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One day Advaita Prabhu performed Krsna's arati cer¬emony and performed loud hari nama kirtana with the devo¬tees. Just then one Vaisnava came and told the Lord the latest news from Nadlya. The Vaisnava said: "Nimai has left home, gone to Kantaka Nagara (Katwa) and had His head shaven there. Kesava BharatI has given Him sannyasa and has named Him Sri Krsna Caitanya. SacI Mata is out of her mind of heartache. She fainted and does not know where to go and where not to go. Sometimes she wanders around and loudly cries out: 'ha nimaiV Her sorrow is like a thunderbolt that smashes even a rock. Sometimes she runs here and there like a mad-woman and sometimes she goes to the Gariga-bank to kill herself. The condition of mother Visnupriya is also inde¬scribable. Like a cloud, she inundates the whole world with an unrelenting torrent of tears.Hearing this news, Advaita Prabhu became stunned. Only after three hours He burst into tears. Understanding what was going on, Sita began to weep loudly also and all the other associates of Advaita also floated in an ocean of sorrow and lamentation. In the next three hours Advaita Prabhu began to laugh loudly. Who has the power to understand His conduct? The night had gone, and the dawn of Gaura's loving ecstasy had risen. Then Advaita Prabhu took His intimate devotees separate and told them: "After a long time you may reach the other side of the Pacific Ocean, but You will never reach the end of the ocean of Krsna's mercy. Krsna reveals different pastimes to rescue the conditioned souls and He comes down so deeply to fulfill all His devotees' wishes. All the scriptures say that Krsna is subdued by His devotees' love, and this pas¬time provides full evidence of that." As Advaita Prabhu said that He became overwhelmed by prema. Then He said: "I know all Your tricks— just as an actor maddens his audience by dressing himself in different costumes, You have now accepted the dress of a sannyasi to teach the people." After saying this, Advaita Prabhu regained external consciousness and began loud noma sahklrtana.At this moment Sri Acarya Ratna Mahasaya (Candra Sekhara) arrived in Prabhu SItanatha's house. Seeing him, Prabhu anxiously inquired from him: "Quickly tell Me of the latest developments in Nadlya!Sri Acarya Ratna said: "Listen, Gosai! After taking sannyasa Nimai has come here!" Advaita Prabhu trembled and said: "Where is He staying?" Acarya Ratna said: "He has appeared on the opposite side of the Gahga! He has been fasting for four days in a fit of ecstat¬ic love! Quickly get a boat and bring Him to this side!


When Prabhu Sltanatha heard this news He felt great sorrow and said: "Alas! Alas!" Quickly He fetched a boat and crossed the Gahga. Seeing Mahaprabhu, Advaita came run¬ning to offer His obeisances. When Gaura (who, in His ecsta¬sy, thought He had reached Vrndavana) saw Advaita, He felt great ecstatic love and said: "How amazing! Advaita Acarya has also come to Vrndavana!Hearing this, Prabhu Sltanatha said: "Wherever You are, there is Sri Wraja-dhama. All the scriptures say so. It is My great fortune that You have come to the Gahga-bank." Mahaprabhu said: "Nityananda has cheated Me. He brought Me to the Gahga-bank telling Me it was the Yamuna." Advaita replied: "Sripada Nityananda's words are not wrong. You have actually taken a bath in the Yamuna just now.The Yamuna flows in the Gahga in one current. On the western side the Yamuna flows and on the eastern side the Gahga, and You did take a bath on the western side.Then He offered Mahaprab¬hu a dry kaupin (loincloth, since Mahaprabhu had just taken a Gahga-bath) and took Sri Caitanya and Nityananda along on His boat to His house in Santipura on the other side of the Gahga."You have fasted for three days out of loving ecstasy", Sltanatha said. "Come and take Your first alms in My house and stay there. I have cooked one handful of rice and there are some simple vegetables, dal and spinach." Then He washed the Lord's lotus feet.Seeing Gaurahga's sannyasT-dress, mother Slta felt unlimited agony. Then, with deep concentration she cooked a large amount of fine rice with a lake of cows' ghl' in the mid¬dle, dal, vegetables likePatola and pumpkin, Coi and Kacu (types of carrot), Sukta (a dish with bitter vegetables)   with black pepper, five kinds of Tikta (bitter vegetable-dishes) that defied the taste of nectar, nicely smelling fried eggplants with or without soft fried Nimba-leaves, fried balls of different grains, coconut pulp, fried chickpeas, stems of the banana-tree, large amounts of pumpkin in milk, five kinds of amla (sour dishes), or madhuramla (sour-sweet dishes), mudga bora (mung dal cakes), kala bora (banana-cakes), masa-bora {urd-dal cakes), sweet rice with ghl in clay cups, three plates of condensed milk,milk with flat rice and bananas, dugdha-laklakT (white squash boiled in milk), kslra puli and other sweetmeats,    coconut-cakes,    Carhpa-bananas,    yoghurt, sandesa-sv/eets and divine ambrosial creams. The vegetables were served in pots made of banana-leaves taken from trees that yielded thirty-two bunches of bananas. These pots were very strong and did not slant or waver. All around the three eating places were two rows of fifty pots each, filled with dif¬ferent vegetables. There were three offering-plates, the middle one was a metal plate and the other two were banana-leaves that were also cut from the fruitful trees that yielded more than thirty-two bunches of bananas. She placed Tulasi-manjaris over the preparations and offered them, along with tasty drinks, to Krsna with a joyful heart.


After the offering Advaita Prabhu called the other Prabhus for attendance of arati, after which He told Mahaprabhu: "Please Prabhu, enter into My house." When Prabhu Sltanatha called Mukunda and Haridasa for prasdda, Mukunda declared he had something urgent to do and that he would eat later and Haridasa humbly said.I am a fallen sin¬ner. I will just sit outside of the door and eat a handful there." On Advaita Acarya's request Gaura and Nityananda then sat down on divine seats in the inner chamber, and Sltanatha stood there to serve Mahaprabhu His first bhiksa (alms). Seeing this, Gaura laughed and told Sltanatha: No sacrifice can ever reach perfection without Siva's presence..Advaita laughed and said: "You are the source of Siva. By Your grace all people attain sivatva (auspiciousness)Mahaprabhu said: "Give up Your tricks. Without You I cannot eat anything." Mahaprabhu saw three offerings of food and knew that they were all meant for Krsna. Not knowing about Advaita Acarya's intention He said: "Let Us sit in these three places and take prasdda." Advaita Prabhu said: "I will serve." Mahaprabhu thought that all three plates were meant for distribution, so He asked for another two banana-leaves, saying: "Just give a little rice and vegetables." Advaita Acarya told Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu: "Just sit down here on this seats." Taking Their hands, He seated Them.Mahaprabhu objected: "How can a sannydsl control his senses when he eats all this fancy food?" Advaita Acarya said: "Give up Your clever words and eat. If You cannot finish it, then leave the rest on Your plate." Mahaprabhu: "I cannot eat so much, and a sannydsl is not supposed to leave remnants of his meal." Advaita: "In Nilacala (as Jagannatha) You eat fifty-four times a day, a total of hundreds of kilos so eat without any tricks. I am so fortunate that You came to My house." Saying this, He laughed and poured water over the hands of the two Prabhus before serving Them.Hearing this, Nityananda laughed loudly and said: "O merciful Gaura! Hear Me! Don't give so much respect to this gluttonous brdhmana}. Even if He eats with four hands He won't be able to fill up His belly. Sometimes He stuffs His face as if He is fire itself. No one but Him has access to such mystic potency! For three days I have fasted and I had really hoped to break My fast today. Now We have been invited by this acarya We must fast another day. I cannot fill up My belly even half with this handful of rice.Hearing all this, Sri Advaita laughed and said in lov¬ing anger: "You are a wandering pilgrim and an ascetic, who is sometimes supposed to eat fruits and roots and sometimes supposed to fast. Now You are getting a handful of rice from a poor brdhmana, so be satisfied now and give up Your greed. You assume different forms to eat in different places. Thus You eat through countless mouths, although You are One. Who has the power to fill up Your bellyNityananda replied: "When You invite somebody You should provide as much food as he wants." Hearing Nityananda's words, Advaita Thakura lovingly said: "You are a fallen avadhuta who is dedicated only to filling up his belly. I understand that You only took sannyasa to torment brdhmanas. You are able to eat hundreds of kilos of rice! How can a poor brdhmana like Me provide this? Eat whatever little handful I can provide and then get up— don't be crazy and don't strew around Your remnants.In this way the two men revealed the esoteric truths about Each other and relished hdsya rasa, or the transcenden¬tal mellow of humor and laughter, hearing which Gaura was giggling to Himself. Then,assuming the role of mediator, He said: "You two are comparible in Your eating habits." Hearing this, Advaita Prabhu said in a mood of pure devotion: "Only You are immeasurable. In You alone the innumerable univers¬es are balanced. I don't see any other weighing scale here that could do thejob." In this way Mahaprabhu and the two Prabhus revealed the esoteric truths about Each other through different hints and insinuations.


Mahaprabhu ate only half of each vegetable prepara¬tion and left the rest. Still, Advaita Acarya filled up the miss¬ing halves again. When Advaita Acarya begged Mahaprabhu to eat, the Lord complained: "How much more can I eat?" Advaita Acarya said: "Don't reject what I have given eat at least half of whatever I give You now and leave the other half." In this way Prabhu Sltanatha fed the Lord with plain¬tive requests and great endeavour. The Lord fulfilled Advaita Prabhu's desire and ate.Nityananda, however, complained: "My belly is not even half full. Take Your food with You— I have not eaten anything!" Saying this, He took a handful of rice in His hand and angrily threw it before Him. Two to four grains of rice touched Advaita Acarya's body, which caused Him to dance around gleefully— "The remnants of the avadhuta 's rice have touched My body! Now I have become most purified! This is the fruit that My invitation to You has yielded! You have no caste and You are naturally crazy. You are not even afraid to hit a brahmana with Your jhutdl.Nityananda replied: "This is Krsna's prasa4a\ To con¬sider it jhutd is a great offence! If You feed a hundred sannydsls then You have atoned for this offence." Advaita Acarya said: "Prabhu, I will not invite anymore sannydsls— they destroy My Vedic principles!", and helped the two men wash Their mouths and recline on excellent beds. There He offered Them mouth-refreshers of cloves cardamom-pits, rasavdsa and Tulasl-buds, anointed Their bodies with fragrant sandalwood pulp and hung fragrant garlands on Their hearts (around Their necks). Then Advaita Acarya wanted to mas¬sage Their lotus feet, but this made the Lord embarrassed. Mahaprabhu therefore told Him: "You have made Me dance so much. Now leave Us and take prasdda with Mukunda and Haridasa." Thus Advaita Acarya took Mukunda and Haridasa along and the three men ate whatever they liked.After taking rest the three Lords loudly glorified the power of saintly association. Addressing a crowd from the bal¬cony of Prabhu Sltanatha's house They said: "Listen, every¬body! The company of saints has great natural glories. Saints consider themselves as low as blades of grass and are as toler¬ant as trees. Those who have no desire for honour are always dedicated to doing good. They always give honour to others and always engage in had ndma sahkirtana. Such are the innate characteristics of sddhus. Everybody take shelter of lotus feet of the sddhus, then certainly you will attain the treas¬ure of Your aspirations! Who can understand the purport of the innumerable scriptures? He who is truly wise and learned will mount the chariot that follows the path of the sddhus. The sddhus have accepted the essence of all the scriptures, that reveal the true path, which is easily accessible. A person who follows this path has true vision and he who is averse to this is as if blind. Just as only a diamond is able to cut a piece of glass, and a thread can only be pushed through a needle when there is hole in it, similarly only a person who follows the pathway of the sddhus can cross over the ocean of the materi¬al world, even if he is ignorant. Hence the sages of yore have said that the heart cannot be purified without association with the sddhus. The sddhu has a natural feeling of compassion for all living beings, regardless, and he tracers that saintly nature to the conditioned soul through bis mc*re association. Just as little worms become weevils byfconftantly staying with a weevil, similarly as soon as the sm of sddhu sanga arises, a dirty, ill-behaved sinner will certainly' become a pure and clean saint. Without such association the intricacies of bhakti cannot be understood and devotion tolKrsna cannot arise. Just as a touch-stone turns iron into gold, the company of saints will liberate the conditioned souls forever.


Advaita Prabhu asked Mahaprabhu: "What play are You performing? You have accepted the dsrama of sannydsa, which is extremely dear to advaita-vddls (monists)." Mahaprabhu replied: "Bho Advaita! Do You think that We are not advaita-vddisl After all, We only differ in body and desig¬nation!" Advaita Prabhu: "Why argue with Vag-Isa (the Lord of speech)?" Mahaprabhu: "Listen carefully: Without renouncing everything it is not possible to worship the Lord. That is why I have taken sannydsa. What is the use of monis¬tic conversations? With this rod of sannydsa I just wish to tame the wild animal of My mind!" Advaita Prabhu: "This is all Your deception. You have taken sannydsa to fulfill the pre¬diction of the Visnu Sahasra Nama Stotram, which proclaims: sannydsa-krc chamah sdnto nisthd sdnti pardyanah ("The Lord will be peaceful and equipoised and He will accept the sannyasa-order")As Advaita Prabhu and Srfman Mahaprabhu dis¬cussed this on the balcony of Prabhu Sltanatha's house, the crowd that had gathered on the ground was gazing at the Lord, admiring His beauty as He now wore saffron robes over His golden body, that was more radiant than the sun. They proclaimed their good fortune by saying: "Now we have crossed over the ocean of worldly existence! Now the gate of Yama's world is closed for us! Now we have attained the ripened fruit of human life and of all our penances, sim¬ply by receiving the merciful sidelong glance of the Lord!"In this way the Vaisnavas drowned in an ocean of bliss as they heard the tliree Lords disclosing hundreds of bona fide religious truths. After the crowds had subsided Advaita Acarya had a kirtana commenced in the evening. The Lord watched as Advaita Acarya danced in the embrace of Nityananda Gosai and Haridasa blissfully danced behind Them. Sltanatha bliss¬fully sang the following pada of Vidyapati and everyone danced to it:ki kohobo re sakhi ajuka dnanda ora ciro dinera mddhava mandire mora

"O sakhi\ What can I say about today's ecstasy? After a long time, Madhava is now in My house!" They perspired, trembled, shed tears, shouted and roared, dancing around and around, sometimes attempting to clasp the Lord's lotus feet. Advaita Acarya embraced the Lord and said: 'For so long You have been wandering around like a clown— now I have got¬ten You in My house and I will keep You here!" Then He began to dance.For three hours into the night the Acarya led the sahkirtana. Mahaprabhu became very upset out of loving feel¬ings of separation from Krsna and the waves of this burning love in separation billowed. In a very anxious state of mind, the Lord fell to the ground, seeing which Advaita Acarya stopped the dancing. Understanding the Lord's feelings, Mukunda began to sing an appropriate song. Advaita Prabhu raised the Lord and continued dancing. Hearing the song, Mahaprabhu could not restrain Himself. He shed tears, shiv¬ered, horripilated, perspired, stuttered, sometimes got up, sometimes fell down and sometimes wept. With a sweet voice Mukunda sang the following pada by Candl dasa:


ha ha prdna priya sakhi ki nd hoilo more?

kdnu prema vise mora tanu mana jore

ratri dine pode mana soyasti nd paw

jdhd gele kdnu pdo tdhd urijdw



O heart's girlfriend! What has happened to me? My love for Krsna is like poison that scorches My body and mind. My mind burns day and night and I cannot find any consola¬tion. Wherever I can go to meet Krsna there I will go flying!When Mahaprabhu heard this song His heart broke. Ecstatic warriors like remorse, regret, glee, restlessness, pride and humility battled it out in the Lord's divine body. Due to the blows delivered by these ecstasies, the Lord's body became greatly oppressed and stricken, and the Lord fell to the ground, no more breath coming from His nostrils. When the devotees saw this, they all became greatly worried, but the Lord suddenly got up and roared 'chant! chant!'. Then He began to dance in ecstasy. Those powerful waves of the Lord's ecstasy cannot be understood. Advaita Acarya and Nityananda wandered around dancing, holding the Lord while Haridasa danced behind Them. In this way the Lord joyfully danced for three hours, and as the waves of His ecstatic feelings surged, He sometimes felt happy and sometimes sad.The Lord had become exhausted from this frantic dancing, having fasted for three days and then taken a huge meal. Still, due to His loving ecstasy He did not feel tired at all. Nityananda then held the Lord and Advaita Acarya Gosai had the kirtana stopped. Advaita rendered various services and had the Lord recline. Blessed is the Srlpata known as Santipu-ra, which was purified by the footdust of jagad guru Srlla Madhavendra Purl and which was the place first visited by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu after He took sannyasal Meanwhile, in Navadvlpa, mother Sad had heard from different people that Gaura had arrived in Santipura, so she went there with all other devotees from Navadvlpa. When Sri Caitanya saw His mother He offered prostrated obeisances to her, and when SacI saw the face of her son she wept. Filled with motherly love, her hairs standing up and shedding tears of sorrow, Mother SacI embraced her Nimai and said: "Nimai,it is as if my heart is pierced by a lance when I see You in this dress. Don't be so cruel to me as Your brother Visvarupa was, taking sannyasa so that I can never see You again. This is going to kill me! Have You now renounced the world? Have You gained spiritual experience now? Have You now become the embodiment of bhakti rasal I still see You as the baby that sucked my breasts, though. Now that I've found You I will never leave You again." Gradually the ocean of mother Sacl's sorrow surged, so that all living beings were floating on the waves.


Mahaprabhu said: "O mother of the universe! O mother! This body is yours, for you have reared it from My very birth. I cannot repay My debt to you even in millions of births! No fruit is greater than the fruit of forgiveness that grows from the vine of motherly love! Your causeless love is matchless in this world! Indeed, the Supreme Lord has made you the embodiment of forgiveness!" After Mahaprabhu had spoken topics of great spiritual weight to His mother her lamentation vanished. After she embraced Nimai again, Sltanatha took her inside the house, where she began to cook fragrant fine rice and fried different vegetables, that Gaura liked so much, in ghl Thus Sri Caitanya and His devotees blissfully enjoyed sweet rice that defied the taste of nectar. Advaita busily arranged for food, drinks and shelter for the old, the young and even the dog-eaters that had come to His house to catch a glimpse of Srlman Mahaprabhu.Humbly Advaita Acarya begged Mahaprabhu to stay for two to four days. Mahaprabhu could not refuse the earnest request of Advaita Acarya and desisted from going for the time being. In this way ten days passed in Prabhu Sltanatha's house in great, indescribable bliss. In the daytime Mahaprab¬hu preached the holy name, topk prasada and played different games in the Gahga-water with His devotees, and at night He performed sankirtana with His associate (intimate) devotees.Gaura's devotees went mad of ecstatic love and Santipura was showered by their tears of ecstatic love. Mahaprabhu offered His mother Sacl-devi that, despite His vow of sannyasa, He would stay where she wanted Him to stay , and mother SacI requested Him to stay in Nllacala (Jagannatha Puri), because it is not so far from Bengal. In this way she could regularly receive news on Him.Then, one day, Sri Gaurariga took leave from every¬one, causing the poison of the devotees' sorrow to surge. The burning sensation of that poison caused everyone to flap like fishes out of the water. The devotees tried to stop the Lord from leaving by saying: "At present two neighbouring kings are combating each other in the area. Please stay for as long as it takes them to battle it out." Mahaprabhu said, though: "Let there be any kind of unrest. I will certainly leave now.The house of Advaita Acarya resounded with cries of lamentation. Advaita Acarya wept and followed Mahaprabhu on the way for a long time, with folded hands. Seeing this, Mahaprabhu spoke the following sweet words to Him: "Please console My mother and the devotees if You also become upset no one will survive." Saying this, Mahaprabhu embraced Prabhu Sltanatha. Understanding the Lord's determination, Advaita said with folded hands: "Who can stop You from going? All the obstacles are Your mere servants— who is there that could form an obstacle for You? If it is Your wish to depart for Nllacala, then please do so." Hearing Advaita's words, the Lord became very happy and went off on His auspicious jour¬ney to Nllacala, singing the holy name of Hari like a mad lion.