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Just as Advaita was getting all ecstatic about His glo¬rious son, and danced about with him, Sri Gaurasundara arrived in His house with His associates. When Advaita saw the beloved Lord of His heart appearing in His house He fell flat before the Lord like a rod. Roaring the holy name of Hari, Sri Advaita forgot His physical existence in loving ecstasy. All the women chanted jaya jayal and Advaita's abode was at once filled with ecstatic love. Mahaprabhu embraced Advaita and showered Him with His tears of love. Acarya Gosai took the Lord's lotus feet on His chest and began to weep, forget¬ting the external world. The surrounding devotees wept amidst this wonderful display of ecstatic love.After a while Advaita Mahasaya calmed down and offered a seat to Mahaprabhu. Mahaprabhu sat down on an excellent seat and His associates surrounded Him. Nityananda and Advaita embraced Each other and were very happy and amused to see Each other again. The devotees offered their obeisances to Advaita Acarya, who lovingly embraced them in return. Who else but Vedavyasa could describe the ecstasy that thus surged in Advaita's house? Advaita's son Acyuta at once came to Sri Caitanya's lotus feet and offered his obeisances to them, and Sri Gaurasundara embraced him and showered him with His tears of love. Mahaprabhu could not let go of Acyuta.who himself had as if entered into His chest. Seeing the mercy bestowed on Acyuta, all the devotees wept and embraced him with love. No one is as dear to Sri Caitanya as Acyuta. He is the very life of Nityananda and he is the leading disciple of Sri Gadadhara Pandita. Everyone called him the qualified son of Advaita— so father, so son. In this way Advaita and His fam¬ily drowned in a pool of bliss by having Mahaprabhu as their personal guest. On Advaita's requested Sri Caitanya remained in His house for a few days, enjoying His klrtana pastimes. When Acarya Gosai had the Lord of His life in His house no one knew where He was out of ecstasy.Becoming somewhat calm again, the wise Advaita had people sent to Mother Sad. To speed things up, He sent the messenger by palanquin. When Mother SacI arrived, Advaita Acarya asked Mahaprabhu for permission, so that she could cook Him a feast. Thus she cooked an endless variety of the Lord's favorite .sa&a-preparations, placed them in the dining room and placed Tulasl-leaves on them. The Lord and His associates entered the room and partook of all the delicacies with great relish, sitting on a very nice sitting mat that His mother had spread out for Him in the middle of the room..According to Caitanya Bhagavata, a leper brahmana then entered the dining hall, offering prostrated obeisances and crying of distress. Mahaprabhu at once chased him away, telling him that his verysight was a sin. Mahaprabhu knew that the man was an offender of the great Vaisnava Srivasa Pandita, so He refused to pardon him, but told him that his agony was well deserved, and it was only the beginning of a hellish condition, and that only if he begged forgiveness to Srivasa Pandita himself he could be redeemed. The devotees loudly applauded Mahaprabhu's judgement and instructions and the leper went off to Srivasa Pandita, who forgave him in his great natural grace.


In this way Sri Gaurasundara spent a few days in Santipura in paramount bliss. Then by the working of Providence the time came to celebrate the holy day of Srila Madhavendra Puri's memory. Although there is no difference between Madhavendra and Advaita, still Advaita Acarya Gosai was Madhavendra Puripada's disciple. Madhavendra Puri's devotion to Visnu was indescribable. By Krsna's grace He was always filled with devotion. Even before Mahaprabhu descended He was so ecstatically in love with Krsna that he sometimes did not even notice that his clothes had fallen off. Simply by seeing a blackish cloud he would faint of ecstatic love. Ever since they met, Sri Advaita Prabhu had been cele¬brating Madhavendra Puripada's appearance day, abandoning all other duties out of ecstasy. Sri Gaurasundara and His asso¬ciates were also very happy when this holy day came about. There was no end to the number of arrangements and decora¬tions Acarya Gosai made for the occasion. People came from different directions with different decorations, all feeling great love for Madhavendra Puripada, and mother SacI took the responsibility for the cooking on herself..With endless satisfaction, Nityananda took the right to worship the Vaisnavas. Some devotees said: "I will grind san¬dal wood", others said: "I will string garlands", others said: "I will fetch water" others said: "I will clean the place", and others said: "I will wash the feet of all the Vaisnavas", while others hung up multi-colored canopies and flags. Some took charge of the storehouse, some brought foodstuffs, again oth¬ers performed sanklrtana, whereas others danced in ecstasy. Some sang the holy name of Hari, some blew conchshells or struck bells and gongs, whereas others became the priests who performed ritual worship of this sacred day In this way all the devotees performed all duties in paramount glee. No other sounds could be heard than: "Eat", "drink", "Take", "Give" or "Hari". A huge tumult of conches,

bells, mrdanga-dmms and cymbals filled the Mandira along with sounds of sahkirtana. Everyone was out of his wits of topmost ecstasy as Advaita Bhavan (the house of Advaita) became like Sri Vaikuntha.


Mahaprabhu wandered all over the place and was most satisfied about all the arrangements being made. In two or four rooms He saw mountains of rice and firewood stacked, and in five rooms He saw huge cooking pots. In two or four rooms He saw dal, in five to seven other rooms He saw various kinds of garments, in ten to twelve rooms He saw banana-leaf-plates and in two to four rooms He saw flat rice. He saw thousands of bananas, coconuts and betelnuts, coming from who knows where. Innumerable rooms were filled with patola (a vegetable shaped like a cylinder tapering at both ends), aubergines, thoda (banana tree stem), potatoes, sak (spinach) and mana (a kind of edible root), milk, yoghurt, sweet rice, cane sugar, lentils with sprouts, vessels with oil, salt and guda (cane sugar). When Mahaprabhu saw all the super-human arrangements He became filled with astonishment and He said time and again: "Such opulence is not human. I think that Advaita Acarya is Mahesa (Siva). Is such opulence* possible with human beings? It is only possible in Mahadeva (Siva). I understand that Advaita Acarya is the incarnation of Mahesa.In this way Mahaprabhu used a pretext to reveal the truth about Advaita Prabhu. Anyone who is virtuous will be most ecstatic to hear this. To he who disrespects or disbelieves these words, though, Sri Advaita is the incarnation of the fire-god. Although Advaita is as cool as millions of moons, to those who are averse to SrT Caitanya He is like the fire of destruction (launched by Siva). Anyone who utters the name of Siva even once is at once purified from all sins— this truth is proclaimed by the Vedas, the Bhagavata and all other holy books. Anyone who is unhappy to hear the name of Siva will float in an ocean of inauspiciousness. Krsnacandra Himself says: "How can he who worships Me without worshipping Siva, but who instead disrespects My dear Siva, be performing bhakti to Me? Hence first Sri Krsna must be worshipped and then Siva. Thus all the gods are worshipped:


prathamam kesavam pujya tatha deva mahesvaram

pujanlya maha bhaktya ye cdnye santi devatah


The sddhus say that that selfsame Siva is now Advaita Prabhu, and Sri Caitanya Candra indicates the same. Fools who argue about this will perish, for they do not understand Advaita's pastime.When Mahaprabhu saw all the new garments and other arrangements, He was very happy and He constantly praised Advaita Acarya for it. After seeing all arrangements He returned to the place where the kirtana was taking place. As soon as the Lord arrived at the kirtana-place all the devo¬tees became most ecstatic. Who knows who was dancing and singing where? Who knows who was running all over the place in paramount bliss? Everyone chanted jaya jayal and hari haril, and nothing else could be heard but bol haribolo.The bodies of all the Vaisnavas were decorated with sandalwood pulp and their beautiful chests were decorated with clusters of garlands. All of them were Mahaprabhu's chief associates, who were dancing and singing in front of the Lord. The tumult of sri hari sahkirtana arose in topmost ecsta¬sy, purifying all the innumerable universes. The greatly pow¬erful Nityananda frantically danced in an ecstatic loving child¬like mood, and Advaita Acarya Gosai danced endlessly in great ecstasy. Thakura Haridasa danced profusely and every¬one else also joined the dance in great joy. Finally Mahaprab¬hu Sri Gaurasundara also danced elaborately. All the Lord's associates danced before Him and He danced behind. Then the devotees danced around the Lord in a circle and Mahaprabhu Sri SacTnandana danced in the middle.In this way they danced and sang all day. Finally Mahaprabhu sat down and told everyone to do the same. Finally Advaita Acarya begged permission to make all arrangements for prasada. Mahaprabhu sat down to eat like the full moon, surrounded by all His star-like devotees. To worship Madhavendra Purl, mother SacI had prepared divine rice, many kinds of cakes and vegetables. As Mahaprabhu took prasada He continuously told all the devotees about Madhavendra Purl's glories, saying: "Whoever honors prasada on the appearance day of Madhavendra Purl will attain devotion to Govinda.In this way the Lord enjoyed His prasada. Then He sat down to wash His mouth and Advaita came and placed trays with divine perfumes, sandal wood pulp and divine garlands before Him. With great love the Lord then offered Nityananda sandalwood pulp and garlands. After that He single-handedly offered the same articles to each of the other devotees, who were in paramount ecstasy, receiving this great mercy from the Lord's very own hands. They all loudly began to chant the holy name of Hari. Who can describe the ecstasy of that moment? There was no limit to Advaita Prabhu's ecstasy.since the Lord of Vaikuntha was a guest in His house!