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Fifth Stabaka



1††††††† The author how describes the Lordís holy names and pastimes, which are worthy to be heard and chanted:Desiring to kill the demons, who were enemies of the three worlds and a great burden for the earth, Lord Krishna appeared as a jewel in the ocean of Devakiís womb.A little later, eager to taste the honey of the gopiís lips, He travelled to Vrajabhumi, and enjoyed pastimes as the son of Maharaja Nanda.


2††††††† The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who merely by His glance creates the illusory potency mahamaya, the material universe, complete with mahat-tattva, false-ego, ether, sky and all material elements, the incarnations of Godhead, and the demigods headed by Hari, Brahma, and Siva appeared in His perfect, complete, original form in Vrndavana-dhama, the village of the gopis.


3††††††† Although Putana smeared her breasts with poison to kill Krishna, she attained the transcendental post of being His nurse. How then can we describe the good fortune of they who always remember Krishna and with love offer Him palatable sweet milk, nectarlike fruits, or candies?


4††††††† Krishna enjoyed many wonderful pastimes.He killed Trnavarta and many demons.Taking a nap in His fatherís courtyard, speaking sweet words, and playing, He pleased His parents.With His friends He protected the cows and calves.He pleased the gopis with blissful pastimes.


5††††††† Breaking a cart with a playful kick of His lotus feet, Lord Hari troubled His dutiful motherís heart, delighted the boys eager to steal yoghurt, butter and milk, and placed wonder and fear in the hearts of the demon kings.


6††††††† While Krishna was drinking the milk of her breasts, Mother Yasoda pushed Him down onto her lap, and constantly gazed at His lotuslike face.Blinded with love and joy, she sweetly kissed Him. May the glory of Mother Yasodaís good fortune protect the three worlds.


7††††††† One day, when He had stolen butter, His mother became angry and bound with a rope Lord Hari, whom the great sages cannot even measure. He said, ďIíll not do it againĒ, as He fearfully glanced at her from the corners of His eyes and cried.


8††††††† With love meditating on Him in their hearts, the great sages become free from the bonds of repeated birth and death. Because of her love His mother personally bound Lord Hari with a rope. Love has the power to bring even the Lord under its control.


9††††††† It is not surprising that by always worshipping the spiritual Supreme Lord in the heart, the great sages become liberated from their material bodies.The two sons of Kuvera also became liberated simply by approaching for a moment the Supreme Lord when He Himself was bound by a rope.


10††††† Abandoning their calves, the young cows joyfully worshipped Krishna with abundant nectarean milk.With great love Krishna always protected them.In this way Lord Krishna, who always protects everyone, became eternally famous as ďGopalaĒ (protector of the cows).


11††††† Decorated with peacock feathers, gunja, and many kinds of flowers and sprouts, with a happy heart He played in the forest with Balarama and other cowherd friends, whose qualities, age, garments, and handsome features were like His.


12††††† Sometimes singing and dancing to the sweet sounds of the flute and buffalo-horn bugle, sometimes playfully fighting, throwing fruits and flower petals at each other with their arms, sometimes stealing each otherís lunch-basket, sometimes sitting down to take lunch together, and sometimes imitating the birds and beasts in the forest, the boys played with Krishna.


13††††† One day, on the pretext of bowing to the demands of His friends hungry and tired from playing, Lord Hari, showing mercy to the brahmanasí devotees-wives, earnestly begged food from brahmanas performing sacrifices even though He can make nectar appear by His wish.


14††††† Non-devotional religious rituals, pious activities and austerities are impediments to the service of Lord Hariís lotus feet, but the regulations of devotional service are not.Expert in non-devotional piety, these brahmanaís had lost their intelligence and would not worship the Lord, although their wives, without such so-called pious credits, served the Lordís lotus feet by offering food to Him.


15††††† Curious to see Lord Hariís childhood pastimes, Lord Brahma stole all the calves and boys of Vrajabhumi. Returning later, and seeing Krishna playing with the boys and calves as before, Brahma became struck with fear and devotedly surrendered to Lord Krishnaís louts feet, which grant all fearlessness to the devotees.


16††††† Thinking Ďbecause of this wretched snake, the Yamuna is no longer a suitable place for Me to enjoy pastimesí, angry Krishna approached Kaliya to kill him. Later, when Kaliya, the king of snakes was about to leave his home in the Yamuna Krishna showed mercy to him by jubilantly placing His two lotus feet on the serpentís bowed head.


17††††† When Indra, the king of the demigods, saw that the sacrifice for him was stopped, he became intoxicated and blinded with pride of his own supremacy. He approached the village of Vrndavana to destroy it, along with its Krishna, by showering devastating rains.When Indra could understand that Krishna actually was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he surrendered to Him. Because Indra was defeated in this way, arrogant and stubborn people may know how limited is their own strength.


18††††† Lord Krishna placed Govardhana Hill again upon the earth. To become purified of his offense, Indra, the king of the demigods, bathed Lord Krishna with songs of praise. The surabhi cow also bathed splendid Lord Krishna with white milk as sweet as nectar.


19††††† Hearing the gopis coming to sell milk products, Krishna calmly ate some of the palatable fresh butter, threw the remainder about and broke the pots.


20††††† Going to each gopiís house, Krishna appropriated the treasury of fresh butter and ate it. When discovered, He playfully, gently, charmingly, and disdainfully laughed at His captors.


21††††† The beautiful gopis performed great austerities to attain the touch of Lord Krishnaís lotus feet.Wishing to fulfil their desire, Krishna went to the bank of the Yamuna and, eager to hear their clever and eloquent prayers, stole their garments. When He was pleased by them, He returned their garments and gave them His lotus feet.