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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Interfaith > Chand Kazi and Chaitanya > 11. Soul Is Eternal Servant



But even in the spiritual world, the Ruh remains as Banda (Servitor)," Mahaprabhu added.It is stated in the sura "Alraf", or "The Heights" of the Holy Qur'an (7.206):"Those who are with your Lord are not too proud to do Him service, but they praise Him and adore Him,"Thus especially those who are with Allah in the spiritual world, serve him incessantly. It is the eternal nature of the soul to serve the Supreme Lord. As heat and light cannot be separated from the nature of fire similarly service cannot be separated from the eternal nature of the soul. To direct this service propensity towards serving God is the natural happy position of the soul. To be a servant of God is the intrinsic characteristic of the soul. As soon as the soul is misdirected and deprived from this devotional exchange with his Supreme Lord he becomes unhappy and suffers. The point is, no one can live even for a second without serving something, be it his boss or his senses. So one can either invest his service energy into a temporary relationship, e.g. with his car or his wife and reap almost zero benefit at the time of death or one can invest the same amount of energy into his eternal relationship with the Lord and gain what every soul is looking for, a relationship based on pure unadulterated love. Therefore one should engage in unmotivated and uninterrupted devotional service to God. That is the perfection of human life.