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This historic incident is a great example of unification under the banner of Unity in Diversity. Here two V W prominent religious leaders of society sacrificed mundane ambitions for the sake of spiritual unity of all religions. They peacefully united through tolerance, understanding and cooperation, so emerging as one victorious party.Unfortunately, nowadays many unscrupulous commentators of the scriptures are giving all kinds of misinterpretations and bewildering the innocent public. As a result people are fighting in the name of God although God does not approve of such behavior. Religion is given to us for peace and mutual understanding; it is not given to us for fighting.However, nowadays, we can see that even followers within the same religion have divided into many sects and are fighting with each other. We can see through the history of religion that whenever a great prophet or teacher leaves the planet, the first thing that happens is his followers divide into two camps and fight. Then these two camps further divide into many other parties and the fighting increases.As a result of misunderstanding the original teachings of the bona fide scriptures, many people now believe that the different religions are following different paths and worshiping different gods. So people are claming that their religion is the best and their god is the most powerful. With these misconceptions the followers of different religions are arguing, fighting and blaspheming each other's religion and scriptures. This kind of activity is extremely destructive to the peace and harmony amongst humanity. It has no end unless people really endeavor to understand the original Message of God revealed in all the scriptures of the world.The simple facts are God is one and He sends his representatives to teach people His original Message according to time, place, circumstances and people's intellectual capacity. The original Message of God is:


1. God is one;

2. Everyone is a servant of God;

3. The duty of everyone is to serve God;

4. The goal is to develop love of God.


Thus different scriptures are given in different languages at different times but the message is essentially the same. We should try to understand this original message and despite being divided by following different religious processes we should be united in our service to one God. This is real unity in diversity.God is neither Muslim nor Christian nor Hindu. God is God. He does not belong to any of these religions but they all belong to him. Similarly the soul originally does not belong to any religion. He belongs to God. However, here the soul accepts a particular religion and identifies himself with it. Therefore it is in our interest to give up this sectarian understanding, respect all religions and their followers, develop our love for God and live in unity and harmony.