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Chapter Four

All glories to Shri Chaitanya! All glories to Sitanatha! All glories to Nityananda, along with all the devotees!

Advaita Prabhu then engaged in the service of His parents, obediently carrying out their orders. For the next one year the two were immensely pleased to accept service in this way from the Lord.

Then one day Kuvera said to Kamalaksha, “You have appropriately served Your father and mother. Whoever devotedly serves his father and mother will enjoy increased life span, wealth, and fame. Now listen as I tell You something confidential. Your mother and I have both passed ninety years. A flower airplane will soon come for us. After we leave this world, please offer oblations at the feet of Vishnu on our behalf.”

As he spoke, a celestial airplane that was visible only through eyes of knowledge arrived there. The couple rode in that airplane to Vaikuntha, while Advaita Prabhu chanted the name of Hari and roared loudly. After performing the standard rituals, Advaita Prabhu lamented like an ordinary person. The son of Labha then remembered His father's instructions and went to Gaya, the abode of Vishnu, where He offered oblations at the lotus feet of Vishnu. He passed a few days there in order to complete His forefather's rites.

Advaita Prabhu then thought, “If Jagannatha is merciful to Me, I will go to Nabhi-gaya (near Yajapura, Orrisa) from here.” On the way to Jagannatha Puri, Advaita Prabhu went to Remuna and had darshana of Gopinatha. Seeing the sweetness of Gopinatha, Advaita was overwhelmed in ecstasy. One moment He laughed, the next moment He cried, and another moment He danced. After some time Advaita Prabhu regained His external consciousness and then offered obeisances and prayers to Gopinatha. After leaving that place, He went to Nabhi-gaya and offered oblations to His forefathers. In this way He felt gratified. From Nabhi-gaya, Advaita Prabhu went to Puri, where Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra perform their pastimes.

Advaita Prabhu offered dandavats to Lord Jagannatha by falling on the ground like a rod. He offered many prayers to the Lord, who manifested before Advaita Prabhu as Krishna. Seeing Lord Jagannatha in this way, Advaita was overwhelmed in ecstasy and exclaimed, “O Lord of My life!” He then fainted. When Advaita regained His consciousness after some time, He cried out, “Now I have obtained Krishna!” He jumped high and danced beyond description. One moment He laughed, and the next moment He cried loudly. Advaita Prabhu was absorbed in great ecstasy throughout the whole day and night until the next morning when the sun rose and He regained external consciousness. After Advaita took bath in that king of holy places, He was delighted to obtain Lord Jagannatha's maha-prasada. Advaita noted how all the temples in Shri Kshetra-dhama were overflowing with love of God.

After passing some time in Puri, Advaita Prabhu departed for Rameshvaram. On the way He took bath in the Godavari River and visited many places of pilgrimage. Sometimes He went east and sometimes He went west. There was no particular sequence in His travels, for He was always mad in ecstasy. Advaita Prabhu visited Vishnu-kanci, Shiva-kanci, and so many other places of pilgrimage that they cannot be described.

Advaita Prabhu took bath in the Kaveri River, and then He visited Papanashanam and other places like Madurai. Eventually Advaita arrived at the great pilgrimage place of Setubandha, Rameshvaram, where He joyfully took bath at Dhanustirtha. He offered respects to Rameshvara-Shiva and devotedly worshiped and offered many prayers to Shiva. “Lord Ramacandra is his Lord, and he is Rama's servant.” Saying this, Advaita felt great bliss. Raising His arms, Advaita began dancing—sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, and sometimes losing consciousness. Sometimes He cried, “Where is Rama, the Lord of My life?” Thinking in this way, He slapped His cheeks and clapped His hands. Restraining His ecstatic feelings, He passed that night reading Ramayana.

Thereafter Advaita Prabhu visited many other holy places until He eventually arrived in Udupi. Many saintly followers of Shrila Madhvacarya were residing there, relishing the nectar of devotional service. They expounded the science of devotional service from the Shandilya-sutras and Narada-sutras with full devotion. On hearing their explanations, the Lord displayed ecstatic symptoms. He repeatedly prayed to Bhaktidevi to be merciful to them. He danced wonderfully with His arms raised and ran here and there crying. Gradually the waves of the ocean of love overflowed and the Lord fell unconscious to the ground.

Seeing this, Madhavendra Puri said, “He must be situated on the highest platform of devotional service. An ordinary living entity cannot display such symptoms of love. He must be situated in transcendence, on the spiritual platform. He is drinking the elixir of pure love and enjoying internal bliss, with no external consciousness. All the symptoms of a great personality are manifest in His body. I can understand that He has appeared to deliver the whole world.”

All the saintly persons there surrounded Advaita Prabhu and jubilantly chanted, “Hari, Hari!” Drinking the powerful medicine of the holy names, Advaita begged for devotional service and roared loudly. All the devotees floated in waves of love as Advaita Prabhu manifested various ecstatic symptoms.

After some time, when Advaita calmed down, He offered His obeisances to Madhavendra Puri, who is like a desire tree. Overwhelmed in ecstasy, Madhavendra Puri embraced Advaita and then inquired about His name and residence. “You are a storehouse of pure love. We are most fortunate to have You here.”

Advaita Prabhu replied, “My name is Kamalaksha, and My residence is in Shantipura, on the bank of the Ganges. You are the acarya of devotional scriptures, and you are most renounced. Please accept Me as your servant and teach Me the science of devotional service.”

Greatly pleased to hear His earnest request, Madhavendra kept Advaita Prabhu with him. Madhavendra Puri explained Shri Madhvacarya's commentary on the Shrimad Bhagavatam to Advaita Prabhu. Just by hearing that explanation, Advaita committed it to memory. The devotees there were amazed to see this.

Then one day Advaita told Madhavendra Puri, “By the present influence of Kali, living entities are not accepting devotional service. Wherever one goes, he sees only unclean habits. One never even hears the name of Krishna. I don't find any means for the people's deliverance. Please suggest some means.”

Madhavendra Puri said, “Kamalaksha, You are an ocean of compassion. You are always thinking of the welfare of the living entities. This sort of consciousness is not manifest in ordinary people. Only one who is divinely empowered manifests such godly opulence. Unless the Supreme Personality of Godhead incarnates, there is no easy way to deliver the living entities. Therefore the original Supreme Lord will appear in order to establish religion in Kali-yuga. The primary evidence about His appearance is in the Ananta-samhita, and there is further reference in the Shrimad Bhagavatam.”

Advaita Prabhu said, “Where in the Ananta-samhita may this be found? I have a strong desire to see it.”

Hearing His request, Madhavendra Puri showed Him the reference in the Ananta-samhita. Advaita Prabhu was most delighted to read it and said, “The son of Nanda Maharaja, who is full in six opulences, will appear in Navadvipa as Lord Gauranga! He will deliver the entire world by giving people love of God through the chanting of the holy names. Thus He will fulfill the desire of this fallen soul.”

As Advaita said this, He was filled with ecstatic symptoms, and He chanted Gauranga's name for three hours:

gaura mora pranapati yanha tare pana

veda-dharma langhi mui taha cali yana

“Lord Gauranga is the Lord of My life. I will go wherever I find Him, even if I have to transgress the Vedic injunctions.”

Advaita sang this verse and danced as other devotees joined along. Gradually the waves of pure love swelled up like the Ganges in flood. They cried in ecstasy as they chanted the name of Gauranga. Exclaiming, “I've attained Gauranga!” the Lord rushed to and fro, sometimes losing consciousness and rolling on the ground. Later, after the Lord restrained His ecstatic symptoms, He had that reference in the Ananta-samhita copied down.

Then one day Advaita Prabhu got up in the morning, offered obeisances to Madhavendra Puri, and left. Continuing on His travels, He visited hundreds of holy places until He came to Dandakaranya. He visited the sites around Nasika, and then He left for Dvaraka. Absorbed in love, He offered His respects and prayers to Lakshmi, Vasudeva, and others. He then went to other holy places like Prabhasa and Pushkara, until He eventually arrived at Kurukshetra. As He continued His pilgrimage, He went to Haridvara to take bath in the Ganges. Thereafter He visited Shri Badrikashrama, the topmost holy place, where He had darshana of Nara-narayana and Vyasadeva. After He danced in ecstasy and offered His obeisances, He continued with His travels. In a few days He arrived at Gomukha, the source of the Ganges. Then He went to the Gandaki River, where shalagrama-shilas are found. He took bath there, rested a while, and then incessantly chanted the holy name of the Lord. He found a shalagrama-shila marked with a cakra and other auspicious marks, and He devotedly took it with Him when He left. Then Advaita Prabhu went to Mithila, the birthplace of Sita. He rolled on the ground there and then chanted and danced in ecstasy.

Now hear about the wonderful incident that took place at that time. The Lord heard a sweet, melodious song in glorification of Krishna. He rushed in the direction of the sound and found a first-class brahmana sitting under a banyan tree singing the nectarean glories of Lord Krishna like a Gandharva. Advaita Prabhu was struck with wonder on hearing the descriptions of Krishna's form. He was filled with love and embraced the brahmana. On the pretext of embracing the brahmana, Advaita bestowed His mercy by giving him love of God just as iron is turned to gold by the contact of touchstone.

The brahmana understood that Advaita was the Supreme Lord and offered Him obeisances. Advaita remembered Lord Vishnu and asked the brahmana his name and the name of the author of the nectarean song.

Advaita Prabhu said, “Such a sweet composition is hardly heard, and the pleasing sound of your voice is most excellent. I became intoxicated by hearing that nectarean song of yours, and out of attraction I came running here.”

The brahmana said, “My name is Vidyapati. Since I am maintained by the king, my consciousness is contaminated. I composed this song in this maddened condition. You became pleased with the song because You are a paramahamsa, who has accepted the essence of everything. Otherwise, who has the power to attract You? You have delivered me simply due to Your saintly qualities.”

Advaita Prabhu said, “What to speak of ordinary living entities, even Krishna Himself is attracted by your nectarean song. By some great fortune Krishna has bestowed His mercy on Me and I am able to associate with Vidyapati, the composer of this song.”

Saying this, Advaita embraced him again and then started for Ayodhya while remembering Lord Hari. At Ayodhya, He saw the birthplace of Lord Ramacandra. He offered His obeisances and His hairs stood on end. Remembering the wonderful pastimes of Lord Ramacandra, He cried profusely in ecstasy. As the waves of the ocean of love overflowed, He shouted, “Kill Ravana!”

In this ecstatic mood Advaita Prabhu imitated the pastimes of Lord Ramacandra. After some time Advaita regained His composure and took bath in the Sarayu River, where He saw the pastimes of Lord Ramacandra's bathing. Thereafter, He continued on His travels.

Eventually Advaita Prabhu arrived in Varanasi, where He took bath in the Ganges River at Manikarnika-ghata. Seeing the Adi-keshava Deity, Advaita blissfully offered His obeisances and many prayers. Advaita Prabhu then went and chanted and danced in ecstatic love before Bindu Madhava. His ecstatic feelings grew as He repeatedly offered obeisances and prayers.

With folded hands, He prayed to the Lord, “O Madhava! O Hari! How wonderful is Your mercy on Me! Your transcendental form is like a kalpa-vriksha tree that fulfills the desires of Your devotees. You give liberation here even to one who is spiritually dead. Your glories are not understood by even Lord Brahma or Lord Shiva, so how can an insignificant being like Me describe Your glories?”

Advaita Prabhu then went in an ecstatic mood to the temple of Vishveshvara in order to instruct people how to worship Lord Shiva. Advaita Prabhu requested Lord Shiva for the benediction of devotional service. He offered prayers and then chanted and danced with raised arms. After offering His obeisances, Advaita went to the temple of Annapurna Devi and offered prayers to the goddess. Advaita Prabhu offered His respects to the goddess and then went to visit various other holy places, where He had darshana of Lord Shiva and other demigods.

In His travels, Advaita explained the supremacy of devotional service to many yogis, sannyasis, and renounced saintly persons. One evening Advaita Prabhu met Shri Vijaya Puri, a topmost devotee of the Lord. They blissfully discussed topics of Lord Krishna and then laughed and cried while chanting the name of Govinda. Sometimes they rolled on the ground, sometimes they lost consciousness, and sometimes they embraced each other in ecstasy. After that auspicious night passed, they suffered greatly as they parted ways.

Advaita Prabhu traveled on in this way until He arrived at Prayaga. There He had His head shaved, and then He bathed in the confluence of the holy rivers and devotedly offered oblations to His forefathers according to regulations. Next He went and offered prayers and obeisances to Veni Madhava, and then He saw Bhima's club, which He repeatedly glorified.

Shri Advaita Prabhu then left for Mathura, the site of Lord Krishna's eternal pastimes. When He arrived in the transcendental abode of the Lord, He manifested ecstatic feelings and cried out, “Alas, Krishna!” The entire city of Mathura was inundated with love—children, youth, and elders were all drowned in that flood. Upon seeing the Yamuna, Advaita felt overjoyed. He offered so many prayers and obeisances that it cannot be described.

In ancient times there was a devotee by the name Dhruva. The place where he worshiped Krishna is known as Dhruva-ghata. Anyone who offers oblations to his forefathers there will achieve one hundred times the results as obtained in Gaya.

After taking bath in the Yamuna at Dhruva-ghata, Advaita offered oblations with love and devotion. He next went to see the Deity of Krishna there and became stunned in ecstasy. Advaita experienced unlimited bliss as He visited the sites of Krishna's pastimes.

Advaita Prabhu then went on to visit Shri Vraja-dhama. Just by touching that transcendental abode, He was enchanted with love. Even though Mathura is a transcendental abode, the ecstasy of love is greater in Vraja because of the gopi's presence.

When Advaita came to His external consciousness, He cried and said, “Where is the Lord of My heart?” Intoxicated in ecstasy, He ran to and fro. Then He rolled in the dust while glorifying its spiritual nature. Sometimes He laughed, sometimes He jumped high dancing, and sometimes He called the name of Krishna and roared loudly. From time to time He manifested symptoms of ecstasy like perspiring, shivering, and being stunned. In this mood He approached Govardhana Hill.

Upon seeing Govardhana, Advaita was overcome with feelings of ecstasy, and He began dancing with His arms raised high. He then visited other sites of Radha-Krishna's pastimes and finally took rest at the base of a banyan tree. Towards the end of night, Advaita had a dream in which Shri Nanda-nandana appeared to Him.

Krishna appeared with the complexion of a newly-formed rain cloud, enchanting to the whole world. He had a peacock feather in His crown, and He danced while playing His flute. He was dressed in yellow cloth, and golden ankle-bells adorned His feet. His body was as soft as butter and full of transcendental mellows. Seeing Krishna's exquisitely beautiful form, Advaita felt overjoyed and began dancing with His two arms raised.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna, said, “You are part of My body. Your association inundates Me with jubilation. As Gopeshvara Mahadeva, You are most merciful. Now You have appeared for the welfare of the living entities. You are reestablishing the lost holy places, You are establishing the supremacy of devotional service, and You are delivering the living entities by distributing the name of Krishna. My transcendental Deity form named Madana-mohana is situated within one kunja. The Deity is hidden slightly under the ground on the bank of the Yamuna at Dvadashaditya-tila. Previously this Deity was nicely served by Kubja, but the Deity was hidden in fear of rogues. Bring some people from the village and uncover My Deity. Establish My Deity's worship for the benefit of the world.”

Lord Krishna then disappeared, and Advaita Prabhu awoke, filled with loving sentiments. He began loudly singing the holy names and dancing with His arms raised. When Advaita entered the village, the people were pleased to see a saintly person and they gathered around Him. Advaita Prabhu told them, “All of you come quickly to Dvadashaditya-tila on the bank of the Yamuna. Everyone—young and old—come with Me and we will uncover a beautiful threefold bending Deity of Krishna.”

Everyone became jubilant on hearing His words. They quickly brought their axes and shovels and hurried to the spot. Then with great efforts the Vrajavasis took the Deity out. When they saw the Deity's wonderful form, everyone became completely enchanted. They built a straw hut under the banyan tree and then bathed and installed the Deity there. Advaita Prabhu engaged one qualified brahmana Vaishnava in the service of the Deity and then went on Vrindavana parikrama.

Now hear what took place by the will of Providence. Some wicked Yavanas heard about the Deity installation. They considered breaking the Deity and thus smashing the Hindu's pride. They conspired together in this way, and then they went with weapons to Advaita-vata. Fearing the wicked mlecchas, Madana-mohana hid under some flowers as a cowherd boy. When the mlecchas entered the temple they could not find the Deity, so they went away frustrated.

When the brahmana priest came to worship the Deity and found Him missing, he cried out in lamentation. Then one child told the brahmana that some mlecchas had come to create mischief. Thinking that the mlecchas had taken away the Deity, the brahmana thought that he had lost the Lord's favor. He was thus aggrieved and abstained from eating. Later in the evening, Shri Advaita Prabhu arrived there. The brahmana related the incidents to Advaita, who wept on seeing the empty temple. Advaita Prabhu said, “Being kind on us, the Lord came by His own will. Now perhaps due to some offense He has left us.”

Advaita felt greatly distressed, and He abstained even from water as He passed the night under the tree. That night Madana-mohana appeared to Advaita in a dream and pacified Him with sweet words, “Wake up Advaita! I hid Myself under the flowers out of fear from the mlecchas. Even Lord Brahma is unable to see this form, which You see due to Your loving devotion. I will again appear in the same transcendental form, and people will enjoy unlimited happiness by seeing Me.”

After seeing that dream, Advaita rushed to the temple and found Gopala under the flowers. Finding that Deity, the embodiment of transcendental mellows and full of all sweetness, Advaita was overwhelmed in unalloyed love and lost His external consciousness. One moment He was stunned, the next moment His hairs stood on end, one moment He chanted the name of Hari, another moment He danced, and then He lost consciousness. After some time He regained His external consciousness and offered fruits and water to Shri Gopala.

Advaita Prabhu then accepted Lord Gopala's prasada and meditated on His incomparable mercy. Early the next morning as Advaita went to the Yamuna for taking bath He saw the brahmana priest on the bank. Advaita told him, “Go quickly to the temple. Wake the Lord and offer Him worship. The Deity should now be worshiped by the name of Madana-gopala. There is no need for you to know exactly why.”

The brahmana said, “The Deity is not in the temple.”

Advaita replied, “Krishna cannot leave His devotee.”

In wonder, the brahmana went to the temple, opened the door, and saw the Deity on the altar. Overwhelmed in love, the brahmana offered many prayers and worshiped the Deity in the name of Madana-gopala. From that day on the Deity became known as Madana-gopala.

One day Madana-gopala again appeared to Advaita Prabhu in a dream. In a sweet voice, Madana-gopala said, “O Advaita Acarya, a man by the name of Caube will come here from Mathura. There is danger from the wicked mlecchas here. Therefore hand Me over to Caube, so that he can keep Me safe.”

Advaita Prabhu said, “O Madana-gopala, You are the treasure of My life. You give Me happiness and strength. Without You, how can I maintain My life? Can a fish live without water?”

Madana-gopala smiled and replied, “I am forever under Your control. Without You, My pastimes are incomplete. I always reside with You. Kindly fulfill My devotee's desire by offering the Deity to him. Remember what has been previously described. This Deity is nondifferent from the painting that Shri Vishakha made. Shri Radhika Herself became enchanted on seeing that painting. That transcendental painting is still there in Nikunjavana. Go there, and without doubt You will easily find it. Take that picture to Shantipura and deliver the living entities by inaugurating its worship.”

Seeing that dream, Advaita Prabhu was inundated with love. He began chanting the Lord's name and dancing with raised arms. After a couple of hours He became perfectly calm. At that time Caube arrived there from Mathura. With grass between his teeth and folded hands, Caube came before Advaita Prabhu, offered his obeisances, and said, “You are the incarnation of the Lord. You know everything. You have recovered the Deity that was worshiped by Kubja. Madana-gopala ordered me in a dream to promptly take Him to Mathura and install Him there. Therefore I have come here to visit You. Please entrust the Deity in my care and make me fortunate.”

On hearing his supplication, Advaita handed the Deity over to Caube and began crying in separation. Leaving that place, Advaita wandered around and eventually came to Nikunjavana. Finding that picture, He drown in an ocean of love. Advaita Prabhu carefully took that transcendental picture and returned to His residence in Shantipura.

Praying at the the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya and Shri Advaita, always desiring Their mercy, I, Ishana Nagara, narrate Shri Advaita Prakasha.