the wish of this child. Just as the three Lords, Mahaprabhu and the two Prabhus, used to sit and eat together, will You similarly take Your meal at my residence? Thus my otherwise useless eyes will become useful.All the mahantas agreed and Advaita Prabhu went to do the bhoga. First He offered bhoga to Mahaprabhu and then to Nityananda on the Lord's right side. Then He Himself sat down on Mahaprabhu's left side, seeing which all the Vaisnavas sang the holy names of Hari. Prabhu Vfracandra performed the bhoga drati with incense and lamps, while beholding the moon-like faces of the three Lords. With new enthusiasm the mahantas performed kirtana for Gaurahga's bhojana drati.Standing in the middle of the assembly, VTrabhadra raised his arms and said: "Listen to one thing I have to say, O Vaisnavas! Whoever first offers grains to the three Lords before commencing any festival and offers Their maha prasada to the sddhus, brahmanas and Vaisnavas afterwards, has fullfilled his great sacrifice. Although Sri Caitanya, Nityananda and Advaita Gosai are three different persons, They are in fact non-different from Each other. Anyone who considers Them separate will never attain the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya, and without attaining Gaura's mercy no one can attain loving devotion. Thus the precious human birth will be a waste. Whoever does not offer bhoga to the three Lords at the opening of a festival has performed a sacrifice like that of Daksa.He will not reap the fruits of donating grains, his whole sacrifice will be ruined, and he will have to rot in hell as long as the sun and the moon are in the sky." When the Vaisnavas heard VTrabhadra's words, they said: "Yes, yes, quite so!When Advaita Prabhu finished His meal He rose, washed His mouth and chewed betelnuts. VTrabhadra blissful¬ly distributed His prasada to the brahmanas, vaisnavas and sddhus, who felt blessed. After the festival was over, Vfracan¬dra received Advaita Prabhu's order to make arrangements for further celebrations. Yoghurt mixed with turmeric were placed in fresh clay pots, beautified by fresh mango leaves and covered by new sheets. Then they were placed before Advaita Prabhu, who ordered His son Sri Acyutananda to commence an ecstatic kirtana. Thus the devotees of Sri Gaurahga cele¬brated Dadhi Mahgala (throwing the dairy products at each other) by ecstatically dancing in the mood of cowherds of Gokula.


After the festival the devotees returned to their own homes and Advaita Prabhu also returned to Santipura with His followers. When Advaita Prabhu returned home He was very melancholy. He would not utter any other sounds but hare krsna. A few days later a pure Vaisnava came to see Prabhu Sltanatha as He was reading Srimad Bhagavata on His court¬yard. After offering prostrated obeisances unto Prabhu Sltanatha, the Vaisnava told Him that Prabhu Vlracandra had sent him. Vlrabhadra had now reached the age of twenty and was as of yet uninitiated. He considered everyone else but Prabhu Sltanatha unqualified to take initiation from, and came over to Santipura by boat, wanting to take mantra from Advaita Prabhu.However, Advaita Prabhu said: "Vira's intelligence is not pure. This is contrary to the opinion of his own group. Tell him to take initiation from his stepmother Jahnavl Devi." Hearing this order, the Vaisnava returned to Khardaha and told Mother Jahnava of Prabhu Sltanatha's order. Sri Jahnava then sent a sadhu out to bring Vlrabhadra back and gave him initi¬ation. * *y The descendents of Nityananda and Advaita have since then taken initiation from either of their parents. Thus parental love joins hands with the mercy of the Guru and cre¬ates a very powerful spiritual force.Isana Nagara, author of the biographic scripture 'Advaita Prakasa' and one of Advaita Prabhu's first and fore¬most disciples, used to bring water from the Gariga for moth¬er STta to cook with. When he got old his head began to ache from carrying the kolsls (metal jugs) with water on his head,yet he did not complain. "When this body falls (dies) it will be eaten by the worms" he said. Mother STta held his hands and stopped him from continuing his heavy labor. She submitted Isana Nagara's case to Advaita Prabhu, who said: "Yes, he has rendered a lot of service." STta devT then told Isana: "Now you may get married". Isana Nagara replied: "But mother, I am nearly 70 years old— which brahmana will give me a maiden in marriage?" STta devT replied: "By the Lord's wish you will find a maiden. She who will get you for a husband will be blessed."