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Chapter Three

All glories to Shri Chaitanya! All glories to Sitanatha! All glories to Nityananda, along with all the devotees!

One day Advaita Prabhu wrote a letter and sent it with someone to His parents in Lauda-dhama. Kuvera Acarya had looked for his son everywhere and was feeling great distress out of separation. Tears flowed from his eyes, and he repeatedly called out the name of Gopala. By the mercy of Lord Krishna, he felt somewhat relieved, and he returned to his house. Labhadevi was also grief-stricken because of the disappearance of her beloved son. She wandered here and there and sometimes rolled on the ground. Tears flowed incessantly from her eyes, and she sometimes asked incoherent questions like an insane woman. Sometimes she fell unconscious and appeared as if dead, and Kuvera Acarya would try to console her in various ways.

Kuvera said, “The Lord does not act without consideration. He returns whatever He takes from someone. Persons who are absorbed in remembering Krishna's lotus feet are the best of all beings, while those who are bodily conscious are the lowest of all. Material enjoyment leads one to an ocean of misery, just as one finds deadly poison when trying to enjoy the touch of a snake. As a medicinal tonic has the power to give one the happiness of renewed health, worshiping Lord Hari in difficult circumstances leads one to a reservoir of bliss.”

After hearing many instructions in this way, Labha Thakurani felt somewhat relieved. While feeling distressed one night, Kuvera Pandita entered his temple room and remained there fasting. In the morning he had a dream in which Gopala told him, “Your son is happily living on the bank of the Ganges. Kamalaksha is not an ordinary person, He has incarnated as a devotee. He will send a servant to you in a few days.”

Kuvera Acarya related his dream in detail to Labhadevi, and by hearing the Lord's prophesy she became pacified.

Then one day Kuvera Acarya and Labhadevi were overjoyed to receive Kamalaksha's letter. Kuvera said, “What is the use to remain here? Let us go live on the bank of the Ganges, where one easily attains liberation.”

Labha said, “I desire to stay there for the rest of my life.”

The couple departed from that place and joyfully went by boat to Shantipura. Seeing His mother and father, Advaita Prabhu ran to greet them and devotedly offered obeisances at their feet. They both lovingly embraced their son, kissed His forehead, and offered Him their blessings.

Labha said, “Separated from my son, I felt like a fish out of water.”

Kuvera inquired, “Dear son, what are You studying now?”

Advaita replied, “I am just about to finish studying the six branches of philosophy.”

Kuvera then said, “Now You should study the four Vedas, so that You may be enlightened with knowledge of Brahman.”

Advaita Prabhu said, “I will go to Purnavati to study at the house of one peaceful, learned brahmana.”

Kuvera Acarya said, “Knowledge is not under anyone's control. But one can acquire knowledge under the proper guidance of a bona fide teacher. You go there, but inform us of Your welfare. Study without interruption and everything will be auspicious.”

Advaita Prabhu then offered obeisances to His parents and departed with His books for Purnavati while remembering Lord Hari. He soon arrived in Purnavati and offered His obeisances to a peaceful first-class brahmana there.

The brahmana was astonished to see Advaita's handsome features. He offered his blessings and inquired about Advaita's identity. After discussing the scriptures with Advaita, that topmost brahmana admired and praised Advaita, saying, “Dear child, study whatever You desire here.”

Taking guidance from that brahmana, Advaita began studying the Vedas. In His pastimes as a human being, Advaita Prabhu acted as a shruti-dhara, and He thus studied all the Vedas in two years.

Now listen to this wonderful incident that took place one day. The peaceful brahmana went with his disciples to the Ganges for taking bath. Next to the Ganges was one large deep lake that had many thorny plants growing in it. In the middle of the lake they saw a beautiful lotus, whose fragrance spread throughout all directions. There were many black snakes sporting in that lake, so no one was able to pick the lotus. The learned brahmana smiled and said to his students, “Who is able to pick that lotus?”

The students said, “There is no way to get it.”

Advaita, however, replied, “I'm not afraid to go if ordered.”

The brahmana said, “There are many thorns and snakes. Don't vainly boast that you can traverse that most difficult path.”

Hearing this, Advaita Prabhu slightly smiled and then ran, stepping from flower to flower, across the lake. He picked that most fragrant lotus and then devotedly offered it to His teacher.

Seeing this magical feat, the brahmana was struck with wonder. He considered himself blessed to have such a student. Calling Advaita to a secluded place, the brahmana inquired, “My dear son, how did You do this superhuman feat? Do You have some art or divine power? Are You a demigod?”

Advaita Prabhu said, “The three worlds are expanded from Lord Hari. If someone dedicates his life in the service of Lord Krishna with a pure heart, the eight yogic perfections all come under his control.”

When that topmost, peaceful, learned brahmana heard this confidential conclusion from the Lord's mouth, he thought, “It is beyond the ability of an ordinary person to speak like this.” He therefore concluded that Advaita was the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

One day Kamalaksha said to His teacher, “If you are pleased with Me, give Me permission to return home.”

The peaceful brahmana said, “Your name is Veda Pancanana. My heart becomes restless at the thought of letting You return home. If You seriously want to leave, then I simply request that You should visit me whenever I desire.”

Advaita Prabhu offered obeisances to His teacher, who embraced the Lord and began crying. The other students and the teacher's wife all began to cry, and Advaita consoled them with sweet words, “Don't lament on My account. We will meet again. Don't forget our affectionate relationship.”

Saying this, Advaita disappeared, and they quickly searched here and there, but could not find Him. Advaita Prabhu returned home and offered obeisances to His mother and father. He displayed His love for them by profusely glorifying them. The two were greatly pleased to see their son again. They kissed His head and showered their blessings on Him.

Praying at the the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya and Shri Advaita, always desiring Their mercy, I, Ishana Nagara, narrate Shri Advaita Prakasha.