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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Hari Bhakti Kalpa Latika > Stabaka-IV

Fourth Stabaka



1††††††† The author now describes the devotional processes of hearing and chanting the Lordís glories: Whether spoken by oneself or others, when Lord Hariís holy names and pastimes are jubilantly accepted by the consciousness through the agency of the ears, that is called sravananam (hearing).


2††††††† When Lord Hariís holy names and transcendental qualities are sung or recited, that is called kirtanam (glorification). When this process of kirtanam is performed with the spiritual joy of love of God, it is called sankirtanam (great glorification).


3††††††† He who drinks with his ears the nectar of Lord Hariís holy names and pastimes becomes satisfied at heart.Neither a false explanation of the Vedas, incomplete or perfect knowledge, the path of impersonal liberation, nor anything else, will be able to lead him astray.


4††††††† What is the use of impersonal speculation? What is the use of vows and restraints?What is the use of peacefulness?What is the use of controlling the mind?What is the use of austerities?What is the use of mystic yoga?What is the use of mantra-chanting? What is the use of Vedic sacrifices?What is the use of these if the nectar of krishna-sankirtana, the essence churned from the Vedas and the goal of all human endeavour, is always brilliantly manifest?


5††††††† Those scorched by the blazing fire of material sufferings, those afraid of taking birth in hell, and those wishing to atone for hundreds of sins, should all chant Lord Krishnaís holy names, and thus enter the nectar ocean of love of God.


6††††††† They who desire the lotus flower of Lord Hariís feet should go to the lake of His glories.When the sun of His holy name rises they will see the lotus feet that had been covered by the blinding darkness of maya.


7††††††† Krishna enters the listening ear and goes to the heart.Flooding the lake of the heart, He leaves through the mouth as a swiftly coursing stream of His transcendental qualities, names and forms.


8††††††† In a heart made fickle and impure by the nature of this age the great yogisí meditation can never be perfected.He who desires Lord Hari should abandon yoga and instead hear and chant the Lordís names and pastimes.


9††††††† When the nectar moons of His holy names and qualities destroy the dense darkness of illusion, the devotees suddenly see Lord Hariís splendid form in the temple of the heart.


10††††† The Lord becomes a submissive servant to they who lovingly chant and hear His transcendental glories and names. Very satisfied with them, and seeing nothing else sufficiently valuable to give, He gives them His own devotional service, which is difficult even for the demigods to attain.


11††††† Immersed in the nectar ocean of Lord Krishnaís holy names and pastimes, the devotees remain always untouched by the fire of material existence, unseen by lust and other enemies, free from the mud of sinful reaction and always happy.


12††††† They whose hearts are washed of mud by the nectar of the infallible Lordís names and qualities, and who remember Him, worship Him, and serve His lotus feet, attain their every wish.


13††††† They who are bumble-bees drinking the honey of Lord Govindaís lotus feet, they who are expert at relishing transcendental mellows, they who desire to cross the ocean of material existence, they who desire liberation, and they who, their hearts free from envy, desire unwavering devotional service to His lotus feet, should always happily chant the Lordís holy names, which are nectar for the ears.


14††††† From Lord Hari liberation, transcendental knowledge, and purity of heart become manifest.Wonderful nectar to be drunk by the ears flows from Him. Exalted souls feet great devotion for Him.Who will not hear and chant His glories?


15††††† They who in distress, or even in contempt, once chant one holy name of Lord Hari, cross an insurmountable ocean of sins.How, then, can we describe the fortune of they who always chant the Lordís names with faith?


16††††† Lord Hari, the enemy of the demons, has unlimited auspicious pastimes and names.Although the tongue is under the speakerís control and the ears are always active, alas, alas, the fools still enter the darkness of ignorance.


17††††† .Overcome with love of God and their forms splendid with transcendental bliss, some great souls loudly chant the Lordís holy names, some softly chant the holy names, and some hear the sweet glories of the Lord.


18††††† When such a great soul hears or chants the holy name, he becomes overwhelmed with happiness. His voice become choked with tears, the hairs of his body stand erect, and he becomes unaware of external events.


19††††† When a great devotee relishes hearing the glories of the Lord sung by another, his mind becomes intoxicated with spiritual bliss. Impelled by love of God, he dances, loudly sings, talks nonsense, and laughs, without any shame, and just like a madman.


20††††† Day and night plunged in the waves of intense love of God, their material duties abandoned because of spiritual knowledge, dancing, and their voices choked with joy by chanting Lord Hariís names, these great souls make the universe successful and happy.



21††††† If Lord Hariís pastimes, names and glories are happily sung or heard, then the singers and hearers have already bathed in the celestial Ganges and other great holy places, performed many austerities and sacrifices, and already easily crossed the ocean of repeated birth and death.


22††††† The supremely auspicious, palatable, splendid, pure, eternal, full of knowledge, full of bliss, delightful to the heart, supremely sweet nectar of the holy names and pastimes of Lord Hari is the transcendental fruit of the vine of devotional service. They who jubilantly drink this nectar become liberated even while residing in this world. They will not again enter the ocean of birth and death.