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One day Sitzdevi, the mother of the universe, whose heart is totally given to Gaura, had hidden some Campa bananas, that are very dear to Gauranga, away for His future enjoyment. While mother Slta was out for a bath in the Ganga, her son Krsna Misra came in (hungry) and found the house empty. After a search, the child, who is an eternal servant of Krsna, found the Campa bananas and thought to himself: "Mother has kept these bananas to offer them to Gaura. If I eat them I will commit an offence to the Lord.Then again he thought:I will first offer them and then eat them.When it has become Gauranga's prasada there will be no fault." Thinking like this, he first pronounced the one-syllable mantra om, followed it up with gauraya namah and thus offered the bananas. Then, considering them maha prasada, the child touched them to his head and blissfully ate them. Meanwhile mother Slta returned from her Gahgabafh, thinking to offer the bananas she kept to Gaura.When she could not find the bananas at the spot where she had hidden them she became very unhappy, thinking: "My sons have eaten them.First she called Sri Acyutananda and asked him: I have kept bananas here for Gora who has eaten them?" Sri Acyuta said: "Mother, you know everything. You know my conduct and my thoughts. When I was small I was so naughty to drink some milk which was meant to be offered to Gaura and I learned my lesson by being spanked by you.Who can describe Acyuta's glories? Absorbed in Gaura-consciousness, he drank some milk which was meant for Gaura and for this he was slapped by his mother. Later the signs of these slaps were visible on Gaura's own body! Seeing this, all the people were astonished. The Lord's eternally per¬fect devotees and devotion itself have inconceivable powers. The scriptures say that transcendental devotion and the tran¬scendental devotees are non-different from the Lord Himself.After this mother Slta called for her second son, Krsna Misra, and asked him: "Who has eaten the bananas meant for Gaura?" Krsna Misra replied: "Mother, what's wrong? I've eaten them after offering them to Gaura." Hearing this, moth¬er Slta slightly smiled and chased after her son with a stick. Fearfully, Krsna MiSra went to his father Advaita. Seeing Slta chasing the child, that best of Lords told her: "Don't beat him. Let me first hear what he has to say." After thus deflecting His wife, Advaita asked: "What has Krsna Misra done wrong?" Krsna Misra told Him with a soft voice: "Mother has kept bananas to be offered to Gaura and I ate them after offering them to Gaura. I don't know what I've done wrong.


Advaita Prabhu asked: "With what mantra have you performed this offering? The child replied: om gaurdya namah. Prabhu said: Instead of gaurdya you have should have said krsndya.The child replied:The name of Krsna is included in that of Gaura. When Advaita Prabhu heard these words He was astonished and kissed the child on the face in ecstatic love. Hearing this philosophy from the small child,Slta was also astonished and she thought to herself:Blessed is this child of mine.Then she called everyone for their meal, but Gaura said:I have already completed My meal.Advaita Prabhu asked Him:Where have You eaten then? Gaura said: Someone has fed Me bananas in My sleep.Saying this,Gaura belched and everyone was astonished to smell the fragrance of bananas.

Sri Advaita thought:Krsna is subservient to His devotees how fortunate I am to have such a son! The whole world will be sanctified by his conduct.Tears then flowed incessantly from the eyes of Advaita Prabhu, whose heart was melting with love. When mother Slta heard all these truths she thought:There is no limit to the good fortune of my son. I am certainly the most fortunate ratna-garbhd (woman whose womb brings forth jewellike children).