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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Hari Bhakti Kalpa Latika > Stabaka-III

Third Stabaka



1        Praying for the nine activities of devotional service, the author briefly describes them: O ears, please always hear songs about Lord Vishnu. O tongue, please always chant His glories. O mind, please remember His Deity form. O limbs, please serve His lotus feet.  O hands, please worship Him and carry out His order. O head, please bow down to offer respects to Him. O self, please become His friend. O body, please always be His property.


2        The author explains in more detail: I have not performed pious deeds, prescribed duties or austerities, and I have no purity, renunciation, good fortune, or beneficial knowledge. However, now that by the devotees’ mercy I have drunk with my ears the nectar of Lord Hari’s names and pastimes, I will cross the darkness of ignorance.


3        When, loudly singing the devotees’ songs of Krishna’s names and glories, my chest anointed with tears, my heart melted, and my body covered with a network of hairs standing erect will I roll about on that ground, mad with love?


4        If, because of my sins, I take birth in hell, I will not be unhappy if Lord Hari stays in my thoughts.  However, if I attain a kingdom on earth or heaven, but cannot think of Lord Hari, there will be no happiness, but only anguish in my mind.


5        The author confirms his previous explanations: O heart, how long have you enjoyed the dirty, tasteless pleasures of this world of duality pungent with the fire of time?  Please search again and again for Krishna’s lotus feet, which are a kingdom of the nectar of bliss.


6        Great sages strive for liberation by worshipping the Lord, who is eternally worshipped by Brahma and others. However, we who are drowning in the ocean of repeated birth and death will worship the Lord’s two lotus feet birth after birth.


7        Attached to sense happiness, I had reached the ultimate limit of the pleasures offered by lust.  But now, prompted by intelligence created in a flood of piety, at Lord Hari’s feet I have found honey that extinguishes the fire of repeated birth and death.


8        I do not understand the lessons spoken in the Vedic mantras. I have no paraphernalia to perform Vedic sacrifices.  Still, staying in this world and remaining in this condition, I will easily worship Lord Hari by offering water, tulasi and flowers.


9        I bow down before Nanda’s son, who is the personification of bliss, whose form is dark as a new monsoon cloud, and who cannot be known even by the greatest demigods.  The devotees, yearning to understand Him, meditate on Him as the blissful Supreme Brahman, who is present in the moving and the unmoving, who is the master of all, and who is the greatest person in all the universes.


10      I do not pray for a kingdom, the post of Indra or Brahma, knowledge, mystic powers, or a place in the Brahman effulgence. O Lord, O master and friend of the poor, I fall down at the shelter of Your feet and pray: please give me pure and unwavering service to You.


11      I am attached to this house, busy in maintaining my family, not free from sense gratification, addicted to the six vices, impious and a servant of wicked masters.  Still, I shamelessly desire to serve You.  O Lord eternally worshipped by the devotees, O master of all, my only shelter is Your mercy.


12      O Lord Murari, when there is unwavering service to Your feet, then home and sense pleasures lose their power to bind, and the six enemies (lust, greed, anger, pride, illusion, and envy) become like friends granting benedictions. This is the kindness of You who are an ocean of mercy.


13      “How can a householder’s home and paraphernalia be auspicious?” Explaining that they are auspicious when engaged in the Lord’s service, the author says: O Lord Madhusudana, if our son, wife, servant, relatives, friends, associates and wealth are always engaged in Your service, and if our entire household is offered to Your lotus feet, then You are always conquered by our services, even though we may be householders.


14      If our eyes are placed in Your Deity form, our ears in Your holy name and glories, our nose in the fragrances offered to You, the surface of our bodies in embracing Your devotees, and our tongue in tasting the food offered to You, then, O Lord Krishna, You are conquered by us, even though we are engaged in pleasing our senses.


15      O Lord, if we become lusty to attain Your devotional service, angry at those who blaspheme You, greedy to accept food, flowers and other things offered to You, enchanted by You, proud to identify as Your devotee, and intoxicated by drinking the honey of Your lotus feet, then we may easily defeat the lust, anger, greed, enchantment, pride and intoxication that are our enemies.


16      O Lord, because the demons meditated on You as their enemy, You pacified them by liberating them, although You did not give them the nectar of Your lotus feet.  O Lord, may I have friendly feelings towards You birth after birth, so I may always relish that nectar.


17      Shall I be able to take shelter of Lord Krishna, who is the master of the universe, the shelter of the goddess of fortune, and very compassionate to the fallen conditioned souls?  Every day I anxiously think in this way and try to offer myself to Him, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.