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Advaita Acarya had a servant named Kamalakanta Visvasa, who wrote a letter while he was in Nllacala and sent it to King Prataparudra. Advaita Acarya did not know that he had sent that letter, but somehow it reached the hands of Sriman Mahaprabhu. The note established Advaita Acarya as Isvara (the Supreme Lord, or Siva), but it also mentioned that Advaita Prabhu had incurred a debt of 300 Rs. (a large amount of money those days), and that Kamalakanta wanted to liqui¬date that debt for Him. When moon-faced Mahaprabhu read that letter He became unhappy, but externally He smiled and said: "He has established Advaita Acarya as the Isvara. There is no fault in that, for He is the Isvara. But he has turned the Isvara into a beggar and thus humiliated Him, and for this I will teach him a punitive lesson." Thus He ordered Govinda: "Do not allow that crazy Visvasa to see Me anymore.When Kamalakanta Visvasa heard of this punishment he became very unhappy, but Advaita Acarya became happy instead and told him: "Visvasa, you are very fortunate, for the Lord is punishing you. In the past Mahaprabhu honoured Me and that made Me very unhappy, so I insulted Him by explain¬ing the Yoga Vasistha in such a way that liberation turned out as supreme. The Lord then became angry and insulted Me. I became most happy when I thus received His mercy. When will other people receive that merciful punishment that Mukunda (for his social opportunism), and that fortunate mother SacI received (for accusing Me of turning her Nimai out of the house as a renunciant)?" By speaking thus, Advaita Acarya consoled Kamalakanta Visvasa, and then He blissfully went to see Mahaprabhu, telling Him: "I don't understand Your play. You are giving more mercy to Kamala than to Me. What offence have I committed that I never received such mercy?When Mahaprabhu heard these words He smiled and said: "Tell Kamalakanta that I am pleased with him." Advaita Acarya said: "Why are You giving him darsanal Thus You are deceiving Me in two ways.When Mahaprabhu heard these words He became pleased. Each knew what was on the other's mind. Mahaprabhu said: "Why do crazy men act like that? This conduct will embarrass (Advaita) Acarya and is not vir¬tuous. One should never accept money from the king. When one eats grains cooked or offered by materialists the mind becomes polluted, when the mind is polluted one cannot remember Krsna and when one cannot remember Krsna one's human birth is wasted. It will be an embarrassment and one's reputation of virtue is lost. Don't ever act like that Everyone carefully remembered that instruction and Acarya Gosai was very happy. Only Mahaprabhu could under¬stand Advaita Acarya's purpose and only Advaita Acarya could understand Mahaprabhu's grave words.