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Chapter Eight

All glories to Shri Chaitanya! All glories to Sitanatha! All glories to Nityananda, along with all the devotees!

One day Advaita took the devotees to the Ganges as He went for His regular bath. At that time Nrisimha Bhadudi with his two daughters arrived at the bathing ghata in a boat. The chaste, beautiful Sita became joyful on seeing Advaita Prabhu's handsome form. She thought, “Such a form is not seen amongst human beings. The beauty of His form defeats that of gold from the Jambu River. His arms extend to His knees, and His hands are shaped like a lotus. His fingers are shaped like the petals of the campaka flower. Seeing His soft lotus feet, my heart becomes jubilant. I offer my body and soul to this great personality. If I do not attain Him, I will give up my life.” Thinking like this, she relished the moonlike face of the Lord with her eyes.

Shridevi, the other daughter, was the expansion of Shri Sitadevi. That saintly sister of Sita was as beautiful as Lakshmi. Seeing the form of the Lord, she jubilantly said, “O sister, I see there is a storehouse of elegance on the bank of the Ganges. It appears as if millions of full moons have descended together on the earth. How divine is His bodily fragrance! That fragrance conquers millions of fully blossomed lotuses. One's mind and soul are satisfied simply by seeing His bright, matchless, handsome face. If a women gets such a person for her husband, she is most fortunate.”

Seeing Advaita Prabhu, the best of the brahmanas, Shri Nrisimha Bhadudi, thought himself blessed. He humbly addressed Advaita according to etiquette, and Advaita Prabhu replied, “Namo Narayana.”

When Advaita Prabhu gently asked the brahmana about his identity, he submissively replied, “I am a resident of the village of Narayanapura. My surname is Bhadudi, and my name is Shri Nrisimha. I have come to see You after hearing about Your transcendental qualities. Today I am fortunate, for my long cherished desire to see You has been fulfilled.”

Shri Advaita Prabhu said, “I am fallen. What power do I have? Please bless Me by becoming My guest.”

Shri Nrisimha said, “You are directly Sadashiva. Who can refuse Your request?”

Saying this, Nrisimha Bhadudi along with his two daughters joyfully went to Advaita Prabhu's house, where the Lord received him with respect and proper etiquette. Then Advaita Prabhu revealed His four-armed form to the fortunate Bhadudi, who thought to himself, “Today my birth is successful! Today I have reaped the fruits of millions of past pious activities. I have directly experienced what I have heard about Him. He is a most suitable recipient for my daughters' hands.”

The two daughters' affection for Advaita became one by His association just as two pieces of wax become one when heated. Bhadudi thought, “If Lord Hari is merciful to me, then my long cherished desires will be fully satisfied.”

Then Advaitacandra, by His divine potency, appeared like a great king. His residence was transformed into a palace that was decorated with various flowers so that it resembled Indra's abode. The whole town of Shantipura was filled with a divine fragrance as Advaita Prabhu sat on a jeweled throne. His enchanting form derided the luster of gold from the Jambu River and the shining of many moons. He wore a jeweled crown on His head, bracelets on His wrists, earrings on His ears, and ankle bells on His feet. He wore two pieces of white silk cloth, and His limbs were smeared with aguru, sandalwood, and musk. His neck and chest were wonderfully decorated with a white flower garland. He was surrounded on all sides by servants and maidservants, while friends and relatives sat near Him. Shri Yadunandana Acarya was His deputy, Pandita Krishnadasa was His secretary, and Brahma Haridasa was His minister. Shyamadasa Acarya was His matchmaker; by his resourcefulness, the marriage was fixed.

Nrisimha Bhadudi was amazed to see this assembly. At that time Shrivasa Pandita arrived there. Shrivasa was the incarnation of Narada Muni, and he took birth to assist in Lord Gauranga's pastimes. He was invested with Krishna's mercy to act as the external manifestation of the Supersoul. The brahmana Shrivasa was always absorbed in Krishna consciousness and distributing pure devotional service. He appeared in Navadvipa and was especially merciful. He always chanted the holy names; nothing else came from his mouth. When Advaita saw Shrivasa, He got up from His seat and embraced him.

Taking a seat there, Shrivasa addressed the assembly, “Listen everyone. This Advaita Acarya is an expansion of Lord Hari and is therefore nondifferent from Him. He has appeared on earth to deliver the living entities. I am insignificant, so how can I know His glories? Even Lord Brahma knows only a portion of His greatness. This Shri Nrisimha Bhadudi has appeared from the union of the ocean of milk and the Himalaya Mountains. He is saintly, truthful, and foremost among those in the mode of goodness. He is expert in understanding the scriptures, and he has therefore glorified his dynasty.

“His daughter Sita is nondifferent from Paurnamasi, who assisted Krishna's Vrindavana pastimes as Yogamaya. Unknown to others, she was not born from a womb. As result of his many pious activities, Nrisimha found her in a lotus. I will now briefly describe the appearance of Sita, for such topics destroy all sins. Shri Nrisimha Bhadudi lives in Narayanapura and belongs to a reputable brahmana family. He is always engaged in the welfare of others. Everyday he personally collects tulasi and flowers for his worship of Narayana. In a lake near his village various lotus flowers blossom and saturate the entire village with their fragrance. Smelling that fragrance, Nrisimha thought, `This fragrance must be coming from the lake. I guess many lotuses are blossoming there. Whoever worships Narayana with lotus flowers goes to Vaikuntha at the time of death.'

“Then the pure Shri Nrisimha Bhadudi went to the lake and picked the choicest lotus flowers. While picking flowers in this way, he found one lotus with a hundred petals. Within that flower he found a baby girl. The baby girl was the size of a thumb, and her beauty was like a lightning bolt. She is an assistant in Radha-Madhava's eternal pastimes. That girl's bodily effulgence outshone the sun, so Nrisimha thought she was Shri Lakshmi. Her four arms resembled lotus flowers, and her nails resembled rising moons. Shri Nrisimha thought, `I have never seen such matchless beauty. Let me take this jewel of a girl along with the lotus to my home.'

“Then he picked up the girl and the big lotus and rushed home. By the will of the Lord, that very day Nrisimha's wife gave birth to a baby girl they named Shri and who resembled Lakshmi. In the maternity room the joyful Nrisimha Bhadudi privately showed the baby in the lotus to his wife.

“Shri Nrisimha's wife's name is Narasimhi. She is saintly, pious, and beautiful like Menaka. When Narasimhi saw that exquisitely beautiful girl, she was astounded and sweetly said to Nrisimha, `O Prabhu, although this girl is the size of a thumb, she shines like the sun. Perhaps Mahamaya has come here to delude us. If she stays with us as our daughter, we can consider it her mercy on us.'

“While the couple conversed in this way, the tiny girl suddenly became the size of a newborn girl. The two girls became known as twin daughters, and many village ladies came to see them. Everyone remarked, `The two girls are equal to Lakshmi.' They concluded that Sita was the elder and Shri was the younger. Who can describe Shri and Sita's wonderful pastimes? At the age of five they crossed the Ganges by foot. Now I will relate in brief how they once taught a sannyasi many lessons.

“One day a powerful sannyasi came to Nrisimha Bhadudi's house as his guest. Many people came to see him, including Shri and Sita, who actually came to deliver him. Seeing Shri and Sita, the sannyasi was bewildered and unable to display his yogic powers such as anima. The sannyasi offered prayers to the girls with straw between his teeth. Sita inquired, `You are a powerful sannyasi. Why are you offering prayers to us?'

“The sannyasi replied, `You are like Lakshmi personified. Please tell me how I can attain the liberation of having a form like Vishnu. Please dispel my illusion and establish the truth. You will both be glorified throughout the world.'

“Sita, the embodiment of compassion, smiled and said, `Liberation is the maidservant of Bhakti, who controls all. Even though one may achieve the five kinds of liberation, he may still not attain the lotus feet of Lord Hari. The nature of liberation is that it makes one proud, and one thus falls down to engage again in material activities. Bhaktidevi, however, is endowed with unlimited transcendental qualities. Whoever attains her favor never takes birth again. One relishes the ecstasy of pure love while rendering devotional service, and after attaining Krishna's lotus feet one sees the happiness of Brahman realization as insignificant.'

“Then Shri smiled and said to the sannyasi, `The liberation of attaining the form of Vishnu is most abominable. Is it better to drink honey or be honey? In this way Krishna's devotees enjoy more loving ecstasy than Krishna Himself.'

“The two sisters thus explained the science of devotional service, and as a result the sannyasi became a pure Vaishnava.

“Now hear about Shri and Sita's transcendental pastime of walking across the Ganges. One day on the opposite side of the Ganges there was a spiritual festival, with dancing, singing, and congregational chanting of the holy names. Many people gathered there. Nrisimha Bhadudi along with his two daughters also left for that place. Arriving at the bank of the Ganges, Nrisimha became apprehensive on seeing that strong winds had created waves in the river. He left his two daughters in the care of his servant and crossed the Ganges in a big boat. Seeing this, Shri and Sita crossed the Ganges on foot by their spiritual potency. Nrisimha was astounded to see his two daughters' transcendental activity, and he quickly picked them up in his arms. Seeing Shri and Sita's feat, the atheists and ignorant also proudly tried to cross the Ganges on foot. When they went into the deep water, they bobbed up and down, struggling for their lives. Seeing that, everyone laughed loudly. Thus Shri and Sita performed many childhood pastimes, of which I have given only a hint.”

Shri Advaita said, “Nothing is impossible, because Krishna's devotees have inconceivable power. In order to deliver the universe, each and every devotee can obtain the eight mystic perfections simply by the Lord's merciful glance.”

After Advaita Prabhu described the glories of the devotees, Shrivasa and the other Vaishnavas humbly said to Advaita Prabhu, “You are like a touchstone, for You are the incarnation of Krishna's devotee. Within You is a storehouse of the science of Krishna consciousness. You alone know the truth about Krishna's devotees. You are Gopeshvara and You know everything. Your Sitadevi is Yogamaya, and Shri is nondifferent, except for having a different body. By marrying these two sisters, You will have an inexhaustible storehouse. Marrying them will be favorable for the service of Krishna and the Vaishnavas, and they will help You to deliver the living entities.”

Advaita Prabhu indicated His consent for the marriage, and Nrisimha Bhadudi offered Advaita his two daughters according to custom. Various sweets, grains, and fruits were offered to Radha-Madana-gopala at the marriage ceremony. In turn, that prasada was distributed to the men and women, who happily honored the Lord's remnants and then returned to their residences. Judging by their loving dealings, Sita Thakurani and Shri Thakurani may be considered to be one and the same. Their deep faith in service to the Lord and their husband increased day by day.

One day Madhavendra Puri came in a dream to mother Sita and sweetly said, “My name is Madhavendra. Advaitacandra has taken mantra from me. I would also like to give you that best of mantras, which attracts Krishna. Krishna never eats food offered by one who is not initiated. Someone who offers according to his own liking commits a great offense.”

Sita said, “It is my good fortune to meet you. Please purify my body and soul by initiating me in that mantra.”

Madhavendra Puri gave the Krishna mantra to Sita and then disappeared. When mother Sita woke up, she exclaimed, “How wonderful! Madhavendra Puri gave me mantra in a dream.”

When she described her dream to Advaita Acarya, He noted, “You are very fortunate to be freed from material bondage.”

Later, at an auspicious time, Advaita Prabhu gave the same mantra to His wife according to Vedic regulations. I have thus described a little about the confidential topics that mother Sita has mercifully told me.

Praying at the the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya and Shri Advaita, always desiring Their mercy, I, Ishana Nagara, narrate Shri Advaita Prakasha.