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One day Advaita Prabhu danced in the mood of the gopis, and everyone performed kirtana with great devotional passion. Keeping a straw between His teeth, Advaita Mahasaya danced, rolling around in great prema rasa. The devotees surrounded Him on all sides, singing, and even after six hours the kirtana would not stop. All the devotees became exhausted and teamed up to calm down the Acarya. They sat all around Him and when He calmed down somewhat He sat down. Srivasa, Ramai and others then went to take their bath, but meanwhile the eagerness of Advaita increased again. Remaining alone, He began to roll around on SrTvasa's court¬yard. Visvambhara was engaged in some work at home, but within His heart He perceived Advaita's loving eagerness, so He went to the place where Advaita was rolling around, since He always pacifies His devotees' anxiety. Seeing Advaita's trepidation, Mahaprabhu took Him by the hand to the Visnu-Mandir, where He sat down. He smiled and said: "Listen, Acarya! What do You want Me to do?" Advaita answered: "You are the aggregate of all the Vedas. I only want You, Prabhu. What more is there to wish?" Mahaprabhu smiled and said: "Here I am in Person. What more do You want, tell Me?" Advaita said: "Prabhu, what You said is true. You are the ulti¬mate truth described by Veda and Vedanta, but still I wish to see some of Your prowess." Mahaprabhu: "Tell Me, what do You wish to see?" Advaita: "Prabhu, I have a great desire to see what You once showed to Arjuna.As soon as Advaita had said this, He saw a chariot sur¬rounded by lots of infantry engaged in combat. On top of the chariot He saw Syamasundara, having four arms, wearing conch, disc, club and lotus flower. Then He saw innumerable universes with their suns, moons, oceans, mountains, rivers and gardens, and millions of eyes, arms and faces, constantly returning. Then He saw Arjuna standing before the Lord, offering prayers. Great flames exuded from the faces of the Universal Form, scorching all the demons and atheists to noth¬ingness like flies. All the blaspheming and assaulting sinners were burning in Sri Caitanya's flaming mouths. No one else had the power to see this form, but by the grace of the Lord Advaita Gosai saw it.


Advaita wept in ecstatic love and prayed for a service attitude, keeping a straw between His teeth. Meanwhile Nityananda returned from His ecstatic wanderings and also beheld the Lord's Universal Form. After a while Mahaprabhu withdrew the vision and returned home, taking His devotees along. Both Advaita and Nityananda went out of Their minds in ecstatic love, due to having seen the Universal Form, and they rolled in the dust all over Srlvasa's courtyard.After a while the Two entered into a wonderful loving, ecstatic quarrel. Advaita said: "This avadhuta is completely crazy! Who has called Him over to this place, anyway? Why have You knocked down the door to come in here? Who is call¬ing You a sannydsT? No one knows Your caste or in whose houses You take Your meals. How did a crazy man like You end up in the Vaisnava-society? If You don't leave quickly You're in trouble!" Nityananda replied: "Are Nadha! Just wait! I will beat You up first and then You will understand My strength. O old brahmanal Don't You have any fear? I am the avadhuta, the Lord's own brother! You are a completely attached grhastha, having wives, sons and a house, while I am on the path of the paramahamsas. If I beat You, You cannot protest—You are needlessly puffed up in front of Me.Hearing this, Advaita fumed with rage and hurled many abuses at Nityananda, being Digambara (Siva) "What kind of a sannyasi are You, eating meat and fish and throwing off Your clothes all the time? Where are Your mother and father, and what is Your abode? Let someone come forward and tell Me this! A thief like You comes here, stuffs His face and makes a mess of the place. A sannyasi is not supposed to want anything, but You are here eating three times a day. This Srlvasa Pandit does not know the difference between the vari¬ous castes, and from some random place he has brought this avadhuta here, who is destroying everyone's caste. From whence has this drunkard come?" Thus the two men were drunk with the wine of divine love.