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When Gauri dasa Pandita installed his famous Gaura-Nitai deities at Ambika Kalna, he went to Prabhu Sitanatha for advice on the installation. He offered his obeisances unto Sltanatha's lotus feet and Prabhu Sitanatha inquired about his welfare. "O My child, why have you come here?", He asked him, and Gaurldasa told Him the whole story from beginning to end. Sitanatha said: "My child, you are very fortunate, for you have carved a deity of Gaura and Nityananda. It will be My fortune to install Them, go and prepare the proper ingre¬dients.Hearing this, Sri Acyuta spoke with folded hands: "O Prabhu, grant me permission to go to Ambika. Please tell me in truth which mantras to use for meditation and formal wor¬ship (dhyana and puja), without hiding anything from me. Sitanatha laughed and said: "I don't know whether you know, but Krsna has Personally advented Himself in the land of Nadlya, covering His whole body with Radha's bodily com¬plexion, just as a person appears different when he covers himself with a garment. Thus the meditation on Gaura is per¬formed with Gopala's 10-syllable mantra. Worship Radha as the covering of Krsna and your worship will be successful without a doubt. Nityananda must be worshipped with Narayana-manfra — thus your worship will reach perfection and you will become very happy.When Sri Acyutananda heard this, he humbly submit¬ted to his father: "I will certainly act according to Your order, but the learned Narahari Sarakara, the resident of Khancla, who is a pitcher full of prema, who is counted amongst Sri Caitanya's most intimate devotees and who is said by the sadhus to be an eternal associate of Krsna, told me a different opinion on worshipping Gaura. O Prabhu, tell me, why is that?Advaita Prabhu replied: "In Sri Krsna Caitanya's ocean of love everything is possible. One worships according to one's own brand of devotion. Krsna has made a firm prom¬ise to His devotees that He will worship them according to the way they worship Him." When Sri Acyutananda heard this he went mad of ecstatic love and left for Ambika Kalna in the company of Gaurl das Pandit, where they installed the two deities in a grand ceremony.