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KIrtan Competition


The nearby village of Balisahi is also famous for kirtan. Seeing the popularity of Bauri Giri, some persons in Balisahi became a little envious. They brought in a kirtan guru from another area and began studjdng various types of kirtan. Then they challenged Bauri Giri to a kirtan competition, a common event in those times. The venue was the Jagulai Durga temple. Many persons, including Bala Mukunda Kanungo, came to see. Bala Mukunda Kanungo first spoke, "We are always hearing kirtan from Bauri Giri, so he should sing last. But we have not heard from this Balisahi guru. We request that he should begin his kirtan first. It is morning now, so he should start his kirtan with a description of morning in Vrindavan, the atmosphere there, and the pastimes Krishna performs at this time of day." The guru began his kirtan, but he could not properly sing the morning pastimes of , Krishna. In the morning Krishna and His elder brother Balarama go to the forest with Their cowherd boyfriends and the cows. But the guru sang of Krishna's afternoon pastimes when They are all reČturning home. Because he was unable to properly sing about the correct time and atmosphere the audience did not appreciate his kirtan. Everyone was then waiting to see what Bauri Giri would sing,Bala Mukunda Kanungo then spoke to Bauri Giri, "The time is now twelve o'clock noon, so you should ing a description of the pastimes that go on in Vrindavan at this time of day."Bauri Giri started singing very nicely, describing how Krishna and Balarama were enjoying a feast in the forest with all of the cowherd boys. Everyone there appreciated it and clapped loudly. At the end all support went to Bauri Giri. Everyone said that he was the real guru of kirtan.