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On the second attempt Mahaprabhu managed to reach Vraja, but in Santipura Sri Acyutananda found the separation from the Lord intolerable. Wandering around like mad, he roared out the name of Sri Gaurahga, or "Where is Gora? Where is my heart's Goracahd?" Knowing His beloved devo¬tee's tribulation, Sri Gaurahga attracted him by calling him: "Come, come! Come!" Sita's son then travelled from Santipu¬ra to Vraja over the mystical path of a yogi The path from Santipura normally takas many days to travel, but Acyuta came to Gora on the flower-chariot of His order. This is not astonishing, for everything is possible for Krsna and Krsna's devotees, who are endowed with inconceivable potencies.Seeing Gaurahga, Acyuta loudly said: "Are Gora! You have come to this distant place, taking my life airs with You. You have left bhakti-vraja (Navadvlpa) to come to gopl vraja (the actual Vra)a-mandala)\ Will You return to bhakti vraja or will You merge with goplprema (here in Vraja)? Although srl gopT vraja is eternally blissful, it is crowned by bhakti vraja. For Your sake Sri Yasoda and other Vraja-people have appeared in Navadvlpa. In what mood have You come to this void gopl vrajal I have come to You to find out about this.Sri Gaurahga said: "You are the topmost devotee, who sees Sri Krsna in all living entities, and in loving ecstasy you say so many things to a madman. You are calling the place of Radha-Krsna's eternal pastimes void?!" Sri Acyuta said: "To fulfill what desire have Radha-Krsna now united? That divine form which is not even seen by gods like Ananta, has now manifest before my eyes through unlimited good fortune. Still, if I committed a great offence by saying that Vrndavana is void, then please forgive Me with Your own glories.Gora said: "Krsna's nitya siddha bhaktas see Radha-Krsna everywhere and Krsna considers them dearer than His own life. He will never take any offence from such a person. You are such an eternally perfect devotee of Krsna, in whose company prema is ignited within Me." Sri Acyuta said: "Your orders are as great as the Vedas and You bestow Your grace on the conditioned souls without distinction. By Your own grace You speak so humbly, and those who know Your glories prac¬tise pure devotion. I am so insignificant— I don't know the essence of things at all. I only know that I am most fortunate to get the shelter of Your lotus feet.Gora said: "You have deep love for Krsna and the con¬ditioned souls are very fortunate if they can touch your body." Saying this, Sri Caitanya held Acyuta, firmly embraced him and lovingly sang hari hari\ Sri Acyuta was overwhelmed by love of Gaura and he danced like mad in the mood of a sakhl. This reminded Sri Caitanya of Sri Radhakunda and in loving ecstasy He began to ask everyone: "Where is Radhakunda?


The people of Vraja said: "Nobody knows that." When Gora heard this He fainted on the spot. Seeing this mahd bhdva exhibited by Gaurariga, Acyuta shouted the names of Radha-Krsna as tears flowed from his eyes. Hearing Radha's holy name, Gora got up and roared, weeping: "Where is Radhakunda?" Sri Acyuta said: "Ohe Sri Krsna Caitanya! Hear from me about the esoteric truths of Radhakunda." Gora said: "You are an eternal associate of Krsna, and the transcen¬dental holy places are all manifest to you." Sri Acyuta: "I offer my respectful obeisances unto Your compassion. You always increase the glories of Your devotees. You decided to reveal these two great holy places and to show the omniscience of Your devotees. Kundesvari Radha's pond has inconceivable power and the same thing counts for Syamakunda. Even Ananta and other gods do not reach the limits of these two ponds, what to speak of an insignificant fool like me? Know me to be like a wooden doll that dances according to Your wish. Your dear Gadadhara Pandita GosvamI, who is a store¬house of prema, is my instructor. My father has proclaimed Him to be Sri Radhika's own body. By associating with Him one attains devotion to Krsna. He was so kind to tell me these words and I am just transmitting them. I myself do not know what is right or wrong."Sri Radhakunda is the place where Kundesvari Radha eternally resides. You can see that with Your own eyes. Who knows the limits of Sri Radhakunda's glories? All the holy waters reside there without any distinction. All the holy waters wash the sins off the sinners, but they themselves must carry these sins on. However, these sins are destroyed when sadhus visit these holy places, hence the Vedas call the sadhus the purifiers of even the holy places. Radhakunda represents Krsna's transcendental potency, an eternally perfect transcen¬dental powerhouse. Simply by remembering Sri Radhakunda,all sins are destroyed and simply by speaking of her, faith in sandtana dharma (the eternal religion of Veda) increases. Simply by seeing Sri Radhakunda the sprout of devotion comes out and simply by touching her, loving devotion awak¬ens. By bathing in the water of the kunda devotion to Krsna is certainly attained and one who leaves the body on the bank of Radhakunda will attain Krsna's devotional service. Who can describe the innumerable glories of Sri Radhakunda? Now hear of some of the concomitant attributes:"All the siddha persons who live on the bank of the kunda weep as soon as they hear the holy name of RadhaKrsna. Merely by seeing Sri Radhakunda all afflictions are destroyed  the material world is forgotten and joy increases within the mind. Its sweet water is just like natural medicine and one who drinks it or bathes in it enjoys a long life-span and remains free from disease.


Sri Radhakunda is embraced by the transcendental Sriman Syamakunda and is as dear to Krsna as Radhakunda. Sri Nanda-nandana is eternally present there and one who sees the kundas will perceive the very form of Krsna. Even Ananta does not know the glories of these two ponds. Anyone who drinks this water or bathes in it will attain Radha-Krsna.Saying this, Sri Acyuta offered his obeisances unto Gaura, who embraced him tightly in loving ecstasy and told him: "After hearing the glorification of Sri Radhakunda today, I consider My body, life-airs and mind blessed." Saying this, Gora entered into a trance of maha bhava. Then He arrived at Radhakunda, which was practically lost to sight. Sri Krsna Caitanya told Advaita Acarya's son: "Behold this Radhakunda's characteristics. Although this great holy water is practically lost to sight, still all mental anguish is destroyed by seeing it. Why is My ecstasy suddenly increasing?" Saying this, the Lord roared out the holy name of Sri Radha, hearing which all the animals and birds began to weep out of ecstatic love, just like Krsna's topmost devotees. First of all the holy name of Sri Radha causes eternal transcendental bliss, and on top of that it was filled with true love by emanating from Sri Gaura's lotus mouth. Why would prema not manifest in their hearts after they heard this sound? All mobile and immobile creatures shed tears of ecstatic love.Sri Caitanya said: "Look, O son of the Acarya! Hearing the holy name of Sri Radha, all living beings devel¬oped prema. This must surely be Radhakunda! There is no doubt about it! And that cavity which it embraces is Syamakunda! Aho! How fortunate I am that I got the vision of £ri Radhakunda! This inconceivable divine vision is attained in the company of the sadhus.Saying this, Mahaprabhu became absorbed in the nec¬tar of prema. Then the omniscient Lord jumped into the water. After immersing into Radhakunda He went into Syamakunda and after bathing in Syamakunda He again went into Radhakunda. After completing His bath Gora took some clay from the kunda and anointed His entire body with it in ecstat¬ic love. With deep love Gaurahari offered a hundred prostrat¬ed obeisances to the kundas and offered various choice prayers unto them.Seeing this, Sri Acyuta went mad of ecstatic love. Wandering all over the place, he roared: "This is that tran¬scendental kunda\" Mahaprabhu, in the mood of Kundesvari Radha, loudly wept: "Where is the Lord of My life?" Sometimes He trembled, sometimes He got stunned and some¬times He laughed loudly. Sometimes He roared, sometimes He danced and sometimes He spoke humble words. Gradually the billowing waves of the great ocean of prema surged and Sri Caitanya fainted and fell to the ground. Seeing Gauranga's body motionless, Sri Acyuta said: za ha prana gauraV and wept incessantly. After a while Slta-suta Acyuta calmed down somewhat and he gravely chanted hari hari. After a long peri¬od Gora regained consciousness and began to dance, saying: "I have attained Radhakunda! These two kundas, that belong to these Two (Radha-Krsna) have met each other and come out in the open to bestow their mercy in the darkness of Kali.Gauracandra then took Acyuta by the hand and cir¬cumambulated the kundas, reciting the maha. mantra. Sri Acyuta offered hundreds of prostrated obeisances to the kunda and then bathed in them in loving ecstasy. Seeing his enthusi¬astic devotion and hearing his humble prayers, Gora sat down at the base of a tree and calmed down somewhat.

Gauranga said: "Acyuta, due to your glorious associa¬tion Radhakunda was so kind to manifest itself." Acyuta said:


Why do You make me an offender? I am always surrendered to Your lotus feet. You perform extraordinary pastimes in each age, recovering the lost holy places to save the conditioned souls. This prema and this kunda were concealed for a long time, but now Radhakunda has manifest itself by its own grace." Hearing this, Mahaprabhu said: "You exaggerate My glories. That you have from your father— I don't like it. Krsna is the only master and everyone else is His servant. A person who considers a;fra-soul to be God destroys himself.Acyuta said: "It is the nature of these pastimes of Yours that You conceal the glorious truth about Yourself with all kinds of humble statements. Just as the sun cannot be concealed by the clouds Krsna cannot hide Himself during His manifest pastimes." After saying this, Acyuta chanted the holy name of Hari, and Gora said: "Only the holy name is true. Give up all other topics.Sri Acyuta said: "Through unlimited good fortune I have attained the nam! (the bearer of the holy name)". Then he wept and clasped Gora's lotus feet. Then Gora, the ocean of mercy, revealed His grace and showed Acyuta His dual siddha form: Sri Krsna, the king of full rasa (transcendental flavours), with Sri Radha, the embodiment of mahd bhdva, on His left side. Seeing these two eternal transcendental persons before him, Sri Acyuta became overwhelmed by feelings of prema, offered prostrated obeisances and offered praises with many different self-composed verses.Gora said: "Why are you praising Me?" Then Sri Acyuta saw Gora again in His form of a sannyasl and said: "You have concealed Your form in that (complexion) of Radha. When You are served, Radha-Krsna's service is accom¬plished." Saying this, he took Gaura's lotus feet and placed them on his head. Gora said: "You are krsna prema cakravartl, the emperor of love for Krsna. Wherever you look you per¬ceive Radha-Krsna", and embraced him.  Sri Acyuta then began to dance in loving ecstasy. When the people learned about the existence of the kundas they became purified as they bathed in it, drank the water or just looked at it.Then Mahaprabhu continued to Giri Govardhana and when He saw the mountain of Krsna's play He went beside Himself of ecstatic love. When He regained consciousness He said: "Ohe best of mountains! I understand that you have become emaciated in Krsna's absence." Then again He said: "But how amazing! Alas! Alas! I smell Krsna's bodily fra¬grance on your body! Come and I will embrace you! Thus I will soothe My scorching heart! Perhaps I will meet My heart's lover in this way!" Saying this, Sri Caitanya stretched out His arms and came running to embrace Giri Govardhana. Sometimes He fell, sometimes He got up, not knowing where to go and where not to go. Then He circumambulated the mount, singing the holy name of Hari. Gora's prema is extraordinary and His pastimes are inconceivable. By distrib¬uting the nectar of His mercy He rescued the conditioned souls.Sri Acyutananda was absorbed in ecstatic love— sometimes he wept, sometimes he danced and sometimes he rolled over the ground. Then Gaurahga wandered through all the sacred forests of Vraja. When He beheld the place of the Rasa-dance His prema surged. In His ecstasy of mahd bhdva He visualised how Krsna left the Rasa-circle and then He wept and wandered around, reciting the Gopi Gita1 Sometimes He imitated the pastimes of Radha-Krsna, sometimes He sang songs and sometimes He danced. Gaurahga's prema is like a great ocean— even Ananta cannot describe it. Although Gaura had no desire to leave Vraja, He still did so on the request of His devotees, with tears streaming from His eyes.