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I have gone through Chand Kazi and Chaitanya written by Dr. Akif Manaf and I fully appreciate his research work. It expresses the path of salvation which is supported by the Qur'an and all other scriptures of the world. The work can be summed up as a rare piece of research. All the other accompanying topics presented by the author are deeply reasonable and inspire us to proceed in the same way of salvation. I am highly pleased to see the writer's compassionate try and praiseworthy attempt to invite the people all over the world towards the path of God to get salvation and enjoy spiritual bliss forever. May God bless Dr. Akif Manaf and strengthen his energy more than before to continue this Great Admirable Work! In conclusion, it can be stated irrevocably that the researcher has been able to explain and make others realize the basic theme of the subject with outstanding ability.


Dr. Ashraf C. Haji Meher-Ali Ph.D., Author of Torch of Truth, Core of Conscience, Lofty Light