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One day when Mahaprabhu, in the course of His pil¨grimage, had reached KasT (Benaras), Acyutananda encoun¨tered a naked sannyasl. He had just finished his bath in the Ganga at Manikarnika Ghata and was chanting the holy name of Sri Krsna Caitanya. Hearing this, the sannyasl asked him: "Are you from Bengal? Are you so deluded to consider Gaurahga the Supreme Lord? Surely He has accepted sannyasa, but then He has given up the duties of a sannyasl to engage in hari sahklrtana. I have heard that He used magic tricks on Sarvabhauma, the great scholar of Orissa, and that He is constantly engaged in anti-Vedic activities. He does not consider the company of yavanas (untouchables) to be pollut¨ing, and if a mleccha pretentiously says the holy name of Hari He embraces him without realising the principles of virtue. People are captivated by such corrupt behaviour. What can be the cause of all this except trickery?Hearing such blasphemy of Sri Caitanya, Sri Acyuta gently spoke, although he was hurt: "Ohe digambar (naked) sannyasl] I consider a person who bears the hallmarks of the Personality of Godhead also to be the Personality of Godhead. The maha purusa (great saint, or Personality of Godhead) is endowed with thirty-two characteristics, and all these hall¨marks are present in Gaura in a concomitant fashion. All the natural hallmarks of the Original Personality of Godhead are fully present in Sri Krsna Caitanya, and they are all visible to the eyes of His devotees. A conditioned soul cannot perceive them through millions of births of pious activities, though.

The sannydsi said: "The Supreme Brahman is form¨less, but the sadhus make it a custom to imagine it having a form." Sri Acyuta retorted: "If this is an imaginary concoction, then how can the Supreme Brahman be attained by worship¨ping this untrue imagination?" The sannydsi replied: "The eternal brahman exists in all forms, and liberation is achieved by realising this one-ness, not otherwise. Sri Acyuta said: "What is the difference between the world and brahmaV The sannydsi: "The whole world is non-different from brahman." Sri Acyuta: "Then the world is a part of this brahman. The sannydsi: "That is true, and that is seen in all forms." Sri Acyuta: "The Vedas prove that brahma, paramdtma and bha-gavdn are filled with knowledge, existence and bliss. By His independent will He assumes many forms. Still He has one eternal form, whose radiance shines in all directions. Know that all mobile and immobile beings, from Brahma down to the ant, descend from a particle of the Personality of Godhead. How can the Complete Whole be stopped from descending into its own particle? In the Almighty there is no duplicity whatsoever. Through the sidelong glance of His illusory potency even a leech has the power to shrink and inflate. There is no doubt that the form of the Supreme Person, who is full in six opulences, has the power to pervade and to be pervaded. The Original Personality of Godhead wishes to establish reli¨gious principles and He Personally descends for the benefit of the conditioned souls.In this way Acyuta defeated the false arguments of the sannydsi by using many logical arguments and scriptural ref¨erences. The sannydsi was astonished and said: "I now accept that the Lord descends for the benefit of the conditioned souls. However, what is the proof of the fact that the Lord descends in the age of Kali?

Sri Acyuta said: "Then listen carefully. The Vedas and Puranas loudly proclaim that there are innumerable avatdras of the Lord. In the four yugas (cosmic ages) there are four avatdras of Krsna and are said to be of white, red, black and yellow complexion. In the age of Kali the Lord descends in a yellow form, as a devotee named Sri Krsna Caitanya. He made His auspicious appearance in NavadvTpa out of His own com¨passion and teaches religious principles to the conditioned souls by practising them Himself. Non-devotees think that the living entities are equal to the Lord of mdya, just as people who suffer from jaundice mistake a conchshell to be yellow.The sannyasi said: "What is the evidence of this?" Sri Acyuta replied: "The evidence is in His form, attributes and names. When you call out even once 'Gaurahga, Gaurahga!' your body will be studded with astonishing goose bumps. Hearing this, the sannydsi pronounced the holy name of Sri Gaurahga and on the strength of the devotee's words the moonlight of Gaura's grace expanded. On the inconceivable strength of the association and conversation with a devotee of Krsna he got goosepimples as big as Kadamba blossoms on his body. In astonishment, the sannyasi exclaimed: "Sri Caitanya is transcendental, of this there is no doubt. The holy name of Sri Gaurahga is filled with pure prema and rasa and is even sweeter then siddha harindma. Where is Gaura staying now? I will go to Himó thus I will soothe my scorching heart, body and mind by seeing Him.Acyuta said: "Come along with me and make your life successful by beholding Sri Gaurahga. But you are naked and Gauracandra will become greatly embarrassed and unhappy. The sannyasi said: "Who will give a garment to an aydcaka (mendicant who goes without begging) like me?" Sri Acyuta said: "You can get some cloth from me", tore half of his own cloth off and gave it to the sannyasi. The sannyasi put the cloth on and, when he looked decent, went along to see Sri Caitanya. Sri Acyuta offered prostrated obeisances unto Gaura's lotus feet while the sannyasT just stared at Gaurahga, and was so fortunate to see the universal form within Gora's body. When he saw that most wonderful display of divine prowess, the sannyasT shed a stream of loving tears resembling the current of the Gahga. With folded hands he offered praises to Sri Caitanya:

"You are the Lord of all, the prince of Vraja, appearing in the form of a devotee to teach mankind. All glories to Your spotless mercy! A low wretch like me cannot know Your great¨ness. I blasphemed You so much, being maddened by my false ego please forgive me my offences, I take shelter of Your divine feet!" In this way the sannyasT offered many humble praises and fell at Gaura's lotus feet like a rod.Gaura touched the sannyasT and said namo narayana, infusing His own transcendental power into him by touching him. When he was touched by the Gaura-touchstone, prema awoke within the sannyasT, who began to dance with raised arms. Roaring loudly, he frightened everyone, shouting again and again: "Sri Caitanya is the Lord of all!" Sri Acyuta and all the devotees danced along, shouting: "Blessed is the age of Kali!"