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Chapter Twenty-one

All glories to Shri Chaitanya! All glories to Sitanatha! All glories to Nityananda, along with all the devotees!

One day as Mahaprabhu was sitting in solitary place, He said to His dear Jagadananda, “Go quickly to Gauda-desha. First go to My birthplace in Nadia and convey My millions of obeisances at the feet of My mother. Tell her that wherever I go, I am her servant. I have been unable to do My duty as her son, so I have become a great offender at her feet. I am unable to repay My debt to her in millions of millenniums. If she mercifully excuses My offense, then I will be saved, otherwise I am ruined. I take shelter at her lotus feet. Then inform Krishna's devotees, particularly Advaita Acarya, about My welfare.”

Receiving Mahaprabhu's order, Jagadananda offered his obeisances and left for Gauda-desha. When he eventually arrived in Navadvipa-dhama, he went directly to mother Shaci and offered her obeisances. Then he submitted Mahaprabhu's humble statement to mother Shaci. On hearing the statement, mother Shaci repeatedly blessed her son.

Jagadananda is a jewel amongst Gaura's devotees. He rendered various services to mother Shaci. He informed all the other devotees about Gauranga's well-being, and the devotees were maddened with love on hearing the news.

Someone lamented, “O Gauranga, why did You take sannyasa after giving us the shelter of Your lotus feet? Why did You drown us in misery like this?”

Someone else said, “I have become most fortunate. Out of His causeless mercy, my life and soul, Gauranga, has remembered me.”

Seeing the devotees' lamentation, Jagadananda was distressed. He left for Shantipura, where he came and offered obeisances before Advaita Prabhu. Out of love, Advaita Prabhu warmly embraced him and immediately offered him a nice seat. Advaita Prabhu then affectionately inquired about Gauranga's welfare, and Jagadananda disclosed everything in detail. “Nowadays Shri Chaitanya is always maddened in ecstatic love. Sometimes in a morose state of mind He calls out the name of Radha. Sometimes He shouts out, `Where is the Lord of My life?' The sound of His voice melts the hearts of all living entities.”

On hearing this, my Prabhu became maddened with unalloyed love and lamented, “O Lord! O Gauranga!” This was all He could say. After about three hours Advaita Prabhu became stunned, and after a few more hours He roared out. One moment He laughed loudly, and the next moment He cried. The only words He spoke were “manifest” and “unmanifest.”

In this way, Advaita manifested various moods, which a worthless person like me is unable to describe. Although I may not understand, I simply repeat like a parrot whatever I have seen. This is the principle of passing on knowledge.

Shri Advaita Prabhu then made various arrangements for Jagadananda, and they passed that night discussing Gauranga's transcendental qualities. In the morning, Jagadananda humbly asked Advaita Prabhu's consent to leave. Advaita Acarya then gave Jagadananda a message in equivocal language with an import that Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu could understand, but others could not. Advaita said, “Gauranga is the treasure of My life. I offer this prayer at His beautiful reddish feet. Please inform Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is acting like a madman, that everyone here has become mad like Him. Inform Him also that in the marketplace, rice is no longer in demand. Those now mad in ecstatic love are no longer interested in the material world. Tell Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu that Advaita Prabhu, who has also become a madman in ecstatic love, has spoken these words.”

Hearing this sonnet, Jagadananda slightly smiled. He then took leave from Advaita and left for Nilacala. After some days, when he arrived in Nilacala and saw Gaura, tears of love flowed from his eyes. He offered obeisances to the Lord, and Shri Chaitanya lifted him up and embraced him.

With folded hands, Jagadananda gradually told Gaura the welfare of each of the Nadia devotees, “Shacimata's parental affection is unparalleled. She constantly worships the Supreme Lord for Your welfare. She begs the sadhus to bless You, and she herself blesses You with her hand raised.

“What can I say about mother Vishnupriya? I was amazed by her unflinching devotional service. She renders various services to mother Shaci, which even a thousand people could not do. Every morning she accompanies mother Shaci to the Ganges for bath. Other than that she never leaves the house. Even the sun and moon cannot see her. The devotees that go there for prasada can see her feet only, not her face. No one can hear her voice, her lotus face is pale, and tears always flow from her eyes. She only eats the remnants from mother Shaci's plate. She maintains her health only to continue her service. If she finds time after finishing mother Shaci's service, then she sits alone and continually chants the holy name. She has a strong taste for chanting the holy names. She is the topmost jewel amongst chaste ladies, and she is the embodiment of pure love. She has deep attachment for Your lotus feet. Only by her mercy was I able to meet her. She had a painting made of You, which she worships with devotion and the chanting of the holy names. She conscientiously worships that form in a secluded place. She has dedicated her life to the service of Your feet. Even Shri Anantadeva cannot fully describe her transcendental qualities. With only one mouth, how much can I tell You?”

Mahaprabhu said, “Don't speak further about this. Tell Me some good news from Shantipura about Advaita Acarya.”

Jagadananda Pandita told the Lord about Advaita's welfare, and then he told Him Advaita's confidential sonnet. Hearing that sonnet, Shri Chaitanya smiled and said, “I will honor His direction.”

Lord Gauranga then became stunned, and Svarupa Damodara and others inquired, “O Lord, what is the meaning of this sonnet? We are unable to understand it.”

Lord Gauranga said, “Advaita Acarya is that person who performed the uncommon feat of bringing Krishna to this world. The Lord Himself is bound by the rope of His love. By His desire, Krishna again disappears. Who can understand the inner meaning of His sonnet? Saintly persons say He is the Lord of the demigods. He is like a desire tree of devotional service and therefore worshipable by all.”

The devotees were delighted to hear this glorification of Advaita Prabhu. From that day on, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's emotional state changed markedly, as He manifested the ecstasy of Radharani's transcendental madness. He cried out, “O My Lord! O Krishna!” In great ecstasy, He was unaware whether it was day or night. His devotees were all frightened by His condition.

One day as Gauranga was entering the temple to see Lord Jagannatha, He exclaimed, “O My Lord!” Just as He entered the temple, the door closed on its own. The devotees who had accompanied Him felt greatly apprehensive. After a short time the door opened on its own, and the devotees guessed that Gauranga had disappeared.

Though Shri Chaitanya is never unmanifest to His devotees, His followers greatly lamented as people generally do in such circumstances. That lamentation was so intense that it burned the body, mind, and soul of all living entities as the fire of Lord Rudra does at the time of annihilation.

Lord Gauranga's pastimes are like an expansive ocean that even Ananta cannot fully fathom. I am smaller than the smallest insect, yet out of joy I have written this brief description.

Here in Shantipura, my Prabhu, in ecstatic trance, could perceive that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had departed from the world. In transcendental madness, Advaita Prabhu lost His external consciousness and called out, “Nimai! Nimai!”

One moment He said, “Come, Nimai, bring Your book. I have a lot of work to do. Let Me quickly give You Your lesson.” The next moment He said, “I know Your tricks. Tell Me, by whose sentiments are You golden?” Another moment He said, “Nimai, stay in My house. Mother Shaci will be distressed if You go to another part of the country.” And the next moment He said, “O Gaura, You are the director of Providence. You are the inaugurator of the sankirtana movement.” Then He said, “You have hidden the treasure of Vraja in Vraja itself, so I cannot find it. What kind of trick is this?”

Advaita went on talking incoherently like this for a long time, until He eventually came to external consciousness. He then called out “Hari! Hari!” and roared loudly.

Everyone said, “Now He has some internal disease.”

Who could understand that He was experiencing the mood of maha-bhava? Only the pure devotees could understand. I am a most insignificant insect with not even a reflection of knowledge. I have written in brief only whatever I have seen.

One day Sitanatha was sitting outside of His house happily chanting Hare Krishna. At that time one devotee from Shri Kshetra came there. Advaita Prabhu received him with due regards and offered him a seat. Following standard etiquette, Advaita wiped away His tears and eagerly inquired about Gauranga's welfare.

The Vaishnava said, “Did You receive any news about Lord Chaitanya? According to what I have heard, He has departed from the world.”

On hearing this, Advaita Prabhu felt the whole world to be void. He loudly exclaimed, “Now I understand! Now I understand!” Then He fell unconscious.

After some time He regained His external senses. Then He exhibited various indescribable ecstatic moods like being stunned, roaring, rolling on the ground, and crying out loudly, “Gaura! Gaura!”

Mother Sita heard His cry and came to see what had happened. When she heard what had happened, she fell unconscious. She regained consciousness after a long time, and then she cried loudly and chanted, “Chaitanya! Chaitanya!”

Shri Acyuta, Krishnadasa, and Shri Gopala all cried in frustration. Among Sitadevi's sons, these three were prominent. They were all pure devotees who had dedicated their lives to the service of Gauranga. I am unable to describe their lamentation. I have described only a very brief particle herein.

That day and night Advaita Prabhu remained unaware of the external world, as He fasted with His family members. The next day Advaita Prabhu held a large festival and entertained many brahmanas and Vaishnavas. Hundreds of poor people were fed, and many clothes and much wealth was given in charity. The nectar of the chanting of the holy names flowed like the Ganges and flooded Shantipura in an ocean of love. Many villagers along with their family members bathed in the waves of that ocean.

From that day on the master of mystics, Advaita Prabhu, constantly meditated on the form of Lord Gauranga. Mahaprabhu came and told Advaita in a dream, “O Nada, don't feel distressed in My separation. Being attracted by Your love, I have come to Your house as the son of Krishna Mishra. After some days Lord Nityananda will also come to Your house as the son of Krishna Mishra. I always perform pastimes in the heart of Your dearest son Krishnadasa. That eternal devotee of Mine is always engaged in service, so I will again appear to fulfill his desire.”

Advaita Prabhu was amazed to have such a wonderful dream. That very day Krishna Mishra became the father of a son, who was the exact image of Lord Gauranga, who enchants the entire world. Advaita Prabhu became absorbed in loving affection on seeing that child's form.

The child was named Raghunatha, and he was the reservoir of love. When the child heard the transcendental qualities of Gauranga, tears of love flowed from his eyes. In due course of time, on the occasion of Krishna's Holi festival, a second son was born to Krishna Mishra. That child looked exactly like Lord Nityananda, the ocean of mercy who constantly glorified Lord Gauranga. Advaita Prabhu named the child Shri Dola-govinda. On hearing this name the devotees chanted the name of Hari in ecstasy.

One day Shri Advaita called His sons to a lonely place and spoke to them in sweet words, “My dear sons, please consider this and act accordingly. Please hear about the essential duties of ideal householders. One who regularly performs morning and evening prayers and the panca-yajna sacrifice is most intelligent. Don't covet other's wives or wealth, or you will suffer in this life and the next. Don't commit violence, rather be merciful to all living entities. Don't blasphemy, rather glorify all sadhus. Plant tulasi in the courtyard of your house, for a house without tulasi is like a crematorium.

“Regular sankirtana is the best process for destroying all sinful reactions and achieving perfection. By this process one will always have the association of sadhus. Thus one is easily freed from all offenses and the fear of death. One who always engages in sankirtana attains devotional service to Krishna without doubt. Remember this one other instruction: Don't do anything for your own pleasure. If you lead your family life for the service of Lord Krishna, then you won't suffer the results of pious and impious activities.

“Material desires increase as a result of fruitive work. Thus the living entity takes repeated birth in this world. Therefore give up fruitive activities in all respects. Work for the pleasure of Krishna and your desires will be fulfilled.”

In this way Advaita Prabhu gave various instructions to His sons, who were very pleased as a result. Shri Acyuta, Krishna Mishra, and Gopaladasa were always happily engaged in Krishna's service. They had deep loving affection for Krishna and the Vaishnavas. Acyuta was completely detached from the materialistic way of life. By Advaita Prabhu's instructions, the waves of the Ganges of love swelled, and His sons began offering many items in the worship of Lord Krishna. Although all three were seriously engaged in Krishna's service, Advaita Prabhu decided to offer Krishna's service to Krishna Mishra. “The householder Krishna Mishra is a pure devotee, and I consider him eligible to serve Lord Krishna.”

Then the son of Labha said to Acyuta, “Listen, dear Acyuta, you are My eldest son and the most advanced devotee. I feel fortunate to have a son like you. You are supremely pure and as well versed in the scriptures as Brihaspati. You are the crest jewel amongst the religious-minded, and your consciousness is very pure. From your childhood you have been detached from material life and attached to the wealth of renunciation. You have become averse to taking a wife. You consider the living entities' dear sense enjoyment to be insignificant. Therefore you are not the proper person to do the activities related to Deity worship. Krishnadasa Mishra, your younger brother, is affectionate to the brahmanas and he is a great devotee. He is a great scholar and has clear intelligence, as he is a storehouse of devotion. He is the crown jewel of pure devotees, and he is always pure in his habits. He always follows My instructions. He has dedicated his life to Gauranga, so he is very dear to the Lord. He got married and became a householder. In My opinion, He is eligible to serve the Deity of Krishna.

“In particular, the two sons of Krishna Mishra are most religious-minded. They are devoted to Lord Gauranga's service. The elder, Raghunatha, and the younger, Dola-govinda, both find great delight in the service of Krishna. One day Raghunatha said to Me, `How can the words of Vedavyasa be kept true? In the age of Kali eighty-four hells were becoming full of living entities, but the path was blocked by Shri Krishna Chaitanya. He delivered the living entities with the holy names. Please tell me how the living entities will fill the hellish planets now?'

“On hearing this, Dola-govinda smiled and said, `Hell will be filled with those who are envious of Gauranga.' Hearing his statement, I was amazed. From that time I knew that those two are incarnations. How fortunate is Krishnadasa! And how fortunate are his sons! They are the right persons to serve Shri Madana-gopala. One who worships Gauranga is My own man. He is the proper person to serve My life and soul. Therefore I desire that Krishna Mishra should take this responsibility. What is your desire?”

Shri Acyuta cheerfully folded his hands and said, “Whatever You say is fine with me.”

Then Shri Advaita said to Krishna Mishra, “Madana-gopala is the Lord of My life. Please regularly worship Him with love and devotion. Don't let materialists worship Him. Monist sannyasis, yogis, jnanis, atheists, and nonbelievers are materialists. Those who desire sense enjoyment or liberation are devoid of bhakti. They are all nondevotees and therefore averse to Krishna. I consider even Vaishnavas averse to Krishna if they do not follow a bona fide sampradaya or if they follow a bona fide sampradaya but do not accept Gauranga. Listen to one other thing, Krishnadasa. Among My followers, some are evil-minded and do not follow My order to accept Gauranga. Shri Gauranga, however, is My Lord, and I am His servant. The dust of His lotus feet is My foodstuff. Gauranga is the worshipable Lord of My life, so I reject anyone who does not accept Him. All those who are averse to Krishna are mean-minded and never qualified to serve the Deity of Krishna. According to the Vedas, the ideal son is one who maintains his father's occupational duties.”

Advaita Prabhu then enthusiastically turned over the worship of Madana-gopala to Krishna Mishra. Obtaining the service of Shri Madana-gopala, Krishna Mishra offered his obeisances to Advaita Prabhu in ecstatic love. He offered humble prayers and obeisances to his mother, and Sita and Advaita both offered him their blessings. Krishna Mishra then humbly offered his obeisances to Shri Acyuta, who said, “I am amazed at how fortunate you are! Krishna desired to shower His mercy on you, and He manifested that desire through His own dear devotee, just as Krishna manifested Vedic knowledge through Brahma.” Saying this, he embraced Krishna Mishra.

Gopala said, “Krishna is very kind. By showering His mercy on you, the whole family is benefited, just as by watering the root of a tree, the branches and leaves flourish. How fortunate you are!” Then he offered Krishna Mishra his obeisances.

Krishna Mishra warmly embraced Gopala as well as Advaita Acarya's other sons, Balarama and the powerful Jagadisha. Then, in an angry mood, Jagadisha and Balarama discussed with their followers and carefully brought one Deity of Krishna. They performed abhisheka and installation of the Deity and then held a big festival.

Shri Advaita's pastimes are like an boundless ocean, I am briefly writing about only one drop.

Praying at the the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya and Shri Advaita, always desiring Their mercy, I, Ishana Nagara, narrate Shri Advaita Prakasha.