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From that moment on Mahaprabhu entered into anoth¬er consciousness— Sri Radha's divine madness inspired Him. Weeping out 'O Lord! O krishna!' He was so much in ecstasy that He did not know whether it was day or night. This great¬ly frightened the devotees. One day Gora went to see Lord Jagannatha in the temple. As He entered the temple He cried out: 'O Lord!', but as soon as He had entered the gate of the temple closed of itself. This greatly scared the devotees. After some time the gate opened by itself and everyone understood that Gaurahga had disappeared from this world,

Although Lord Caitanya is spiritually never unmani-fest to His devotees, they lamented greatly upon His disap¬pearance as people normally do. Their sorrow was like the powerful fire that Siva spreads to destroy the world, scorch¬ing the hearts, minds and bodies of all the people.Meanwhile in Santipura, Advaita Prabhu, in an extraordinary absorption in bhava, could understand within His mind that Mahaprabhu had become unmanifest. Thus He entered into a state of divine madness, losing all external con¬sciousness, and cried out: "Nimai! Nimai!" Sometimes He called out: "Nimai! Come and take Your books! Quickly recite— I have many things to do at home!" Sometimes He said: "I know all Your tricks! By whose feelings have You become golden, tell Me?" Sometimes He said: "Nimai, stay in

My house— Mother SacI will suffer too much if You go to another region." Sometimes He said: "You are the supervisor of Fate — in the age of Kali You have become the father of the sanklrtana movement", and sometimes He said: "You have hidden the secrets of Vraja in Vraja. What a trick You played — although I sought it, I could not find it!In this way Prabhu Sltanatha spoke incoherently out of ecstasy. Only after a long while He regained external con¬sciousness and He roared out the holy names had hariV Everyone thought that Prabhu had become sick inside (crazy). Who can understand His maha bhava-ecstasyl Only the pure devotees can understand it within themselves.One day Sltanatha sat outside of His house, calling out the holy names hare krishna with a happy heart, when a resident of Jagannatha Purl came by. When Prabhu Sltanatha saw him He respectfully seated him. Shedding tears He eagerly inquired about Lord Gaurahga's welfare. The Vaisnava said: "Have You heard the news of Lord Caitanya? It is said that He has become unmanifest." Hearing this, Prabhu Sltanatha saw the whole world as void. Crying out: "Now I understand! Now I understand!", He fainted. After a long time He regained con¬sciousness. The number of ecstatic moods the Lord went through are innumerable. Sometimes He became stunned, sometimes He roared, sometimes He rolled over the ground and sometimes He cried out gora gorav Hearing her husband weeping, Slta-devI came run¬ning, and when she heard why He wept she also fainted. After a long time mother SM regained consciousness and she con¬stantly wept the holy name of Sri Caitanya. Sri Acyuta wept, krishna dasa wept and Gopala dasa wept in despair. These three are STta's leading sons. These three pure devotees had surren¬dered their hearts to Gaura, and their lamentations cannot be described. That day and night passed without Advaita Prabhu being externally consciousness. Out of sorrow the Acarya and


His family fasted, and the next day Advaita Prabhu organised a grand festival to which He invited many brahmanas and devotees and distributed mountains of food, garments and money to hundreds of poor people. The whole of Santipura floated on the pure Gaiiga-water of ambrosial harinama sanklrtana. An ocean of love thus surged, and all the villagers, along with their relatives, floated on its waves.From that day on Prabhu Sltanatha, Who is maha yogesvara or Siva, the great king of mystics, unremittingly began to meditate on Sri Gaurahga's form. Sriman Mahaprab-hu appeared to Advaita in a visionary dream and told Him: "O Nadha, don't suffer because of My absence. I have come to Your house, being attracted to Your love for Me—You will see Me in the form of krishna Misra's son. A while later You will also get Prabhu Nityananda Cand in Your house in the form of krishna Misra's second son. Your son krishna dasa, who is as dear to You as Your own life-airs, in whose heart I always sport and who is My eternal devotee, is ever engaged in My devotional service. I will appear again just to fulfill his desire.Prabhu Sltanatha was amazed to have such an aston¬ishing dream, and on the very same day krishna Misra Gosvami had a son who looked exactly like the world-enchanting Sri Gaurahga. When Advaita Prabhu saw the handsome appear¬ance of His first grandson, He was immersed in ecstasy. This embodiment of prema was named Raghunatha. Tears flowed from his eyes when he heard about Gaura's attributes.Then, in due course of time, on krishna's Dola Purnima (Holi), krishna Misra Prabhu had a second son, an ocean of mercy who was the exact image of Prabhu Nityananda. Prabhu named this child, who always spoke about Gaurahga's glories, &ri Dola Govinda. When the devotees heard about this, they lovingly resounded the holy name of Hari.