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Just prior to the only other visit Mahaprabhu paid to Prabhu Sltanatha's house in Santipura after taking sannyasa, another sannyasT came to visit. He was very insistent on ask¬ing Prabhu Sltanatha a question, even before accepting a meal from Him. The sannyasT asked Him: "Please tell me, what is Kesava Bharatl's relationship with Sri Caitanya?" Advaita Mahasaya thought to Himself: "Of course there is a social and a spiritual relationship here. Although the Supreme Lord has no father and mother, He is still glorified as the son of Devakl. Similarly, in the purely spiritual sense the Lord has no Guru, but still we are singing of all His manifest activities. Why should I speak about the spiritual aspect first? Let Me first answer this saint according to the social norms." Thinking like this, Advaita Mahasaya replied: "Kesava BharatI is the Guru of Sri Caitanya. You have seen that. Why are you still asking Me?As soon as Advaita had said this, His beloved eldest son Acyutananda came running, laughed and angrily exclaimed: "Father, what are You saying? Think about it — does Sri Caitanya have a Guru or not? How dare You say such a thing? I don't understand how You could bring it to Your tongue! Now I understand that the age of Kali has started, or that Sri Caitanya's tnaya is very hard to cross. I understand that Lord Visnu's maya, which deludes even Brahma and Sarikara, has gotten over You. What else can it be than that You are overcome by mdyd when You are saying that Sri Caitanya has a Guru? Innumerable universes enter into Sri Caitanya's pores of hair when He repeals them. Great and proud sages and philosophers are bewildered about Him. By Sri Caitanya's inconceivable wish Brahma emanated from the lotus of His navel, but Brahma himself could not see this. When Brahma finally took to devotional surrender, the Lord became satisfied with him and told him the truth. Brahma then carried the Lord's order on his head and took to creating the universe. The four Kumaras received that knowledge from Brahma and mer¬cifully preached it throughout the universe. Tell me, how can anyone who is thus the origin of all knowledge, ever have a Guru? Father, You are My instructing Guru. How can You speak such contrary words?After saying this, Sri Acyutananda fell silent. Advaita, though, entered into a fit of ecstasy and embraced His beloved son, showering him with tears of love and saying: "My son! My son! You are the father and I am the son! You have appeared as My son just to teach Me! O child, I have commit¬ted an offence, excuse Me. I promise you, I will never say such things again!Hearing his own praises, Sri Acyuta Mahasaya became shy and kept his head low. When the sannydsl heard Sri Acyuta's words, he instantly offered prostrated obeisances to the boy and said: "Advaita's son is very qualified. So father, so son that is an inconceivable truth. This can be nothing else but the power of the Supreme Lord! I have come at an auspi¬cious moment to see Advaita, so that I could behold this wonderful event with my own eyes." Then he offered his obei¬sances to both Advaita and His son and left, chanting the holy name of Hari. Acyutananda was certainly a qualified son of Advaita Prabhu, for he had exclusively surrendered to Sri Caitanya's lotus feet. When he saw the paramount glory of His son, Advaita Acarya embraced him, wept and forgot about all His other duties.