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Advaita Prabhu's first son, Acyutananda, was born on the full moon day of the month of Vaisakha (May) 1493 A.D., seven years after Mahaprabhu. Everyone was captivated by the wonderful charms of the baby, so they exclaimed: "We have never seen such a beautiful child before! We understand some godhead has descended." Then an astrologer came and calculated that the baby had previously been born as a gopT of Vraja-d/iama. Now he has re-emerged in a male form to teach the people. " Know for sure that he will be renounced from his very birth." Hearing this, the devotees were absorbed in loving ecstasy and they all assembled to perform noma sanklrtana. Some danced and some wept out of natural love, while Advaita Prabhu roared out 'Haribolo!' Advaita roared like the rumbling clouds and thus Gauranga came to know that one of His dear devotees had appeared.


tasya putro'cyutanandah krsna caitanya vallabhah;

srimat pandita gosvaml sisyah priya iti srutam

yah kartikeyah prdg asld itijalpanti kecana;

kecid ahu rasa vido'cyuta narrmi tu gopika

ubhayam tu samlclnam dvayor ekatra sangatat;

kartikeyah krsna misras tat samyad iti kecana


Advaita's son Acyutananda was very dear to Krsna Caitanya. He is said to be the dear disciple of Srimat Gadadhara Pandita Gosvaml. Some say that Acyutananda was previously Kartikeya, the general of the gods, whereas some knowers of rasa call him a gopika from Vraja named Acyuta. Both views are correct, for he is both in one." (Gaura Ganoddesa DTpika, 88-89)


In due course Advaita Prabhu invited a sacrificing brahmana to perform the name-giving ceremony for His first son. A priest came and made his calculations, saying: "This son of Yours is amazing— he is not ordi¬nary. His heart and mind lie in Krsna, and His joy lies in Krsna. Hence I give him the name Sri Acyutananda." Hearing this name, the devotees chanted the name of Had and the women blissfully resounded the ulu.SrT Acyuta's love for Krsna was like that of the Vraja-gopls, hence the sadhus also called him Sri Acyuta sakhT. After some time Advaita Prabhu saw an auspicious moment to per¬form Acyuta's anna prasana ceremony (wherein the first grains are fed to the baby). First bhoga was offered to Madana Gopala and a great festival was held while Prabhu placed the first grains in His son's mouth. Afterwards the brahmanas and Vaisnavas accepted prasada and they all blessed the boy after receiving gifts of money and garments.Gradually Sri Acyuta attained the age of five, and on an auspicious moment Advaita Prabhu had the chalk given to him, which marked his first day of education. At that point Isana Nagara, the author of 'Advaita Prakasa', along with his mother, received Prabhu Sltanatha's merciful shelter. Advaita Prabhu gave Isana's mother krsna mantra and Isana, who was just five years old at the time, harindma, and Sita devl devel¬oped affection for small Isana similar to that for her own son Acyuta. Advaita Prabhu was very happy with the submissive attitude of Isana Nagara's mother and said: "Isana's mother is very religious. After death she will find residence in Vaikuntha.Four years later, on the thirteenth day of the dark lunar quarter in the month of Madhu (March-April) of the year 1497, at the end of the night, mother Sita got a second son, who was as wonderful as a descended godhead. Sri Thakuranl also delivered a son, but this child died at the time of birth. Seeing this, mother Sri wept. Mother Sita also wept and told Advaita Prabhu what had happened— "My heart cannot tolerate the suffering of my sister. After waiting for so long she finally got a son and now cruel Fate has taken him away. If You grant permission, then I will give my own (sec¬ond) son to my sister." Advaita Prabhu said: "Very well. Your wish is very well. This is the best way to console Sri in her sorrow." As she "wiped the tears from Sri's eyes, Sita told her: "Don't cry my sister, don't cry. Calm down. I will truly give you my own son. Let the whole world proclaim him to be your son." Saying this, she placed her son on the lap of Sri, who gave up her lamentation and placed the baby at her breast.


One morning a brahmana astrologer came and said with a soft voice: "This second son of Advaita-Candra has appeared to protect devotion to Krsna. That six-headed gener¬al of the demigods who used to protect the heavens (Kartikeya) has now become the second son of Advaita Hearing this, the devotees went mad of ecstasy and began to dance and sing hari haril In due course of time Advaita Prabhu had a priest brought who blissfully performed the boy's name-giving ceremony. After calculating, the brdhmana-astrologer said: "He will become a great scholar who will defeat all his opponents. He will be surrenderedto the service of Krsna and the Vaisnavas and will be callous towards mundane life. Hence his name will be Krsna dasa." When the devotees heard this prediction their ecstasy greatly increased and they spent the rest of the day in the ecstasy of hari sahklrtana.After a while Advaita Prabhu found an auspicious moment to feed the first grains to Sri Krsna dasa. He offered

bhoga to Sri Madana Gopala and fed the mahd prasdda-grains to His son. Then, with devotion, He fed the brahmanas and the Vaisnavas, and He also fed many grains to the blind and the poor, pleasing everyone with donations of money and gar¬ments. Then everyone went their own way, after blessing the child. At an auspicious time Sri Advaita began the education of Sri Krsna dasa.The Lord's third son appeared in the year 1501 on the twelfth day of the bright lunar quarter of the month of Kartika (October-November). The child looked extraordinary from his very birth. He kept his eyes closed as if he was dead, seeing which Advaita Prabhu roared out the name of Gaurahari, like a lion. When the holy name of Gaurahari entered into the ears of the child he began to cry tears of love, seeing which every¬one chanted the name of Hari in great ecstatic love and all the women made the ulu sound. At that moment a brdhmana-astrologer came and said, after due calculation:This third son of Advaita Candra is Sri Ganesa (the other son of Siva) him¬self, who has come to earth to destroy all obstacles. Anyone who sees this child will attain the treasure of devotion." When the devotees heard this, their ecstasy surged and they passed the rest of the day in the ecstasy of hari sahklrtana. Then Advaita Prabhu invited a priest who performed the name-giving ceremony for the boy. He said: This boy will be a servant of Krsna, therefore he will be called Sri Gopala Dasa.The superhuman activities of this child grant Krsna-bhakti to anyone who hears of them. When the devotees performed noma sahklrtana Gopala would give up drinking'his milk in order to listen. He began to chuckle and cry tears of love from his eyes, that were roaming as if he were mad. Then, when the sahklrtana stopped, his feelings would subside. He would start crying out loudly and start drinking his mother's milk again. Such are the natural activities of Krsna's servants that can only be known by the wise and not by the ignorant.SIta's fourth son was born in the month of Pausa (December-January) 1504-1505. Some people called him the incarnation of Indra, others of Candra. In due course of time a brdhmana astrologer came to calculate the chart of the newborn child. The astrologer proclaimed:This child is an avatdra of Kuvera. He will receive great mercy from Kamala (LaksmI) and he will be as intelligent as Brhaspati.

He will become very intelligent and handsome. He will start putting false arguments against genuine religion, but ultimately he will be freed from that folly by the grace of the sddhus." Hearing this prediction, the Vaisnavas chanted the name of Hari and the women chanted the hulu sound with joyful hearts. The brdhmana continued: "This boy will be very powerful, hence I decided to name him Balarama.When Sriman Balarama was seven months old Prabhu Sltanatha fed him his first grains. He organised a big festival in which foodstuffs were offered to Krsna and the remnants were fed to the blind, the poor, the brahmanas and the Vaisnavas. He satisfied everyone by giving them donations of money and garments and after offering benedictions, everyone returned home.Then in the month of Jyaistha (May-June) of the year 1509 Sita gave birth to twins, that were given the names Jagadlsa and Svariipa respectively. The astrologer predicted: "They will be very intelligent and they will be learned in the science of enjoyment, just like kings. They will develop lov¬ing feelings like Lava and Kusa (the twin sons of Lord Ramacandra) and they will get lovely voices, just like the Gandharva-angels.In due course of time they were fed their first mahd prasdda grains, which made them very happy, brahmanas and Vaisnavas blissfully partook of that prasdda and blessed the boys after leaving, receiving donations of money and garments as they went.



prathamete eka mata acaryera gana;

pdche dui mata hoilo daivera kdrana

keho to acaryera djndya keho to svatantra;

svamata kalpand kore daiva paratantra

acaryera mata yei sei mata sara;

tdra djnd langhi cole sei to asara

asdrera name iha nai prayojana;

bheda jdnibdre kori ekatra ganana

dhdnya rasi mdpi yaiche patand sahite;

pascdte patand udaiyd samskdra korite


(Caitanya Caritamrta Adi 12: 8-12)


First the party of Advaita Acarya held one opinion, but later, by the will of Providence, there were two. Some fol¬lowed the order of Advaita Acarya and others acted independ¬ently, according to their own speculations. Those who fol¬lowed Advaita Acarya's opinion were the essential ones, while those who violated His order were the worthless ones. There is no need to name the worthless ones. I count them all together just to discern them from the useful devotees. Paddy is mixed with straw at first, and it must be fanned to separate it from the straw.According to Prema Vilasa (Chapter 24) SrI-devI had only one baby, named Chota Syama dasa. Slta Thakuranl reared him by breast-feeding him. The sensitive Syama dasa once perceived four arms on the body of mother Slta.