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One day Mahaprabhu showed His six-armed form in the house of Advaita, upon which Advaita said: "What can I say? If I say: 'Now I have seen Your original form', then I will remain deprived of seeing Your form of Syamasundara." Saying this, Prabhu SItanatha closed His eyes in meditation. Srlvasa Pandita exclaimed: "How amazing! Advaita has tran¬scended non-dualism (a-dvaita)\ His external sensual activi¬ties have ceased and merged into deep spiritual bliss, and His body trembles. He has directly merged with the Supreme Self. We only know that He still breathes because the hairs in His nostrils are twitching.Mahaprabhu said: "Yes, such are the symptoms of rel¬ishing the Supreme." Srlvasa Pandita said: "Lord, You are enacting a drama. If You don't show this pastime externally we will also not be able to see this form, which is our great treas¬ure, and Advaita will never re-emerge from His samadhi." Mahaprabhu said: "He will automatically re-emerge", and withdrew His form from Advaita's heart. Advaita, no longer getting the divine vision within His heart, opened His eyes and continued to stare, pretending that He still saw that form.Mahaprabhu asked Him: "Advaita, what did You see?" Advaita acted as if He recovered from a dream or from a ghostly possession and said:


akasmad unmllan nova kuvalaya stoma surabhir

ghana sreni snigdhah stavakita tamdldvali ghanah

prarohan nilasya vyatikara visesojjvalataro

mahah purah ko'yam nayana padavlm corayati nah

prasyama cit kirana mandala madhya varti

pratyahgakam madhurimamrta pura purnam

vamsT kola kvanita keli kald vidagdham

adyam maho ghana sahodaram dvirdste


What is that flood of splendour, that is fragrant as a mass of freshly blossoming blue lilies, pleasing as a row of rain clouds, dark as a patch of Tamala-trees and radiant as a heap of sapphires, that is stealing our eyes? A dark halo of spiritual rays emanates from each of His limbs, flooded with the sweetness of nectar and expert in the art of playfully resounding His flute, residing here as the brother of the luster of dark clouds.Srivasa: "Aho! You are applying the present tense to something that has passed. He speaks as if this form is still standing before our eyes!" Mahaprabhu: "He is still in ecsta¬sy. Listen, He wants to speak again." Advaita Prabhu contin¬ued, as everyone remained silent:


susyama dirgha ghana kuncita kesa pdsarh subhru-latam

svalakam unnata cam ndsam

alola sona vipulayata netra padmam bandhuka bdndhava

surekha subhadharaustham


His long black hair is thick and curly, His fine eye¬brows are arched like vines, His nose is raised and handsome, His wide, restless reddish eyes resemble lotus flowers and His line of auspicious lips makes friends with the Bandhuka-flow-ers.


srivatsa kaustubha ramd susama sameta

vaksah sthala skhalad udara sutara hdram

apdda Iambi vanamalya supdlyamanam

sad vrtta dirghatara pibara bdhu dandam


The Srivatsa-mark, the Kaustubha-jewel and the god¬dess of fortune meet on His chest, that is decorated by a sway¬ing and virtuous, star-like necklace, a garland of forest flowers elegantly reaches down to His feet and the rods of His arms are round, long and broad.Srivasa: "Why is He suddenly absorbed in mystic trance?" Mahaprabhu: "Listen. Through long and constant practise of meditation the Lord becomes manifest within the heart, but this sudden appearance of Sri Hari is a different kind of descent." Srivasa: "That's true. The Lord also descended before Narada in his previous birth and told him: "O sinless one! This single appearance of My form is only meant to increase your desire for Me." On the other hand, Dhruva attained the vision of the Lord through ardent practise of yoga. But, O Lord, why would the Lord's manifestation appear in the heart without long practise of yogaT Mahaprabhu: "Listen carefully. The Lord's grace sanctifies the place before He arrives, as the red light of the sunrise destroys the darkness of the night." Srivasa: "Does He now directly perceive the Lord or does He speak of it afterwards?" Mahaprabhu: "Ask Him." Srivasa asked Advaita: "O greatly realised soul! Are You see¬ing this right now, or are You telling us afterwards?" As if aris¬ing from an ocean of bliss, Advaita attained external con¬sciousness and said: "A radiant blue form emanated from Mahaprabhu and entered My heart. Then, a moment later, it vanished again. In great distress I opened My eyes and saw this form again entering into Mahaprabhu." Srivasa said: "O Lord, my words have borne fruit." Mahaprabhu: "He is delud¬ed by drowsiness.Srivasa: "This is a sleep of ecstasy. What is wrong with that?" Mahaprabhu: "Advaita, You're day¬dreaming!" Irritated, Advaita replied:


nava kuvalaya dama syamalo vdma jahghd-hita tad itara

jahghah ko 'pi divya kisorah

tvam iva sa sa iva tvarh gocaro naiva bhedah kathaya

katham aho me jagratah svapna esah


This divine adolescent boy was like a garland of fresh blue lilies, His left ankle crossing His right. He looked just like You, I could see no difference between them. Aho! Tell Me, was this really a daydream?Mahaprabhu: "Advaita, this was just Your erroneous wishful thinking. You alone perceived that, no one else." Srivasa: "Who is so fortunate to see You in this manner?" Mahaprabhu jokingly replied: "Srivasa, you have also fallen on the path of Advaita (meaning either the path of non-dual¬ism, or the vision of Advaita Prabhu)." Srivasa: "We tread the path of knowing that You are non-different from Krsna. How can there be any doubt about it?" Mahaprabhu: "If that is so, then you are also non-different from Him. (You also tread the path of non-dualism)" Srivasa: "Lord, don't speak like that. Those who have once relished even one drop of the honey trickling from Your lotus feet will not tread such a path." Mahaprabhu: "Then why do you insinuate that I am treading it?" Srivasa: "It is not an insinuation. The natural truth cannot be concealed. This is not Advaita Acarya's fault, but Yours. After all, You said: "I will show You that form.After Advaita Prabhu thus showed the intimate devotees that Gaura is Syama, they were called for prasdda by mother Sad.