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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Hari Bhakti Kalpa Latika > Stabaka-VI

Sixth Stabaka



1††††††† The author here describes smaranam (remembering the Lord).

††††††††† Continual remembrance, under all circumstances, of the handsome form of the perfect and complete Supreme Lord Vishnu, who is like an ocean of transcendental bliss, is called smaranam.


2††††††† The learned have described smaranam as remembering Lord Hariís transcendental forms and names and also remembering the mantras that help one to attain Him.


3††††††† They who jubilantly accept Lord Krishna, the son of Maharaja Nanda, within the residence of their minds, become purified without practicing astanga-yoga or cultivating transcendental knowledge.The sinful thoughts within their minds become crippled, and their senses never loiter on the path of materialism.


4††††††† His form like a delightful dark monsoon cloud, Lord Hari is like an ocean of transcendental bliss that enjoys pastimes in Vrndavana forest. They whose minds become immersed in that ocean of Lord Hari never become scorched by the great blazing fires of material suffering, and they cannot be harmed by the malevolent black snake of the Kali-yuga.


5††††††† They who constantly meditate on Lord Govindaís feet, and do not consider anything else to be valuable, never again flounder in the ocean of material existence, so full of suffering.For them, the rising moon of knowledge of the Supreme Lord dissipates all the darkness of ignorance.They drink the real, imperishable and eternal nectar of transcendental bliss.


6††††††† Vrndavana is decorated with madly dancing peacocks, blossoming flowers full of humming bees, and many different trees with budding twigs. In the middle of it is a desire tree with pearl flowers, emerald leaves, and many kinds of jewel fruits. May the reader meditate on that tree.


7††††††† Beneath that desire tree is a great and beautiful golden temple, with a hundred columns fashioned from great jewels, walls made of rubies, and many roofs decorated with flags moving in the breeze. Within that temple is a great throne made of rubies, and on that throne is an eight-petalled red lotus flower.Let the reader meditate in this way.


8††††††† Seated on that throne is Lord Krishna, who is never unhappy, whose handsome form is a dark monsoon cloud, whose face is a fullmoon, who gracefully bends in three places, whose limbs are splendid with ornaments, and who is served by gentle breezes reddened with flower pollen from the Yamunaís blossoming lotus forest, breezes that move the garments of the beautiful-eyed gopis.


9††††††† Adorned with anklets, His blossoming red lotus feet are marked with a flag, barleycorn, elephant-goad, lotus, and other auspicious signs. His graceful toes are splendid with toenail-moons.


10††††† His broad knees are handsome. His thighs are like plantain trees. His hips are splendid with an exquisite belt. His garments are yellow silk. His playfully tilted waist is charming with three folds of skin.His navel lake has a blossoming lotus entered by a bumble bee vine of the hair on His torso.


11††††† In the sky of His sandal and kunkuma-anointed chest a Kaustubha sun and pearl necklace star shines.With tendril hands and reddish bud fingernails, the vines of His broad arms are decorated with jewel armlets and bracelets.


12††††† He wears a splendidly fragrant garland colourful with kadamba, lotus, pravala, tulasi, mandara and santanaka flowers and visited by humming bees, that embraces His neck, rests upon His chest and devotedly reaches down to His feet.


13††††† On His neck, which mocks the conchshell, and which is always splendid with a garland of stars around the full moon of His face, a gunja necklace rests. On the pretext of the nectar of restless smiles flowing from His reddish lips, day and night He emits a great flood of bliss from His mouth splendid as millions of moons.


14††††† His cheeks are splendid with swinging earrings of gold and jewels. His large, smiling lotus eyes are graceful with tilting eyebrows. His handsome raised nose is decorated with a glistening pearl.His forehead is marked with a tilaka drawn in gorocana and musk.


15††††† His head is decorated with a glittering jewelled crown and a peacock feather.Glistening curling hair, dark as anjana, graces His forehead. Slightly tilting His neck, and moving the blossoming twigs of His fingers, He fills the flute with the nectar of His lips.


16††††† He is artistic and youthful.His handsomeness defeats Kamadeva. He is a palace of charming pastimes, an ocean of bliss, an ocean of playfulness, and an ocean of sublime intelligence. He is the only abode of mercy. He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the happiness of the three worlds.


17††††† The cakora birds of their hearts intoxicated by tasting the nectar flute-sounds flowing from the moon of His mouth, their lotus faces smiling, their eyes filled with sidelong glances, their forms decorated with various jewels, their colourful saris moving about their broad hips, and their hands holding many presentations, the girls of Vraja eternally serve Him.


18††††† The black bumblebees of the gopisí eyes lick the lotus flower of His face. asting the sweet nectar of His lips, the gopis happily worship Him. They serenade Him with flutes and vinas. He is surrounded by cowherd friends, His equals in age, handsomeness, decorated, transcendental qualities, speech and form.


19††††† When He played His flute, the great oxen and white cows, their mouths still full of grass, picked up their heads and gazed at the Lord, attentively listening to His music. Their calves still drinking milk from their udders, the cows slowly approached Him and surrounded Him on all sides.


20††††† Beyond them the demigods headed by Brahma offer obeisances and prayers before Him.Sanaka and other great yogis who aspire for liberation are behind Him. The sages who try to amass pious credits recite the Vedas at His right side. The Gandharvas and Vidyadharas sing, dance and play musical instruments at His left side.


21††††† Ardently devoted to the Lordís lotus feet, his hair matter, his form golden as the moon and the hairs of his body erect, Brahmaís son Devamuni Narada, plays the vina and sings prayers from the sky to Lord Krishna, who enchants the entire universe, and who is the abode of all spiritual happiness.One should meditate on the Lord in this way.


22††††† The author further explains: I meditate on Lord Krishna, who is splendid as a dark monsoon-cloud, whose large eyes are red lotus petals, whose waist is tied with a belt, whose little teeth are beginning to appear, who is sweeter than nectar, and who, called by His mother, crawls to Her on His hands and knees in His home in Vraja.


23††††† I meditate on Lord Krishna, who is splendid as a blossoming blue lotus flower, whose eyes are red lotuses, who wears a peacock-feather crown, who holds a pat of fresh butter in His hand, whose anklets tinkle, who is surrounded by His calves, who smiles, who is sweeter than nectar, and who has begun to dance.


24††††† I gaze on the cowherd boy Krishna, who is now exhausted from artistic, enthusiastic, playful dancing, whose cheeks glisten with earrings, who follows the cows, who is surrounded by dancing cowherd boys, who wears a yellow cloth about His waist, who holds a flute in one hand and a staff in the other, and who ties His hair with a rope meant to tie the calves.


25††††† The cows are in front.The boys, all dressed alike, follow.In the middle are Krishna and Balarama, walking as two intoxicated elephants and playfully moving Their limbs.They wear peacock feather crowns and carry a flute, bugle and stick. Eager to enjoy pastimes in Vraja, They smile. I meditate on Them.


26††††† When they hear the sound of the flute placed to His lips, the calves prick up their ears and let the milk trickle from their mouths. Lord Gopala is very eager to enjoy pastimes with the cowherd boys, His equals in qualities, age, dress, and playfulness.O friend, please meditate on Lord Gopala, whose form is splendid as a monsoon cloud, and who is decorated with a garland of forest flowers.


27††††† His form gracefully bending in three places and His lotus feet playfully moving, Lord Krishna dances in the midst of the doe-eyed gopis, who also dance and clap their hands.As He dances Krishna smiles, and His earrings move. Holding His flute in one hand, He takes the fresh blossom of Shrimati Radharaniís hand in the other. In this way one should meditate on Lord Krishna, who is dark as a monsoon cloud.


28††††† One hand resting on the shoulder of a gopi and the other holding a lotus flower, His eyes expanded, His peacock feather crown moving, and His kadamba garland shaking away humming bees, Krishna dances with the gracefulness of an intoxicated elephant. My heart yearns to drink the dark nectar of Lord Krishna.


29††††† His chest marked with the kunkuma powder from the gopiís breasts, His lips marked with their black eye-cosmetics, His cheeks reddened by the betel-nuts they chewed, and His forehead coloured with the reddish powder anointing the part in their hair, Krishna quickly left the cottage in the grove of Vrndavana forest and arrived at His own house at sunrise.When the gopis saw Him, they made jokes about the tell-tale marks on His person, and Krishna blushed with embarrassment. One should meditate on that Lord Krishna, the transcendental son of Yasoda-devi.


30††††† Lord Vasudeva holds a club, conch, cakra and lotus in His four broad, handsome arms, and He is decorated with exquisite belts, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. He wears yellow garments, and bears the mart of shrivatsa.He is served by His associates, and surrounded Shri (beauty), Kirti (fame) and His other personified opulences. One should meditate on that Lord Vasudeva, who is splendid as a sapphire.


31††††† Holding a bow in His broad, handsome arms, His form decorated with anklets, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings and constantly served by Laksmana and Hanuman, and His face gazed at by Sita-devi from the corners of Her large eyes, Lord Ramacandra, who is dark as durva grass, is full of intense transcendental bliss. One should always meditate on Him.


32††††† In this way an intelligent person should meditate on Lord Vasudeva, who resides in the hearts of all creatures and is equal to all.


33††††† He who plunges his mind day and night in the nectar of the Supreme Lordís form and who drinks the nectar of His names, qualities and pastimes, is always filled with bliss.He is never burned by the great fires of suffering.


34††††† They who thus remember Lord Hari become free from all sufferings.In their hearts they love the Lord. They control the senses. They trust the Lord. They are intoxicated with spiritual bliss. They are qualified to worship Lord Krishnaís lotus feet.