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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ishana Nagara > Glories of Advaita Acharya > MAHAPRABHU'S SECOND VISIT TO SANTIPURA AS A SANNYASI



Once while He was staying in Nllacala, Mahaprabhu decided to travel to Vrndavana, but the journey was thwarted. He came as far as Kanai Natasala in West Bengal, and during this trip He stayed in Prabhu Sitanatha's house in Santipura for about four days. When Advaita Prabhu saw Mahaprabhu arriv¬ing, He became overwhelmed with ecstatic love, and He roared and danced frantically, constantly exclaiming: "How fortunate I am today!" The love of Mother Slta is indescrib¬able— she showered Gora's whole body with a Gahga-stream of her tears. Amongst the greatly powerful sons of Slta, three were most prominent Sri Acyuta, Krsna Misra and Sri Gopala dasa. Mahaprabhu was very happy with their saintly conduct. Their hearts are eternally given to Gaura, and when they saw Him they bathed in the nectar of prema. When they loudly sang they defeated the singing of the Gandharvas and sometimes they wandered around, roaring in a frenzy of prema. Stretching out Their arms, Gaura and Nityananda danced, while the devotees performed a great nama sanklrtana.Mother Slta cooked ambrosial dishes and the three Lords took Their devotees along to honour it. The ecstasy was indescribable— only the most fortunate could get that maha prasada. When Mother Saci heard the auspicious news of Sri Gauranga's arrival, she blissfully came to Santipura. When He saw His mother, Gora offered His prostrated obeisances unto her and Sad devl affectionately took Him on her lap. The lotus-like hearts of the devotees were filled with the feelings of mother Yasoda, who took Krsna on her lap when she met Him at Kuruksetra.Who can remain calm after seeing such a pastime? Everyone's heart was attracted to the water of that ocean of prema.Mother Saci then cooked different kinds of vegetables and all other dishes that Sri Gauranga loved so much, like batuya saka, laun (bottle gourd in milk), sweet rice and cakes that defeated the taste of nectar. Sri Krsna Caitanya then sat down to eat, with Nitai sitting on the right and the fortunate Sri Advaita sitting on the left. Mahaprabhu said: "This saka is matchless!", while Nityananda said: "It would be nice if We got a little more." Advaita Prabhu then told Nityananda: "Your love for the fallen is like the current of the Ganga (flowing towards the lowlands)." Nityananda replied: "Your head is always raised. How can it ever see the low? It only sees ele¬vated things." The three Lords then laughed— only the most fortunate understood Their exchanges. Mother Saci gradually increased the quality of her devotional service and thus there was a great festival in Advaita Prabhu's house every day. During that stay Mahaprabhu bestowed His mercy on Srila Raghunatha Dasa GosvamI, a prasisya (grand-disciple) of Prabhu Sltanatha, whose bhajana astonished all the sadhus. The waves of fragrance that emanated from the wish-yielding sandal-tree named Gaura easily destroyed the poison of sensu¬al cravings within his heart. Indeed, even Mahaprabhu praised His renunciation.After a while Sri Caitanya said: "I will now go to Vraja." However, He did not succeed on that occasion. After a while He returned to Santipura, where He stayed for a few more days and increased the ecstasy of prema. Advaita Prabhu organised great festivals there and Gora saw His mother Saci . there once more. After that He departed for the south, return¬ing to Nilacala.