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One day Mahaprabhu read His commentary on Srimad Bhagavata to Acyuta, and Sri Acyuta said: "This is the best of all Bhagavata-commentaries. Now there is no more need for the commentaries of Sridhara SvamI and others. This com¬mentary is greater than the essence of all other commentaries." Hearing this, Sri Krsna Caitanya told Acyuta: "Hide the exis¬tence of this commentary, for its existence will diminish the glories (the commentaries) of many (other) sadhusl Heed My order." Hearing this, Acyuta was amazed and said: "My heart breaks when I hear this order. The commentary You made is the king of devotion; the verses are a storehouse of rasa at every step! By prohibiting the broadcast of such devotional commentaries You have shown Yourself as an ocean of mercy today." Saying this, Acyuta wept out of ecstatic love, and Gora sprinkled him in return with His tears of love.