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The transcendental form of Allah was visualized by Payagantbar (Prophet) Muhammad,"Chaitanya Mahaprabhu continued.It is narrated in the Hadith:"Muadh-bin-Jabal said: The Prophet on one occasion, hindered our saying the morning prayers until we were near seeing the sun. Then he hastened out of his house, and the Tacbir was called aloud, then the Prophet said prayers in haste, and when he had repeated the Salam, he said, 'Sit in your places, and I will inform you the cause of my being so late this morning. I got up early, and performed the Wadu, and said prayers, agreeably to the wishes of Allah, and I felt drowsy in my prayers, after which I awoke, and all of a sudden I beheld my Creator in a most lovely form, and he said: 'O Muhammad!' I said, 'What do you command?' He said, 'What do the angels argue about?' I said, 'I do not know.' Then I saw my Lord put the palm of His hand between my two shoulders till I felt my chest turn cold; then everything in the world appeared clear before me, and I knew the whole. Again He asked about the disputations of the angels. I replied, They dispute about deeds which cover sin.'"25

The Holy Prophet Muhammad once had miraj, or 'ascending' to heaven and after penetrating the 7th layer of heaven, he attended the Throne of Allah. Allah was sitting on the Throne. When the Holy Prophet Muhammad stood in front of Allah he felt reassured, but He found it hard to stand his ground when Allah stretched out His hands and placed one on his shoulder and the other on his chest. An icy chill froze his bones and his blood. Then the coldness faded and was succeeded by an ecstatic bliss which seemed to carry the Holy Prophet Muhammad out of his body into a state of being so marvelous that it was impossible to describe.26


When people asked the Holy Prophet Muhammad, "Have you seen Allah?" The Apostle answered: "I saw only light, a light so intense that Allah sat behind 20,000 curtains. If these curtains were to be removed and someone was to see the face of Allah he would immediately be burned to ashes."27Thus the Holy Prophet Muhammad has seen the spiritual form of Allah. He saw Allah in a most beautiful form. Allah reciprocated with Muhammad. He put His hands on Muhammad's chest and shoulder, and transferred to him transcendental bliss. But when the Holy Prophet Muhammad was asked to describe his experience he never expressed his vision. Because the mission of the Holy Prophet Muhammad was to stop worshipping the imaginary forms of God. Therefore he never described the spiritual form of Allah, which was shown to him by the causeless mercy of the Lord, since this would undoubtedly cause confusion among his followers.