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On Mahaprabhu's order Jagadananda Pandita came from Purl to Bengal to console mother Saci. After reaching NavadvTpa and consoling mother Sad, Jagadananda went on to Santipura to visit Advaita Prabhu. After Jagadananda offered his obeisances unto Advaita Prabhu, Prabhu firmly embraced him with love and seated him on an excellent seat. Filled with love, Advaita inquired about Gauranga's welfare and Jagadananda Pandita told Him everything in detail: "Now Sri Krsna Caitanya is constantly mad with ecstatic love. Sometimes He calls out 'Radha, Radha' in great sorrow, and sometimes He roars out 'O Lord of My life!' These calls melt the hearts of all living beings.Hearing this report, Advaita Prabhu became over¬whelmed with the frenzy of ecstatic love and said nothing else but 'O Lord Gaurahga!' For three hours Advaita Prabhu remained stunned and in the following three hours He roared out loudly. Sometimes He laughed loudly and sometimes He wept, saying only 'manifest' and 'unmanifest'. In this way so many ecstatic feelings awoke within Him.Advaita made elaborate arrangements for Jagadananda Pandita's convenience and spoke about Gaura's glories until the break of day. In the morning Jagadananda humbly begged Sri Advaita's permission to leave, and Advaita Prabhu told him a riddle that no one else but Gaura could understand. Advaita Prabhu told Jagadananda: 'Sri Gaurahga is the treas¬ure of My heart. Please submit this to His ruddy lotus feet:


baul-ke kohiyo loka hoilo aula;

baul-ke kohiyo hate na bikay caul

baul-ke kohiyo kqje nahiko aul

baul-ke kohiyo iha kohiyache baul


Tell the madman (baul) that all the people have gone mad (meaning: everyone here has attained the treasure of love of God). Tell the baul that, there is no rice for sale on the market (meaning: everyone has lost interest in material enjoy¬ment). Tell the baul that there is no more work (meaning: there is no more reason for the Lord to stay on earth). Tell the baul that this was spoken by a similar baul (madman, viz. I have also attained love of God, prema).When Jagadananda heard this riddle he laughed a lit¬tle and returned to Nllacala. When He saw Gaura he offered his prostrated obeisances to Him while streams of loving tears flowed from his eyes. Mahaprabhu lifted him up and embraced him. Then Jagadananda told the Lord Advaita's rid¬dle, hearing which the Lord smiled and said: "Whatever He orders I will dutifully execute." Then Sri Gaurahga became stunned. Svarupa Damodara and other devotees asked the Lord: "Mahaprabhu, tell us what is the meaning of this riddle? None of us are able to see through its meaning.Sri Gaurahga said: "This Advaita Acarya has accom¬plished the astonishing feat of bringing Krsna, the Original Personality of Godhead, down to this world, pulling Him with the ropes of His love. Now,by that same Advaita's wish, the Lord is also disappearing again. Who is able to understand this riddle? Advaita Acarya is a powerful priest, who is very expert in the Vedic scriptures. He calls the deity for worship and after He has worshipped Him for a while He discards Him again. The sadhus call Him the leader of the gods or the great Yogesvara (Siva), the wish-yielding tree of devotion who is worshipable by the whole world." When the devotees heard this they were astonished.