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The Stealing of Gopal


Abhiram Giri served Gopal until he passed away at the ripe age of 90, and Gopal's service then passed on to his son Bhagavat Charan Giri. From the time of Gopal Giri the family had engaged only sannyasts to perform the daily worship of Gopal. This tradition stopped during the life of Bhagavat Charan Giri. In one conversation Srila Gour Govinda Swami explained why:One Vaishnava sannyasi came to Gadeigiri and started doing service for Gopal. He thought to himself, "Oh, very nice deity, and He is staying in a thatched house, no security is there. Once he thought, "I will steal these deities." At night he stole the deities and took them away. In a dream Gopal called my ancestor and told him, "This person is stealing Me away! Come immediately and rescue Me The sannyasi had only gone a short distance when a very poisonous snake came and bit him, killing him. Finding Gopal lying on the ground, my ancestor picked Him up took Him oack to the temple.After this incident, fearful that someone else would attempt to steal Gopal, Bhagavat Charan Giri engaged only hired brahmins for Gopal's worship. As a further precaution, he would not engage any one brahmin for very long, but would regularly change them.