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Then, on an auspicious day, the learned Kuvera Tarka Pancanana, gave his son the sacred sacrificial thread. Thus, in His pauganda age (5-10 years old) Kamalaksa attained the samskdra (purificatory rite)that grants a brahmana his second birth.The Lord's beautiful divine form looked very amazing.Then the Lord completed his study of literature (sahitya)lexicon(abhidhdna)poetic embellishments (alankdra) and astrology (jyotisa).Now another amazing event occurred. There was a great festival on the occasion of Dipavali and all the people of the kingdom, be they low or highclass, thronged into the temple of Devi. According to custom, various songs were sung and dances performed. Advaita Prabhu was seated in the middle of the crowd.The king said:Kamalaksa what kind of behaviour is this? Why don't You offer Your obeisances unto Kali?" Advaita Prabhu replied:The Original Godhead is the Supreme Brahman He is My goal, and no one else. Anyone who follows different paths and opinions surely suffers defeat,whereas wise men meditate on only one worshipable object.1Hearing his son's poetry,Kuvera Tarka Pancanana took the side of the king and offered different counterarguments:Ohe Kamalaksa,You have not reached vyavasayatmika buddhir ekeha kurunandana; bahusakha hyanantas ca buddhayo'vyavasayinam (B.Gita 2.41)O son of the Kurus! A person of steady intelligence is onepointed and singular in purpose, whereas a person of manybranched intelligence has no steady intelligence.the (right) conclusion yet the Vedas teach that there is one brahman which appears in various forms. Anyone who abhors the gods and goddesses is a great sinner, therefore You should be devoted to all the gods.Look, in the Tretaage Lord Ramacandra, who is Narayana imself, worshipped Devi in order to save His wife Slta. The universal mother is very merciful a wise and avowed person who worships Her attains liberation. Therefore offer Your obeisances unto mother Kali, so there will be no mishap for You and Your desires will be fulfilled.Advaita Prabhu replied: "Listen, father, and do not be angry with Me. It is very wrong not to be exclusively fixed on one deity. Just as a tree is nourished with all its branches, leaves and twigs only when its roots are watered, when the primeval Lord Visnu or Krsna is worshipped automatically all the secondary gods are satisfied. Devi, however, is the Lord's external energy, visnu-maya. Due to her illusory potency the conditioned souls are bereft of spiritual knowledge. A goddess that rejoices in sacrifices that involve cruelty to animals is not to be worshipped. If she is the mother of the universe and the world is her son*, how can she slaughter her own child? Is that fair, and is there scriptural approval of that?


Kuvera said: "What is the use of such false arguments?Criticising Devi will bring inauspicious results. Just as a king punishes a criminal after a just trial and pleases the sadhus according to religious principles, similarly Devi bestows liberation on those practising spiritual life and keeps the conditioned souls immersed within the ocean of illusion. Killing animals for sacrifice is not considered cruelty. The slaughtered animals are liberated or reach the heavens, where they are glorified." Advaita Prabhu retorted: "When there is such an easy yatha taror mula nisecanena trpyanti tat skandha bhujopasakhah pranopaharacca yathendriyanam tathapi sarvarhanam acyutejya    (Bhag. 4.31.14)way to attain siddhi, then why should one go through so much hardship to redeem one's father and mother?In this way father and son went through extensive arguments, astonishing all those present in the assembly. Since the father is an all-worshipable superior, Advaita Prabhu fell silent out of respect.Father, pardon My offence. I will now offer my obeisances unto Devi", He said and as He did so an amazing thing happened. Devi left the statue, which thus burst into pieces, and illuminated all the ten directions.Everyone who saw it was highly astonished. The deity was actually conscious, and as she saw her own master (Advaita Prabhu  Siva, Durga's husband) she acted as such. The king, 0his ministers as well as Kuvera Acarya were at once stunned with topmost astonishment.In 'Prema Vilasa' Kamalaksa actually said: Devi will not accept my" obeisances since I am Sadasiva. Hearing this Kuvera Pandit became very angry, so Kamalaksa offered his obeisances to Devi anyway. As soon as He did so, Kali disappeared and the deity burst to the astonishment of the king   and  his   entourage.   Kuvera  Pandit   said:Listen Maharaja install another deity of Devi without delay. However, Kamalaksa said:Listen, O king, you are a worshipper of Sakti, you should worship Sakti. You always slander Visnu's devotees, and this offence made Devi abandon you. You should always serve the devotees of Visnu and at the same time worship Devi with devotion. When Devi is kind to you you will become a Vaisnava, you can renounce household life and your offenses will all perish." Kamalaksa, the com¬bined form of Hara and Hari, then left that place, muttering the pastimes of Gaura. When He was twelve years old He left for Santipura to study the six Vedic philosophies. Just see, what can not be accomplished by the lords power ? Where is lauda in Sri Hatta district  and where is Santipura and how could a twelveyear old boy suddenly move from the former place to the latter? For the Lord, though, everything is possible.


One day Advaita Prabhu sent a letter through somebody to Lauda dhama, where Sri Kuvera Acarya was suffering greatly out of separation from his beloved son. Although he searched for Him everywhere, he could not find Him and thus he shed tears of sorrow, constantly saying: "Ha Gopala! What have You done? Then, by Krsna's mercy, he became some what calm. Dejected, he went home, where Labha devl was similarly lamenting out of separation from her son. Sometimes she ran up and down the house, sometimes she rolled over the ground and sometimes she shed incessant streams of tears. Sometimes she asked incoherent questions like a madwoman and sometimes she remained stunned as if dead.Kuvera Acarya consoled her in so many ways, saying:The Lord does not act indiscriminately. He returns whatever He takes. A person whose mind is fixed on Hari's lotus feet is the greatest of men,while a person who identifies himself with the false illusory body is the lowest of men. So-called household happiness is actually a pool of misery. It's comparible with the blissful touch of a snake,which leads one to its storehouse of poison, while the hardships experienced while wor¬shipping Sri Hari leads to a reservoir of eternal bliss, just as the power of a great medicinal herb bestows great bliss.When Labha ThakuranI heard all these wise words, she calmed down somewhat. In great distress, Sri Kuvera withdrew into the Visnu-mandira for the night, where he reclined and fasted. At the end of the night Gopala appeared to In the north-east of the present Bangla Desh, close to the border with the Indian state of Meghalaya.In the district of Nadiya of the present Indian State of West Bengal.him in a visionary dream and told him: Your son is well He moved to the bank of the Gahga. Kamalaksa is not an ordinary human being He is the incarnation of a devotee.


After a few days a servant of His will come to meet you." Later Kuvera told his wife about his dream and pacified her with the predictions about the Lord.One day Acarya Kuvera and Labha received the letter from Kamalaksa and they became very happy. Kuvera said: "What is the use of staying here let us move to the bank of the Gahga, where the fruit of liberation is available." Labha said:I also think like that. We will stay there as long as we live.Thus the couple boarded a boat and blissfully arrived in Santipura.Seeing His father and mother, Advaita Prabhu came running to greet them, offering His obeisances to their feet with devotion. The blessed parents held their divine son and embraced Him, kissed His head and offered words of blessing to Him. Labha told Kamalaksa:My child, without You I was like a body without a soul or like a fish without water!" Kuvera said: "My child, what are You studying now?" Advaita Prabhu said: "I am now gradually completing My study of the six darsanas (Vedic philosophical tems)." Kuvera said: "Now study the four Vedas then You will surely realise brahman.Advaita Prabhu replied: "I will go to PurnabatI to study, in the house of Vedanta Vag Isa Santa, the best of 6raft/naas! Kuvera said:Knowledge is not under anyone's control, but is still acquired according to one's effort. Swiftly go there to study and write to me about Your welfare. Study without cessation and all will be ell.Thus the Lord went, after offering obeisances to His mother and father's feet, taking His books along and remembering Sri Hari. He swiftly arrived in PurnabatT-village, where He came and offered His obeisances to the peaceful brahmana named Santa. Beholding the Lord's beauty, that best of brahmanas was amazed and blessed Him. Then only he asked Him who He was. Advaita and the brahmana then had a scriptural discussion and the brahmana joyfully offered Advaita many praises, saying: "My child, study whatever You like." Thus Advaita Prabhu studied the Vedas. In His humanlike pastimes Prabhu was a srutidhara who mastered the Vedas within two years.One day a wonderful event took place. The brahmana Santa took his pupils along for a bath when he saw a large swamp near the Gahga, full of thorns and with deep water. In it he perceived many beautiful lotus flowers, whose nice smell filled all directions. But who would be able to catch these lotus flowers, since there were black snakes living there? Santa, who was known as the Vedanta VagIsa (the greatest Vedantic scholar), laughed and told his disciples: Who is able to pick these lotus flowers?" The disciples said:


There's no means to bring you the lotus flowers", but Advaita said: If you grant me permission I will catch them; I am not afraid." The guru said: "There are thorns and snakes there; don't be so reckless to enter in that inaccessible place." Hearing this, Advaita Acarya smiled a little within His mind and went ahead fast, placing His feet on the lotus flowers, picked the most fragrant blossoming lotus flower and offered it with devotion to his guru. Everyone was amazed to see this and the brahmana Santa thought: "I am blessed to be the guru of such a disci¬ple!After having seen Advaita's extraordinary power Santa called him to a private place and told Him with a sweet voice:Tell me, was it on the strength of Your learning or because of Fate that You were able to do this in such a casual way? Or perhaps You are some god who has descended to earth? I am Your guru, so You must tell me the truth." Advaita said: The three worlds are expanding from Lord Hari, and any pure hearted soul who surrenders to Krsna will achieve the eight mystical perfections. Hearing these confidential philo¬sophical conclusions from the mouth of Advaita Acarya, Santacarya thought:This can never be an ordinary human being! He must be the Supreme Lord.One day Kamalaksa told Santacarya: "If you are satis¬fied with Me and will grant Me permission, then I will now return home." Santa said: "I hereby name You Veda Pancanana but my heart breaks by having to part from You. If You are determined to go, then please grant me the boon that I will be able to see You whenever I want." Advaita Prabhu then offered prostrated obeisances to the acarya, who embraced Him and wept. His other pupils and his wife simi¬larly wept, and Advaita Prabhu consoled them all with sweet words— "Do not lament over Me. You will see Me again. Don't forget our affectionate relationship." Saying this, He disappeared. The residents of the asrama ran here and there in search of Kamalaksa, but in vain. They could not find Him anymore. Advaita thus stayed with Santacarya from age twelve to fourteen.Sri Haricarana dasa mentions in his Advaita Mangala that when it was time to part Santacarya sorrowfully said: "Still, before You leave I will ask You to give me a guru-daksina (reward to the teacher).Advaita then said: Prabhu, whatever you ask Me I will certainly try to give you!" Then Santacarya told his disciple Advaita: You are an avatdra of IsvaraGive me Krsna bhakti and give me Krsna Gunamani, birth after birth! This is my prayer to You!Thus Advaita Prabhu returned to His father and moth¬er. With great devotion He offered His obeisances to them and profusely praised them. The parents were very happy to see their son again they kissed His head and offered Him many blessings.


So far, this pastime is narrated in Sola ISana Nagara's Advaita Praksa