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Departure of Bauri Giri


Bauri Giri left this world on Friday 24 January 1969. Generally he was in fine health, but the previous day he became slightly ill with a low fever and laid down to take rest. After a short time he asked, "What day is tomorrow?" His eldest son Gopinath Giri replied, "Tomorrow is Chandrabhag-bauda." Chandrabhag-bauda is an auspicious holy day for the pious people of Orissa. It is also the appearance day of Srila Advaita Acarya, the associate of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and incarnation of Maha Vishnu.Bauri Giri replied, "So I will leave my body tomorrow."Gopinath Giri was stunned. "Father, what are you saying?"Bauri Giri said, "I don't want to stay anymore. I want to leave this world. Tomorrow morning on the day of Chandrabhag-bauda, I will leave my body. Today I want to see all of my relatives and friends, please call them."This message was spread to all of the neighboring villages and everyone assembled there. He said, "Tomorrow I will leave my body. I don't want to live in this world any more. I don't like it."AU of the villagers, Bauri Giri's friends and relaČtives then started mtna-sankirtan. The chanting continued all night long. When it became dawn, Bauri Giri asked, "What is the time now? Please take me outside, bathe me and make a bed for me."


Everything was arranged as he asked. After his bath he took darsan of Surya, the sungod, and then he took darsan of Gopal. Then he told his eldest son, "Please hold me." And with that he left his body. He was sixty-nine years old.Bauri Giri left behind him three sons, Gopinath Giri, Jagannath Giri, and Dinabandhu Giri, and two daughters. Pata Devi and Hade Devi. The eldest son Gopinath Giri was entrusted with Gopal's service. Both Gopinath and Jagannath Giri were expert in ktrtan and were always singing bhajans for Gopal. Gopinath Giri's son Ghanashyam Giri recalls:


In 1964 at the age of 72 my father Gopinath Giri called his family and friends and told us.I willleave this world on the upcoming agni utsava day." [Monday 15 February 1964, which is also the appearance day of Srila Narottama Das Thakur]We stayed with him and on that day in the evening he left his body during harinamsankirtan. Seven years later in 1973 at the age of 85 Jagannath Giri also left his body on the same day of agni utsava in the month of magh.[Saturday 17 February 1973] Govinda Giri had also left his body on the agni utsava in the month of magh. Most of our ancestors left their bodies during the month of magh.Before leaving, Gopinath Giri entrusted the service of Gopal to his eldest son Ghanashyam Giri.