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One day Sri Advaita Prabhu felt so much separation from Gaurariga that He cried out loudly: "Where is the Lord of My life?" Gradually the ocean of love for Gaura surged and inundated Prabhu SItanatha, the wish-yielding tree of the devotees. Only three days later Prabhu SItanatha emerged from this inundation of ecstatic swoon and He decided that He had to see Gaurariga. "O Gaurariga! You easily burn the hearts and minds of Your devotees with the fire of constant separation from You! You have appeared to distribute devotion, so I will give pain to Your heart by preaching jnana. I have attained You once before by preaching jnana, now I will once again preach such dry speculations to everyone. I have to see how You will react to that. If I don't attain Your lotus feet then I will destroy the world.Thinking like this, He called His disciples and began to instruct them in jnana with a soft voice: "The jhanls pro¬claim that jnana is greater than bhakti. bhakti culminates into nana. Those who worship the Lord with jnana yoga will cross the ocean of birth and death in a floral chariot. The sages of yore attained devotion or liberation through the process of jnana, according to their desire." In this way He elaborately preached jnana and His disciples accepted the teachings of their guru.Although Advaita verbally preached jnana, He actual¬ly rendered doubly regulated service to Krsna. With deep attachment He offered Sri TulasI leaves and different kinds of sweets to Krsna, and then He closed His eyes to meditate on Gaurahga. Not understanding His purpose, Gaura's devotees wandered around weeping. When Sri Sacl-nandana, who is the Inner Overseer who knows the minds of His devotees, heard that Advaita was again preaching liberation, He at once came from Purusottama (Purl) to Advaita's house to fulfill His devo tee's wishes . When Prabhu Sltanatha caught Gaura's bod¬ily fragrance, He looked before Him and saw the moving Jagannatha there.Seeing the inconceivable mercy the Lord bestowed upon His devotees, Sri Advaita offered humble prayers to Him with great love. Offering a hundred prostrated obeisances unto Gaurariga's lotus feet,He said: "There is no one as fortunate as Me in the three worlds." Gora said: "You are the eternal devotee-incarnation and You have brought Me here on the strength of Your pure devotion. Your activities are truly greater than Mine, hence I have come here to fulfill Your wish." Then, according to Advaita Acarya's wish, Gora blissfully sat down for a meal with many courses. After eating He chewed betel-leaves and rebuked Sri Advaita with sweet words:"You've been teaching jnana yoga just because You wished to see Me. You did not bother that it will bring suffer¬ing to mankind in the future. If You wish to see Me, You just have to think of Me and I will be there. Don't ever bring jnana yoga to Your mouth again—just save the conditioned souls by teaching them pure devotion." Sri Advaita said:


I have received the benediction I desired, now please forgive My offences." Mahaprabhu said: "Krsna forgives even millions of offences His devotees commit.Just then mother Slta came there. She drowned in an ocean of loving astonishment when she saw Gaura and, weeping, she took Him on her lap. Gora said: "Mother, I feel very thirsty", so SitH-devT brought condensed milk and Gahga-water and placed them in His mouth with motherly love. Eating all these things, that are tastier than nectar, Gora addressed Sitadvaita once more and then disappeared. Remembering Gaura's mercy, Sitadvaita remained mad of ecstasy the rest of the day.In the evening Advaita Prabhu managed to check His ecstatic love and called His disciples together, telling them: "Listen. Previously I told you that jnana is greater than bhak¬ti, because My mind was confused, but now I understand that it cannot match bhakti. After gaining more knowledge I now know that the Supreme Lord is attainable through bhakti. Many scriptures sing that bhakti is greater than jnana. Know for sure that liberation is the ultimate end of jnana but that lib¬erated souls finally become proud, and a person who is proud of his liberation does not engage in Krsna's devotional service. Such an offence causes him to drown in the material ocean once more. Hence bhakti yoga is the highest means, and a per¬son who follows this path does not fall down. Even Ananta deva cannot find the end to the glories of bhakti. The scrip¬tures prove that liberation is the mere maidservant of the god¬dess of devotion. Hence you should serve Sri Krsna through loyal devotion, then you will easily be released from material bondage.In this way Advaita Prabhu gave many devotional instructions and, except for three of them, all of His disciples took the devotional path. The three who did not accept Advaita Acarya's words, namely Kamadeva Nagara, Agala Pagala and Sahkara, told Him: "Listen, Acarya Gosai! There is no limit to Your instructions. One moment You say thai jnana is superior, the next moment You say that bhakti is greater. Now we have fixed ourselves firmly on the path of jnana." Advaita Prabhu said: "If you don't recognise My orders then I will not look at your faces again and you are rejected by Me." "As You order", they said and left for the eastern region, becoming independ¬ent acaryas. Nityananda dasa's 'Prema Vilasa' describes this event as follows: "Sahkara said: "We are jnanis. No one can attain perfection without jnana." Advaita said: "Give up jnana." Sahkara said: "Defeat me with sound arguments first." Advaita said: "Sahkara, you have gone crazy. People like you all become aulas (religious renegades)." Those who argue with their guru become offenders. Angrily, Advaita abandoned these three disciples, and becoming tyagis, they left for anoth¬er region. Those who are abandoned by Nitai, Gauraiiga, Advaita and the devotees are called tyagis here.