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In my many years of struggle to find a lasting solution for communal riots and misunderstandings between the followers of different religions, I have come across a very interesting conversation between a Muslim magistrate of Madia, India and a Vaishnava saint. This historical event began with misunderstanding and violent clashes but fortunately ended with mutual respect and deep inter-religious friendships. It is an amazing example of how a dialogue based on a strong mutual desire to solve inter-religious conflicts by reasoning in a peaceful way, actually succeeded.

This interfaith dialogue between Chand Kazi and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu can serve as guidance for the people of this modŽern age and the future generations to come. It shows that violence can be avoided through reasoning and the underŽstanding of each other's religion and culture.This event also revealed the relevance of Chaitanya's teachings for the followers of all religious denominations. According to Chaitanya, despite the existence of many scriptures and many creeds, God is one for everybody.This conversation is a great example of unification to be used by all religions. Unity in Diversity.