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Bananas for Gopal


Bauri Giri would never eat anything that was not offered to Gopal. He was also very particular that Gopal's servitors should .cook in a devotional way. At the time of cooking he would often tell them, "Be attentive in your service."On one occasion Bauri Giri was leaving for a trip. Before going he gave the brahmin priest a large quantity of bananas to offer to Gopal. When he returned from his journey he came before Gopal and stood siČlently for several minutes. Then he turned to the brahmin and asked, "Did you offer the bananas?" "Yes I did," the brahmin assured him. Then a little more sternly Bauri Giri asked, "When did you offer them?" Bauri Giri could see that Gopal was suffering from a cold because the brahmin had offered all the bananas at one time. He then offered Gopal some Ayurvedic medicine to "heal" His ailment.