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Once Sri IsVara Puri, who was called the embodiment of ujjvala rasa (transcendental amorous mellows) by Prabhu Sltanatha, came to Navadvipa. Simply by seeing this topmost Vaisnava, who was most renounced and indifferent, one develŽoped loving devotion. Seeing this powerful sannyasT, Prabhu Sltanatha offered prostrated obeisances unto him and greeted him by saying namo narayana. When he saw Sri Advaita, Isvara Puri thought to himself: "He must be the acarya who caused Krsna's advent." When Advaita Prabhu learned that Sri Isvara Puri was (also) a disciple of Sri Madhavendra Puri, tears of love streamed from His eyes. Then the waves of their krsna-katha surged and they gradually floated on an ocean of nectarean prema. Sometimes they wept, sometimes they laughed, sometimes they fainted, and sometimes they roared like lions. After a while they both regained external conŽsciousness and Prabhu Sltanatha offered a meal to Puriraja. Then Sri Isvara Puri, during his wanderings through Navadvipa, met Sri Gauranga. Later, in Gaya, Sri Isvara Puri, Sri Advaita Prabhu's gwrw-brother, initiated Mahaprabhu in the ten-syllable Gopala-manta.