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Jagulai Durga


Dinabandhu Giri also lived to be 85, and after his departure Gopal's care was handed on to his son Abhiram Giri. Although Dinabandhu Giri was very expert in sankirtan, his son Abhiram was not. One day as the father and son were doing kirtan in a nearby village, some people criticized Abhiram Giri saying, "How is it that the son of a kJrtan guru cannot do kirtan?" Abhiram Giri felt very sad. He decided that when he returned to Gadeigiri he would pray to the Gopai deity for the ability to do kirtan. According to the Giri family history, just before Abhiram arrived at Gopal's temple he saw mother Durgadevi, who is known as Jagulai, the protector of the village, coming to have darsan of Gopal. Abhiram offered obeisances to Durgadevi, who is Vaishnavi Devi, a great devotee of Krishna. Jagulai Devi could understand Abhiram Giri's desire and she gave him the benediction that w^henever he sang, everyone would appreciate it. Then she asked him to let her see Gopal.The temple of Jagulai Durga is situated at the entrance way to the village of Gadeigiri. She is the presiding deity of the neighboring village of Nagpur. It is considered that she acts as a guard for Gopal's territory. Many local people have claimed to have seen her coming, carrying a burning masala, a type of torch comŽmon in rural areas. The local residents say that she comes every night for darsan of Gopal at midnight.