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Bauri Giri


Bauri Giri is still remembered today in the Gadeigiri area as being a paramaharhsa and a premi-bhakta, a very advanced devotee. If anyone were suffering from a disease in the village they would approach Bauri Giri for help. Bauri Giri would simply speak the name of Gopal, touch the body of the patient and that person would be cured of his ailment.Bauri Giri was always doing ktrtan for Gopal's pleasure. He became famous for his kirtans, and his reputation spread far beyond Gadeigiri. Many high government officers and other prestigious perŽsons would come to hear, including Bala Mukunda Kanungo, the famous deputy magistrate.Bala Mukunda Kanungo^s son was Nityananda Kanungo, who became the governor of the state of Bihar. Nityananda Kanungo's daughter-in-law, Chhabi Kanungo, was later  inspired to donate to Srila Prabhupada the property in Bhubaneswar on which now stands ISKCON's Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Temple.