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Once a Dig Vijayl (universal conquerer) brahmana-scholar arrived in Santipura, after defeating the scholars of many other regions in debate. When he heard that Advaita Prabhu had earned the title of Veda Pancanana, he very blissfully approached Him. Prabhupada (Advaita Prabhu) sat in yoga asana near a TulasI tree, mentally repeating His Sri Gopala mantra when the Dig Vijayl approached Him and recited a self composed poem praising TulasI: "All holy places like Puskara, Prabhasa, Kuruksetra, Sri Yamuna, Gariga, as well as all the personalities of Godhead like Brahma, Visnu and Siva, always reside in a single petal of TulasI.


darsita tulasi devT papa sathgha marainl

sparsita tulasi rani sarva deha pavani

vandita tulasi deviroga vrinda nasini

snapita tulasi krishna sakti kala damsini

ropita tulasi devi krishna sanga arpini

arpita tulasi krsne jivan mukti day in!

ei sri tulasi pade mora namaskara

tulasi vihina dravya visnu na kore ahara


At mere sight, TulasI-cfevF destroys a host of sins, at mere touch TulasI-ranI purifies the whole body, when praised TulasI-cfevF destroys all disease, when bathed, TulasI devours krishna's power of time (death), when planted TulasI devl bestows the company of krishna and when offered to krishna, TulasI bestows liberation. I offer my obeisances unto the lotus-feet of that Sri TulasI, for Lord Visnu will not eat anything which is not offered with TulasI.In this way the brahmana-scholar quoted different scriptures to eulogise TulasI. Then, when he began to praise Gahga, Prabhu Sltanatha (Advaita Prabhu, the husband of Slta-devI) opened His lotus-like eyes. The Dig Vijayl said: "Gahga's glories are unlimited— because she springs from the lotus feet of Lord Visnu she is known as visnupadl. She constantly revels in the matted locks of Mahadeva and Brahma worships her with different gifts. She redeems the gods headed by Indra and as the MandakinI she acts as a jewelled necklace for mother earth. Learning the essence of Gahga's greatness in his meditations, Jahnu Muni drank her up on the pretext of a mouthwash (dcamana), but later he considered the welfare of all living entities and rent open his knee to let her flow through. Gahga is equal to a devotee of Visnu, but then in a liquid form, and she is empowered to deliver the conditioned souls. Sri Jahnavl Mata (Gahga) is the source of all attributes of compassion, who destroys the threefold misery of anyone who bathes in her. If a conditioned soul drinks just one stream of Gahga-water, he will surely attain the divine abode after death. I offer hundreds of obeisances to the lotus feet of Gahga. I have come here to consider (debate) this with You.Hearing this, Kamalaksa Veda-Pancanana slightly smiled and sweetly spoke: "Ohe crown jewel of poets! You are a great seer! The peak of the tree of your fame is reaching the heavens! My heart is stirred by the flavours of love after hearing your glorifications of Sri TulasI and Gahga! However, you are mistaking in the phenomenal principle (vastu tattva) of Gahga. You compare the liquid spirit (drava brahma) with a devotee of Visnu, but actually the Original Personality of Godhead has become water and assumed the name Gahga to save the conditioned souls. The Puranas narrate how Lord Narayana once melted on hearing a song sung by five-headed Siva. Gahga, who is also named Sura TarahginI, the river of the gods, is spirit in a liquid form and whoever even remembers her name will never take birth again — gahga gahgeti yo bruydd yo jandndm satair api; mucyate sarva pdpebhyo vimulokam sa gacchati.


The Lord's innate energy has assumed the form of Gahga, and Siva has become mrtyunjaya or the victor over death, by carrying her on his head.Without Gahga's aid nothing can become a successindeed, Brahma achieved his goals by worshipping her.The Upanisads take all water to be Narayana and declare dpo nardyanah svayam, water is Narayana Himself. Only after one year Gahga-water becomes corrodedanyone who dies in it attains Sri Vaikuntha. Sri krishna sells Himself wholesale to whoever offers Him a TulasI leaf in Gahga-water.When Syama dasa (such was the name of the Dig Vijayi) heard the Lord's teachings, he thought: "My title of Dig Vijayi is lost! Anyway, let me ask a definition of brahman and Tsvara and let me ask Him to establish the form of God on the basis of scripture and logic." Thinking like this, the Dig Vijayi said: "Hear me, O Veda Pancanana! It is written in the Vedas that brahman is all-pervading and beyond the reach of the senses. Since it is devoid of attributes it must be formless and immutable. Why then do You imagine it to have a form? Forms are only just visible through the senses.Advaita Prabhu replied:The Supreme brahman is not formless He has a beginningless form which consists of reality, intelligence and bliss. He is omnipotent, complete and is the cause of all causes,including the creation. His body is spiritual, His mind is spiritual, His eyes are spiritual and His attributes are spiritual  indeed, He has no connection with mundane attributes. Thus the scriptures call Him nirguna, transcendental to the mundane attributes. There is no doubt about it that He is a transcendental object, who can never be known through the mundane senses.Just as a fruit has form but its juice hasn't, similarly the braftma-radiance is only His bodily luster, not His real form. The transcendental brahman is krishna, the Original Personality of Godhead, who eternally dwells in Vrndavana. His form is of fresh adolescent beauty, filled with all ambrosial flavours and subdued by His internal energy (sakti) of mahabhava. krishna's devotees are transcendental living entities, who can see His form with eyes of devotion. The most unificent Sri Hari bestows pure devotion on His devotees, who are His very life. krishna is rarely attained through dry speculation, but He is very easily attained through the path of loving devotion.When the Dig Vijayi heard the many good teachings of Advaita Acarya, he was astonished. Previously this Syama dasa had gone to KasT Dhama (Benares) where he had worshipped Siva in order to gain knowledge. After he had performed penances for many days, Siva became pleased with him and told him at the end of the night: "O brahmanal The tree of your penances has borne fruits! Sarasvatl will reside on your tongue, and you will conquer all scholars but Me in debate! Throughout terrestrial Bharata (the ancient greater India) your name and title will be Dig Vijayi!Then that brahmana conquered all the lands, with the boon of Siva, until he finally arrived at Sripata Santipura, where Advaita Prabhu badly defeated him with His brilliant philosophy. Thus Syama dasa thought to himself: "I think that Siva's boon has become ineffective." At that moment a celes¬tial voice in the sky told him: "Ohe brahmanal Cease any further debate! This Kamalaksacarya is directly Harihara (Visnu and Siva)! Hence He was named Advaita (the unique, unrivalled One)When the Dig Vijayi heard this wonderful divine voice he looked upwards but could not find any form there. He thought: This is surely Harihara you are committing a great sin by debating with Him.


Then the brahmana spoke with a devoted heart:Ahe Sri Advaita Prabhu! Please be kind to me!" Sri Advaita Candra became filled with compassion and showed the brahmana His very astonishing siddha murti (spiritual form). When Syama dasa saw this he shivered of prema  weeping, laughing and dancing he sang the hare krishna names.Seeing the brahmana's renunciation (of prestige), Sri Advaita laughed and said: "You are blessed and most fortunate, because hari nama has unlimited power go on speaking and singing without resting. Today I woke up at the right time and every moment is blessed, for the hearing of hari nama has soothed My heart and mind." Saying this, Advaita Prabhu became overwhelmed by feelings of ecstatic love and said: "Sing of Sri krishna Caitanya and Nityananda!" After a while He returned to external consciousness.Only Advaita Prabhu can understand His own mind. Seeing and hearing what an extraordinary person with divine activities, extraordinary knowledge and extraordinary fame and prowess He was, that crown jewel of poets respectfully accepted initiation into Kima-mantra from Advaita Prabhu. Once he had received krishna-mantra he became absorbed in ecstatic love and offered prostrated obeisances at Advaita's lotus feet, offering many praises to Him. "Ohe Prabhu! By the great power of Your mercy I have easily become freed from the bondage of fruitive activities!"The brahmana then learned the ways of worshipping krishna and studied Srimad Bhagavata, absorbed in ecstatic love.The Lord said:From now on your name is Bhagavatacarya." Syama dasa said: "I will carry Your order on my head." After a while the brahmana offered obeisances to Advaita Prabhu and acquired permission to return to his province.  Sri Haricarana dasa concludes his version of events with the following teaching: "The conquest of the Dig Vijayl shows the purport of the name 'Advaita' He advent-ed since He is non-different (a-dvitiya) from krishna, and He is named 'Acarya' because He revealed the devotional purport of the revealed scriptures. There is yet another meaning of the word 'Acarya He who speaks the scriptures on the order of the Supreme Lord:


acaryam mam vijaniyat navamanyeta karhicit

na martya-budahyasuyeta sarva devamayo guruh


krishna tells Uddhava: "Know the acarya to be Me. Never disrespect him, consider him an ordinary mortal or find faults in him, for the guru is the aggregate of all the gods." (Bhag. 11.17.27) krishna reveals Himself as the acarya, who redeems all the people by initiating them in krishna mantra and other items. This mantra-bestowing guru is Sri Advaita Acarya. Worship, O brother, worship this Advaita Gosai, by whose grace we have gotten Sri Caitanya-Nitai! May I attain the lotus feet of the Lord of Santipura, who wishes us to attain Sri Radhika's loving devotional service in the transcendental abode of Vraja, birth after birth! May Sri Advaita, STta and Their loving devotees by kind upon me, so that my devotional aspirations will be fulfilled! For many lifetimes I have been wandering, wanting to offer my body to the lotus feet of Sri Radhika by Your grace I will become qualified for Her kunja seva in Sri Vrndavana.One day bhakta avatdra Sri Advaita thought to Himself: "How will the conditioned souls be redeemed? Even now the Original Personality of Godhead has not descended. Who will bestow ecstatic loving devotion on the conditioned souls?" As He thought like that, king Divyasirhha came from his native Sri Laura. Advaita Prabhu's previous sensational activities had dispelled the king's illusion and now he came to Him as a Vaisnava. Before leaving his native Navagrama he had built a large krishna-temple there. Devotional service was rendered to the deity of krishna, the brahmanas and the Vaisnavas, the king and queen personally rendered all kinds of menial services such as sweeping the temple and humbly served the deity's prasada to the Vaisnavas. After the Vaisnavas had taken prasada the king and queen served them betel leaves, washed their feet and drank the remnants. They had festivals like Dola and JanmastamI celebrated, proclaim¬ing Kamalaksa to be their leader in great loving ecstasy. When the king renounced his kingdom to become a sadhu, he hand¬ed sovereignty over to his son.Seeing him coming, Advaita Prabhu got up and the king told Him: "Prabhu! Consider me Your servant!" while offering prostrated obeisances to Him. Then he revealed the truth about Advaita Prabhu through humble praises.Advaita Prabhu said: "Get up, get up! You are krishna's servant!" From then onwards the king's name became krishna dasa Brahmacari. For ten years this krishna dasa studied the devotional scriptures like Srimad Bhagavata and thus attained full faith that krishna is the Lord of all. He gave up practising his sakta (Durga) mantra and began to practise the Visnu mantra (he had received from Advaita Prabhu). Advaita Prabhu told him: "Now your body has become Visnu-ized." krishna dasa replied: "You are an ocean of mercy and it is highly astonishing that You liberated a heretic like me. Now please order me to go into solitude, where I can always soothe my heart by doing japa of hr-sna-nama.Saying this he went to the bank of the Ganga and built himself a straw hut there with many surrounding flower gardens. Thus the village there became known as PhullabatI (the flower-abode). On the strength of his devotion the king had become the object of Advaita Prabhu's mercy. He wrote a Sanskrit book on Advaita Prabhu's childhood pastimes (the aforementioned 'Advaita Balya Llla Sutra') and at the end of his life he went to Vraja-dhdma where he received the love of Rupa and Sanatana GosvamI and attained siddhi by beholding krishna with the eyes of devotion.