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One day, as Mahaprabhu blissfully sat in Nllacala, Sri Advaita came before Him and offered His obeisances. Gaurahari smiled and asked Advaita: "Tell Me, O Acarya, where do You come from and what have you been doing?" Advaita said: "I have seen Lord Jagannatha, and then I have come to see You." Mahaprabhu said: "Tell Me, what did You do after seeing the beautiful face of Jagannatha?" Advaita said: "First I saw Jagannatha and then I circumambulated Him five or seven times." Hearing of the circumambulation, Mahaprabhu laughed and said: "You are defeated, defeated!" Advaita Acarya said: Through what have I been defeated? First show Me the signs and then defeat Me.Mahaprabhu said: "The sign of Your defeat lies in the way You performed the circumambulation. Whenever You walked behind the deity You did not see Him, but whenever I see Jagannatha My eyes don't waver off anywhere. Whether I go to the right, to the left, or I circumambulate Him all togeth¬er, I don't see anything else but Lord Jagannatha's face." Advaita Gosai then folded His hands and said: "In this way everyone is defeated by You. No one in the three worlds but You is able to do this, I tell You in truth! O Lord, only You can do this, and only in this I accept defeat from You.Hearing this, all the Vaisnavas created a tumult of chanting the holy name of Hari. In this way all the Lord's words were amazing and wonderful, but He always loved Advaita in all respects.